Engaging With Media and Getting Your Story Out

Youth journalists conducting interviews
During an AIDS prevention activity in Cotonou, Benin, young journalists from Radio 3S ADO interview their peers.

Anywhere you live, people will use a form of media to communicate with each other. This could be a school newsletter, a local newspaper, a radio station or a TV programme. Building public awareness is an important part of the advocacy process.


A good place to start is to identify forums in your area where discussions often take place.

If you live in a rural area, people might gather at clinics or community halls, or use notice boards for communication, they may also have more one-on-one contact with other people. If you live in a small town, people might communicate more through a local newspaper or radio, or social gatherings. If you live in a city with widespread internet access, these conversations might take place online.

One of the things you could do is engage with a local radio station.

Radio is an excellent way of communicating with a large audience and radio hosts are often looking for interesting topics to talk about on their shows. If there is a show that discusses issues related to your topic, give the radio station a call and see if they would be interested in hearing your story. 

You could also write something, and have it published.

This might be an information poster, a short article in a school newsletter, an opinion piece for a newspaper, or a blog post for a website. The main idea is that you are taking your idea and putting it into written form. Be creative: why not try to express yourself through poetry, storytelling, or cartoons? Always make sure your message is strong and clear. And, of course, you could call a journalist, make time to sit with them and explain your issue, your story - good journalists are always looking for good stories to tell. 

Two youth participants take a selfie
Strike a pose and capture a selfie! Two participants take a photo for social media.


Social media is a powerful platform to communicate ideas and raise awareness. Learn more about how to organise a social media campaign and stay safe while doing it here.

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