Feeling sad, stressed or anxious? You are not alone

Feeling sad, stressed or anxious while coping with COVID-19 is normal. Adjusting to new ways of learning and working is hard. But guess what? You are not alone.

As part of UNICEF's Youth Mediathon, a group of young content creators from Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia, were challenged to reimagine the future of mental health and made this video.

Credits: Alex Haekal Abdurrahman, Alifnur Kasih Aqidah, Vanndasambath Chhuon, Fathia Fairuza, Andrea Eka Putri, Gabby Hattari, Evert Oneil, Ivory Casten and Vinnidhiaty Jees, with the support of their mentors, Vania Santoso and Tahsin Uddin.

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About the team


Alex Haekal Abdurrahman is a 21-year-old International Relations student from Indonesia who has been doing digital art for 5 years, creating portraits, environmental designs, posters and logos which helps him express his skills, visions, and himself as an artist.

"By giving messages through art that is interesting and engaging, I hope that important issues will be amplified and easily accepted by my community."

Alifnur Kasih Aqidah is a 22-year-old Indonesian English student and content creator who has written several poems in Bahasa (her mother language) since high school and has won competitions at city and provincial levels. 

"I believe the hard times we are all experiencing right now will never discourage me and passionate young content creators out there to keep learning and being productive."

Vanndasambath Chhuon is a Political Science student from Cambodia with a passion for making a better world. He is a freelance blogger who is passionate about using his voice and words to create change and is working on creating video content to share on Youtube.

"Together as a youth, we are the future generation and leaders. We want the older generation to hear about our concern for the world we will live in on the next decades."

Fathia Fairuza is a 21-year-old student from a small town in Indonesia who got the opportunity to study in Japan with a scholarship, where she created a YouTube channel and Instagram account talking about her experience and the opportunities she has through education.

"I really hope that I can be a positive influence in encouraging young people to dream big and spread the message that even people who come from a small town in the country can have the ability to achieve every dream they desire."

Andrea Eka Putri is a 22-year-old student majoring in Aerospace Engineering who likes to sing and do cover songs on Instagram and aims to use music as the universal language to spread positivity.

"I would like to raise the issue on health awareness. If I, who live in the city, still have to experience difficulties with access to health services, how are my fellow friends in more underprivileged locations?"

Gabby Hattari is a 19-year-old International Affairs student from Indonesia for whom women’s human rights has always struck a special chord. Aside from attending seminars and workshops to educate herself on social justice, she also started a socio-business in hopes to educate youth on social justice issues.

"I believe in the long-term impact of the collective power of people through advocacy, especially when it's driven by the hands of youths. We are creative, we are smart, and we are the future."

Evert Oneil is a 22-year-old recent graduate from Indonesia who loves design, making videos, animations, websites and illustrations. One of his biggest dreams is to have his own YouTube or Podcast channel, that involves his public speaking and design skills and brings impact to the world.

"Life is short, what have you done for this world?"

Ivory Casten is 19, from the Philippines and passionate about art, mostly lettering. She is also a freelance photographer and videographer who wants to act and bring awareness about climate change.

"My content can help amplify the voices of the unheard. Most importantly, I want to take part in making a change, even starting from a small one, to the world."

Vinnidhiaty Jees is a 20-year-old Graphic Design student with a need to deliver messages through her art. She has been a producer for a program that discuss about mental health and has contributed in several events as a graphic designer.

"Visual is a universal language. This motivates me to create more so people anywhere around the world can see and understand the messages behind my artwork no matter what language they speak."