Youth as The Hope of Nations

A butterfly that signifies the beauty and power of the youth on a person's eyes.

"Youth is the hope of nations," they say. However, as the modern world continues to evolve on behalf of technology, there have been several issues and cases regarding the abuse of children by taking away their freedom nowadays. Therefore, how are we supposed to establish the future that we seek if we are too quick to belittle and to judge each of our capacities? How are we supposed to establish the future that we seek if we just see youth as burdens and weaklings?

In today's time, the younger generation provides and makes much more difference in the most unexpected ways, far from what adults expected. Children who are between the ages of 10 and 16 years old are on the front line, missing schools, starting to build their own teams, organizing their own platforms and demonstrations. With that, we can already see where the world's change makers are coming from, and they are getting younger by the day. Because of this sudden change, adults are starting to deliberate their own reactions as well, wherein some may find it either too overreacting or inspiring. Because of this sudden change, former or adult leaders are starting to find it hard to take part in their communities, making young people feel misunderstood and underestimated. With that being said, some adults see the youth making their own movements as a disgraceful and disrespectful act because of the thought that they should only stay on their line and let adults handle everything, making the voices of the youth feel like their voices are not worth it, especially when we talk about politics. Having and keeping that thought inside our minds will not lead us to the future we seek. Because if we are only to let everything done and go with the flow, we won't be able to progress and might as well regret when it is too late.

In the long run, having young people as the new faces of change is heartwarming and truly amazing as it upholds great power. That's because having the youth as the new founders of change brings back one well-known quote from one of the national heroes of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal, as well. And that is "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" or "The youth is the hope of nations." Seeing the youth as one, can also be seen as one of the true golden treasures our world could have, especially because they are among the stable and long-term contributors who help guide growth for their communities. Youth represent a vast and often untapped resource for immediate and long-term community development efforts, said Bilal Belhadj. Thus, hearing about the sudden increase in young change makers does not mean it is a bad thing to do. According to Melati Wijsen, a young change maker and activist represents that today's youth are refusing to wait until they are older to begin making a difference, because of the fact that we have our own voices as our shield and opportunity to empower and make a difference. It is the thought and freedom that counts.

"The future belongs to our youth. As some of us near the end of our political careers, younger people must take over. They must seek and cherish the most best condition for peace, namely unity in our diversity, and find lasting ways to that goal." Nelson Mandela