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Every 4 years UNICEF staff come together to develop a new Strategic Plan – an important document that guides the work of the organization and helps us achieve change for children. As part of this process, we speak to our many partners to make sure we are tackling the most critical issues. 

This year UNICEF is working on the Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 and we really want to hear from young people all around the world.  

Your views will help us design a better plan that’s informed by what young people think is important. Your answers will be shared (anonymously) with a team analyzing inputs from many different partners and they will be used to design the focus and strategies of the plan.  

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How to take part?

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There’s multiple ways to participate in this consultation. 

  1. Answer the 3 poll questions right on this page 

  1. Follow us on Instagram and check out our stories between 1 and 12 February 

  1. Check our Twitter profile for a series of polls 

Many UNICEF countries are running consultations online and offline so check out their social media profiles for the latest news. 

Have your say!



First, let’s talk about education. COVID-19 has affected the education of millions of children around the world... 

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What has been the most important issue for education during the COVID-19 pandemic?




We know that mental health is a really important issue to young people, and in many places there’s a lack of education and awareness about it. 

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Where would you like to learn about mental health? (pick one) 




Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our future, and young people are at the forefront of the movement to take this issue seriously. 

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What is the most important action to fight climate change and reduce damage to the environment in your community? 




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