From the #MeToo movement to debates about gender: 5 stories you really liked on Voices of Youth in 2019

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5 of the most popular articles this year:


I want to change how society sees people with disabilities

"Growing up with blindness, I noticed that, the concept of educating the blind, was almost unheard of in my community. So, when I came to school, I was determined to show everybody that, I could also make it," wrote Lord Sarkodie, a student from Ghana, in one of the most inspiring posts of the year. Read more about his story here.


The Flint Water Crisis - impact, solutions and repercussions

The blogger jennie.doyle wrote about a water crisis in this city of Michigan, United States, that she described as a “nightmare with long-term repercussions on the health of inhabitants.” Find out what happened here


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Masculinity and femininity

"It is time that society realizes that masculinity and femininity are not traits we associate with depending on gender," wrote a Voices of Youth author from Asia in one of the most read blog posts of 2019. Keep reading here


Analyzing The Sudden Emergence And Impact Of The #MeToo Movement In India

How did #MeToo impacted India in 2019? Aishwarya Girinarayanan wrote about the sudden emergence of this movement in her country. You can find her post here


“Dear women who say they don´t need feminism”

This was one of the most debated blog posts on Voices Of Youth this year, by Neleria, who wrote about the need to celebrate International Women's Day in honor of all women who are "oppressed, unseen and unheard" around the world. What are your thoughts?

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One issue you care about a lot this year: Climate Change

Our 'Take Action' campaign about youth voices against climate change was one of the most popular pieces of content on Voices of Youth this year.

We invite you to visit it again and learn that you, too, can take action. 

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How does climate change impact your life?

8 ways to save our seas... and some cash

Transforming ordinary schools into green schools

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