Tools for young climate activists

What is the cause of climate change? Why is the Paris Agreement important? How can youth influence climate negotiations?

Adapted from the Young Climate Activists in Latin American and the Caribbean toolkits, developed by young activists, young designers and UNICEF experts, this Climate Action for Youth series will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to participate in global youth climate action and advocate for change. 

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Climate Action

👉Understanding and tackling climate change

The Climate Crisis poses a major threat to children around the world. Learning more about it is the first step to take action.

What is the cause of climate change? What is the difference between mitigation and adaptation actions? 

This guide explains key concepts like global warming and the impacts of climate change.


Climate Action

👉Does climate change impact you?

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis. It impacts the rights of children and young people to healthcare, clean air and water, education and more.

This guide explains the importance of protecting and respecting the rights of all people, in particular children and young people.

climate negotiations

Climate Action

👉Understanding UNFCCC, COP, NDCs and more!

What is the Paris Agreement? What does COP stand for? This guide explains these and other key concepts on how countries adopt international agreements through climate action negotiations. 


Climate Action

👉Your turn!

Young people are essential to climate action. They will be living with the impacts of climate change and have the right to participate in decisions that affect their future.

In this guide you will learn why youth representation in climate governance is important and how YOU can participate and influence climate action discussions.



Climate Action

👉Get inspired!

All around the world, young people are calling for urgent climate action. Now is the time to raise your voices and demand climate action.

Read these blogs written by Sebastian from Chile, Natalia from Costa Rica, Timoci from Fiji, and Heeta from India.



Person taking climate action

It’s your turn!

Do you enjoy blogging, creating visual content or writing poems? You can share your thoughts on how climate change is impacting your community or how you are taking climate action.

Submit your content through Voices of Youth following these steps.

Illustrations by Mukah IspahaniSophia Paez and Blanca Quiñonez.