Youth in Australia - our lockdown experiences.

Two sisters in kitchen

As I sit and watch the unfolding of history I cannot help but feel a little isolated from the frightening images from around the world.  My own personal experiences of this crisis is far from the experiences of my peers who are often suffering.  For me this time has created an ability to slow the noise of life, connect with family, create, learn and give.

I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the front line workers who are providing comfort and support to all those in need.

To some extent right now my feet are 'Stuck with empathy' as we have restrictions on social gathering and have so few opportunities to help our community.  I find myself feeling the guilt that comes from finding yourself in a position of privlege and the frustration of knowing that for now at least their are few avenues to help.

One small thing I can do, is share joy, and for that reason I hope that my video brings a smile to the face of anyone struggling today.  I hope that you can see in my experiences something to brighten your day.