Get Inspired. Share. Act. React.

Sparks are tiny flashes of positivity. Motivate others by sharing what you have done, seen, heard or read. Or simply express a beautiful thought.
Covid-19 has already taken so much from us.
Don't let it take our humanity too !
Burn the patriarchy.
Burn the stereotypes.
Burn the beauty standards
Burn the inequality.

Overcome everything that is meant to destroy you. Ignite the fire within you.
You are someone valuable!
No matter the circumstances do not be discourage, shine!
That your effort will give you everything you dream of. In you will find the motivation you need.
You have the power to change the world, but in order to do so, you need to speak up. You need to speak up against all the injustices, whether it has to deal with your life or not.
Just another reminder that men deserve paternity leave too. Fathers are also important in the lives and development of their kids. #worklifebalance #decentworkconditionsforall
We need to imbibe within families that sustainable development is the new goals.
If you are suffering from depression society didn't have to react.. It can happen to anyone at any phase of their life. It's normal for an individual to suffer from depression.
Give a child a reason to live in a world full of danger. What if we change first the world ? What if we create a new future for our children ?
Talking about anxiety and depression should not be difficult, it is necessary!
Mental health is a priority.