In honour of #YouthDay, I'm sharing my opinions and views on the power of young peoples voices.

•What are your hopes and struggles as a young person?

Let me start off by telling you my story. Back in 2020 I had a personal silencing experience where my voice was held inferior by an adult, purely because of my age. That feeling of defeat is an experience I wish upon no one. After some time I realised silencing was happening all around me.

I believe we still live in a culture that teaches children to only respond when spoken to. #PowerOfVoice is our superpower, an no opinion or voice should be disregarded or looked down on because of your age.

After taking a leap of faith I started my own youth development program called "Never Too Young To Advocate", aimed at empowering youth voices and making them feel worthy. I want to be the leading soldier and take up the responsibility of showing our generation that by utilising your voice you can become an unstoppable attribute to society.

I have high hopes for a successful future where all opinions/voices will be heard and taken seriously. As a youth development advocate I have made it my purpose to be a mentor for the young people and reassure them that they are worthy, and equip them with the necessary skills to take on the world.


South Africa