Drawing in the time of coronavirus? ✏️ We're looking for you!

Illustration about living in lockdown
"This illustration, '(Not) Everyone Can Feel Safe At Their Own Home,' took me almost more than a month to finish (specifically it’s 16h 22m, according to my screen time). This piece was inspired by stories told by people around the internet who have to stay with their abusive partner or toxic parents." Rizka, 19, Indonesia

Every day, more people are spending time at home due to school closures, quarantines or lockdowns. Yes, having to adapt to a new (temporary) normal due to the coronavirus is hard, and it's ok to feel sad, frustrated or angry. Expressing yourself through illustrations or comics is a great way of staying socially connected while keeping physical distance. 

That's why we're asking youth around the world to share their art and support other people going through the same situation. Will you join us? ✨

If you are between 13 and 25, share your illustrations, drawings and other art content that help raise awareness on the importance of supporting each other, kindness in times of crisis and taking care of your mental health. Make sure you adhere to our engagement rules and we will publish them in our website or social media channels. 

➡️ See here a selection of the drawings submitted already by the Voices of Youth community.

? How?

- Follow the same steps you would take to submit content through our platform (here's a reminder on how to do it). Create an account and then submit your illustration(s) as a spark or blog (if you want to add more elements, like text or extra illustrations).

- Or you can post your art on your own Instagram or Twitter accounts, using the hashtag #voicesofyouth (but remember we will only be able to see your content if your account is public). 

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Illustration by Binderiya, 24, Mongolia
“Meditation and art help reduce stress and support your mental health” Binderiya, 24, Mongolia
Illustration of studying routine
"I was thinking it is super easy to study at home, just sit and open your notebook. Guess what? My brain told me: "Look! You have so much interesting things around!" Suddenly your cup of tea sounds like an ocean full of fish, your room turns into the forest, and you feel it's time to explore! Staying at home is a good opportunity to improve your skills! I guess it happens to everyone! Don't forget to use your imagination!" Aizat, 23, Kyrgyzstan