COVID-19 and youth mental health

Feeling sad, stressed or angry while coping with COVID-19 is normal. It's not only the fear and anxiety about the coronavirus disease but also being away from schools, friends and relatives. Adjusting to new ways of learning and working is hard. But guess what? You are not alone.

Discover the stories, illustrations and messages of support shared by the Voices of Youth community around the world... and share yours! 

We are in this together.


Illustration by Ellie Zahedi (@elaillu) for My Mind Our Humanity Campaign

Your wellbeing can be someone else’s survival, by Chantelle

"When we are facing a crisis, the first thing that gets negatively affected is our mental wellbeing. This, ironically, is also the first thing that will help us endure and survive the same crisis. 

There are some things you can practice daily to limit extreme symptoms that impact your mental health."

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Living in a history textbook, by Kamogelo

"With most countries on lock down, the mere option of going out for coffee or lunch has been thrown out of the window. But we need to understand that this is for our own good. 

You are not obligated to be constantly working. Taking time to do things that make you happy, even if they aren’t school or work related, could save you! It’s called self care!"

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Combating social isolation through photography, by Sophia

"It's crucial to be able to talk about things like how the virus is affecting the youth in terms of mental health and prejudice. It's also vital to offer a creative outlet for us to explain our point of view.

My hopes are that the Instagram account I created can be used as a voice for young people who feel anxious and challenged."

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"I started to feel different after my local government issued a stay in home order. I felt trapped, anxious... I realized that I couldn’t let this pandemic get the best of me. I started exercising twice a day, making music, studying, and had virtual parties with my friends."

Ibrahim, 18, USA



Expressing yourself through illustrations or comics is a great way of staying socially connected while keeping physical distance. 

If you are between 13 and 24, share your illustrations, drawings and other art content that help raise awareness on the importance of supporting each other, kindness in times of crisis and taking care of your mental health. Make sure you adhere to our engagement rules and we will publish them in our website or social media channels.


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