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A Mixtape for Hope: Youth Poems for Change

Poetry is a medium that many young people choose to advocate for change. 'A Mixtape for Hope' is a series of poems created by young people across the world to advocate for things they are passionate about.

This project was created with the support of Atticus and IN-Q as part of the second edition of the Youth Mediathon.

Keep reading to find out what young people from Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, Nepal, India, U.K., Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Cameroon, Morocco, Denmark, Ghana and Uganda have to say about important issues like Mental Health, Climate Action, COVID-19 and Education.

Climate Action

Mental Health



The team and mentors


Atticus, Poet, Traveler and bestseller author. In 2019 he launched UNICEF’s Poems for Peace campaign, providing a platform for children and young people affected by conflict to express themselves and have their voices heard.


IN-Q, Award Winning Poet, Songwritter, and Thought leader. He’s inspired countless audiences around the world, live and virtually, through his performances and workshops. Many of his poetry videos have gone viral with over 70 million views


Abbie-theophilus Okorie, 22, Nigeria

"I am a highly motivated writer and poet based in Nigeria, Africa. When I'm not writing, I am at the hospital training to be a world class doctor that would one day cure illnesses not just through routine medical know-how but also through words meticulously put together and empathically administered."

Brinda Bhattacharya, 22, Nepal

"Writing has been an escape for me and I won't deny that I discovered writing through my passion of reading. The creation of new thoughts is the pursuit of every human I believe. I have been able to continue my passion for writing until this date."

Deborah Johnson, 19, Nigeria

"I’m a spoken word poet and a voice over artist with over 13 accents. I started it all for fun for me but I saw the extent spoken word poetry could go, how much it people could connect to it, from issues on mental health to the state of Nigeria, life in general, people could connect with my videos, with my art, my soul."

Dogo Signs Shemiye, 21, Nigeria

"I am an undergraduate student focusing on Environmental Management. I am a poet, a content creator and a creative writer. I write about faith, life, family and nature."

Dwishojoyee Banerjee, 16, India

"I am very sensitive soul who finds more solace in art than in humans. My journey ventures to social change-making, loving economics and writing. My relationship with words is a symbiotic one. I am currently compiling my book of short stories."

Ishaani Sanjeev Dave, 17, UK

"I'm originally from India, but I was born and raised in England. I've grown up with a family that's always appreciated music and it's art, the poetry behind it. Poetry strikes me in a way that nothing else ever really has, it helps me pick up the pieces of a lens which someone's left behind to see the world or certain issues in a new light."

Majd Abbas, 21, Syrian Arab Republic

"I am a student of English Literature and Language. Poetry is a second language to me, and being a literature student helped me shape this passion academically."

Malvika Dangwal, 20, India

"I am a journalism honors student and love the idea of creating. Poetry is my passion, my form of self-expression. I wrote my first poetry 6 years ago and I never intend to stop. I have created lyrical videos, a photography website, conducted interviews, organized and hosted events. My content has a focus on gender equality, mental health, and inclusivity."

Oindrila Ghosh, 19, India

"I'm a 19 year old Climate activist/artivist and Intersectional Feminist based in New Delhi, India and currently involved with Fridays for Future Delhi as a coordinator. I use art and creative writing as a means to draw the attention of the people for climate justice and making this world a more gender neutral place."

Pragun Pudukoli, 16, India

"I am a high school student with varied interests, which include quizzing, debating, and most importantly, writing. I started writing at the age of six. More than forty of my articles have been published in various international and national media and forums."

Raisa Nkongndem Foletia, 22, Cameroon

"I am a poet, spoken word artist and a curator. Some of my poems have been published in the poetry anthology “Inside the Beyonds” where I am the opening poet. Apart from journalism and poetry, I am also an amateur phone photographer who plays between landscape photographs and portraits."

Suchita Senthil Kumar, 17, India

"I'm an aspiring writer with a scattering of publications. I began writing when I first learned to hold a pencil. I've been posting my work online and submitting to literary magazines since 2018. I post my poems on Instagram under the handle @suchitasenthilkumar."

Sabreena Shahzad, 17, Pakistan

"I've always been an avid reader and eventually, that led to me writing my own stuff. At first, I just wrote some prose (stories, essays) for my school magazine, for online websites. I started writing poetry when I created a blog on Instagram and I got better by time."

Safaa El Jerroudi, 24, Morocco

"My story with content creation started with the spread of Covid 19 in my country. We were forced to stay at home and suddenly I had a lot of free time on my hand. I decided during the first lockdown period to give my passions a chance to flourish, so I started writing more poems and thinking of creative ways of posting them on social media."

Tettey Shine Deladem, 24, Ghana

"Content creation is my safe haven. I work as a Teaching and Research Assistant which gives me the opportunity to explore many research backgrounds. This however has made me develop a high sense of creation. I love to channel my curiosity into writing and creative arts."