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I believe how powerful are girls and women in Afghanistan,but the problem is the mindset that has been growing up with all of us“you can't because you are a girl“but our first mission should be this“I can because I am a girl
Does this pandemic open our eyes on reality or worsen our relationship? It is difficult to live 24/7 with arguing people whom don't bury the hatchet and where instead you can enjoy the calmness of nature due to confinement.
We are on the right track to get back to normal. Let's keep it together for a moment, it'll be over soon!
The World Needs Plans To Change And Make The World Habitable For Our Next Generations So That They Mention The Great Actions Of Ours When They Write About Us.We Must Not Repeat The Mistakes Of Our Earlier Centuries.
The more young people that stand up and seek mental help will help defeat a stigma that has killed many young people. It's important to seek mental help before it's too late.
Wearing a Mask when it is too hot. Practicing social distancing when you are too lonely. Remaining inside home to protect yourself as well as others. Congratulations. You are the real HERO.

Mariya Thomas 18 India
Happy World Book day!
I want to see books instead of guns
I want to hear stories instead of bombs ,let's take this day as opportunity to end war and ignorance
Muzhda Akbari
15, Afghanistan
Icongratulate this day for the lovers of God, wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and humanity, and I wish that this day becomes a reason in order to replace the gun with books in my country Afghanistan and the world.
Muzhda Akbari
Do something kind for a stranger today. Make them smile, give them a compliment and see how it also brightens your day.
I am student , being at age of 20 my most important purpose of life is to find myself.Who am I , What I want and many other things.Discovering myself is now been my first and most important work to to be done.
We all have different paths in life, never compare yourself to anyone. Always do you... Be your authentic self.!!!
We often forget that the things that bring us the most happiness are sometime the simplest and most fundamental
Sometime you need to stop and remind yourself why you're on this path, it will help you bring everything back into perspective.