My testimony: how to reduce stress in this confinement.🧐

salud mental

Hello, I am Esperanza¡❣

Honestly, this quarantine has not been very good for me mentally. I haven't seen my friends for almost a year, the relationship with my classmates has been scarce, the tasks and homework have exhausted me and I had practically not organized my time to distract myself or socialize.

But, despite all this, I have strengthened myself and have not let stress or anxiety consume me!💪🏻
these are the activities I've done to reduce stress:

🌟-Perform relaxation exercise and yoga.

🌟-Disconnect from toxic social networks or those that don't allow you to see reality, and instead do the things you like the most.

🌟-Order your time and space and play games, watch series or movies of your choice, either with your family or friends virtually.

🌟--Write or meditate on the situations in which you felt stress, then mark those situations and cross them out of your life, so you can remember that you are a strong person and you can always overcome any problem.