Our Health Matters

We are a group of young advocates, entrepreneurs, and scholars from all over the world who want to inspire actions that build a healthier future for ourselves and our generation. Why? Because we care about our health. 

We are young people just like you. We study, we work, we spend time with our friends, we take care of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet. We are hopeful and excited about our futures, but we also worry about our mental well-being, economic stability, the air we breathe, our ability to eat well and be active, social pressures, and stigma.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. The contexts we live in can make it difficult for us to stay physically and mentally well. The health information and care we need aren’t necessarily available, accessible, or tailored to our needs.

Together with UNICEF and the AstraZeneca Young Health Program, we want to change this reality by:

  • Exploring what a healthy lifestyle means and how it can be achieved in our own communities
  • Supporting one another in finding solutions to the challenges we face in taking care of our own physical and mental health
  • Spreading the word and connecting with our peers so that other young people can join forces to create the safe and healthy communities we need
  • Supporting youth engagement in policy spaces to make sure that our views on health and well-being are reflected in policy outcomes because ‘’it is nothing about us, without us’’

Let’s co-create a healthier future together!

To hear more about us and our work, check us out here.

Abigail Johnson, Barbados; Young health advocate for The Barbados Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (@hsfbarbados) and Director of Public Relations of The HEY (Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Youth) Campaign (@wearehey)

Chad Rattray, Jamaica; Youth Advisor to the Government of Jamaica

Luis Alvarado Bruzual, Venezuela; President of Fundación Váyalo

Luiza Diniz Vilanova, Brazil; CEO and Founder of Gotinhas do Bem and Tocando em Frente

Eric Njuguna, Kenya; Youth climate justice organizer with Fridays for future, campaigns director at kenye environmental action network 

Kutloano Mokgethi, South Africa; Founder of the Areneya Foundation (@areneyafoundation)

Julio Adam Pratama, Indonesia; Youth Reformer at Youth Movement for FCTC and Member of Indonesian Youth Council for Tobacco Control (IYCTC)

Sharon Sitania, Indonesia; Project Team Member of Self Love Warrior Indonesia

Ronali Amatya, Nepal; Miss Nepal International, Miss Eco International, and Founder of MŌda