Youth is Victory

Hands together
Youth as One

Society is a community or group of people having common traditions, institutions, interests, beliefs, purposes in association with others. Society consists of different people - elderly, adults, and youth, with the same goal or purpose: achieving victory for their land. This victory can be achieved in different ways, and one is by educating and enhancing youth. 

There are different ways of educating and enhancing youth for the future of society or even the country. First on the list is teaching them social skills and making them engage in social activities for good purpose and cause. This skill will help them become more sociable, engaging, and adventurous. It will also help lower the percentage of youth having a mental illness such as anxiety and depression which is most common in youth. Second is making them academically knowledgeable. Studies show that high or good grades boost students’ confidence and motivate them to do better in school. Some think that there are lessons that schools teach that are not relevant such as complex arithmetics that will not be helpful in real life or in work and family life. In contrast, it is really helpful in real life which is full of arithmetic everywhere. It can be helpful in solving different real-life and in-time problems, such as calculating the time you need to walk or run to catch the train. Lastly, its enlightening youth about the importance of personal development.

Personal development is a lifelong process, a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life, and set goals in order to realize and maximize their full potential. Personal development will help youth define their personal vision and life goals more clearly and establish targets for themselves, to create a plan and work towards those objectives easier. 

Youth are essential in society, they are the future of the country. Educating youth means educating the country. Giving youth the access and freedom to different tools, feelings, and knowledge will help them grow more as a person for themselves and for the country that they love. By educating youth, the country will achieve prosperity.