Finding Your Advocacy Issue

Children in Niger use art to describe the issues they face
Children engaged with decision makers during the National Youth Forum on Children's Rights, held in Niamey, and used art to describe the issues they face.

Everyone wants to be passionate about something...

But sometimes it’s hard to know what that something is.


Your chosen issue could deal with advocacy on the highest level, on an international stage, or could be a grassroots initiative within your community. One is not better or more important than the other, but they do require different advocacy approaches. 

Get involved: Join a school club, do something at your place of worship, start meeting with people in your neighbourhood, whatever it is, just start somewhere. The more you do, the more you will be exposed to and the more you will come to discover what your passion is.

Pick an issue close to your heart: being emotionally invested in a cause will keep you motivated so pick something that is important to you.

Don't try to do too much: decide on a few priorities and keep your actions really focused. You might have a general interest in children, but that's too broad. Instead, concentrate on something specific like child labour or education. 

Be even more specific: once you've identified the issue you are interested in, narrow it down even further!


Here are some great examples: 


Education: What about discrimination against girls in education?

Child labour: What about children working long hours in your community?

Right to play: What about children not having a space to play sport?

Emergencies: What about children needing special support and care during a crisis?


Now that you’re feeling inspired about your issue, have a look at the different roles you can play in advocacy.


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