Violence & Conflict

Poems for Peace

Around the world, millions of children are growing up in conflict. Caught in the crossfires of war, these children and young people are uniquely vulnerable. 

This International Poetry Day, 21 March, children and young people living through conflict are sharing the harsh reality of a childhood defined by war through their Poems for Peace. Their powerful words must serve as a wake-up call, spurring global action to achieve peace.

Read these poems by boys and girls in Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, Ukraine, Somalia and Yemen, and share yours. You can submit your call to achieve global peace and offer a beacon of hope for children and young people around the world. Submit your poem through our website or post it on your social media channels using the hashtags #PoemsForPeace and #WorldPoetryDay.



Daria Chebotariova, 14
We need to hurry up
We were told the war should end
But it keeps going from day to day.
And we forgot to smile and can’t pretend,
We are surrounded by despair
And we keep waiting for someone to care.

The towns and villages are ruined at their core,
As are our hearts and souls.
We forget that every door
Has its own unique lock.

We still believe in a happy future,
Where we will live in harmony and peace.
We’ll not forget those who have fallen,
That’s why we need to hurry up.
Valeria Skvortsova
My head is a jail
Valeria Skvortsova, 24
My head - is a jail,
My room - is a jail too,
Messenger is my friend
And other social networks.

My enemy is everyone outside
And the air they breathe out.
I wasn’t ready
For this fight alone.

I breathe in slowly
And count each passing breath.
My body is barren
But my soul hurts.
Viktoria Ponkrashkina, 16
The puzzle
Viktoria Ponkrashkina, 16
I thought it was a dream,
but it happened to be real.
The torture of the war
And overwhelming fear.
I want it all to go away
Diffuse in shining sun
And troubles blown from our day
By friendly clouds, so far
I want people out of cellars
Living to the full
Not afraid of their jailers
Sleeping soundly.
I want to throw away all the pieces
From the puzzle of this cruel war
So children don’t play with them
I want everyone to be happy and smile!

I believe in a happy Ukraine
And the new life beginning today!
I believe we can forget about war
It will be swept away from the shore.


We want a life of dignity
Parvez Noori, 16
"War has affected our existence, our life, our culture. The war took away my childhood. I wish the war would end and more children could enjoy childhood and family life."
In my life there is not much happiness due to fear
Oh God, there is so much pain, very little to cheer
My home is set alight and burning like the autumn leaves
The poplar trees burnt, the red flowers burnt, it's only grief.

Oh God, there is so much pain, very little to cheer
The outcome of war is tragic, sad and full of dreadful probabilities
Many have lost their lives, many wounded and many left with disabilities
Oh God, there is so much pain, very little to cheer.
Huda, 13, is using the power of poetry to show the impact of war on children in Afghanistan.
Smile together in peace
Huda Hedayat, 13
"I lost my grandfather in the conflict and it was a painful tragedy not only for me but also for my family. But it is not just me, there are many children here who have lost their parents. For a child to lose a parent is to destroy their paradise. I hope the war stops and every child enjoys their childhood."
The tears of a child, the pain of a mother!
A heart full of memories of a dead father!
A silence that is bursting with agonizing screams
So quiet and yet devastated with shattered dreams

Where are you? Oh, that my heart yearns for!
Oh, lost springs, oh my beloved country at peace that I pray for
Your voice is the remedy of so many souls
Of a painful mother, of a crying child and countless more
You are the peaceful soul.
Hakim, 21, Afghanistan
If peace comes
Hakim Karwan, 21
"Once again, every child shall have a pen in their hand. I was born and raised in conflict, but I hope to see my country free from conflict."
Life will be extremely beautiful when peace comes
Everyone will plant beautiful pine and palm trees
From these sprawling deserts we will make gardens again
We will return to our lands and sow green when peace comes

Once again, every child in my country will have a pen in their hand
We will take up pens and books, and become forgivers
We are tired of this war, we search for peace
We will gather together as brothers.


“armed attacks on villages and cities has forced many families to live their towns, homes and villages. In my school there are many of them and they are really affected. I am asking to all decision makers to work together, stronger and with conviction to end violence and let children and their communities to live in peace” - Salimata Coulibaly, 16 years, Bamako
Life is a test of hope
Salimata Fofana, 16
"Armed attacks on villages and cities have forced many families to leave their towns, homes and villages. In my school there are many of them and they are really affected. I am asking all decision makers to work together, stronger and with conviction to end violence and let children and their communities live in peace."
From my veins, the blood flows
Through my racing heart
I am the pen that carries the desire to touch each heart,
And with my faith light it up with joy.

To live in solidarity with others in this world
I am the thirsty soul of a world without divisions
A world willing to learn and where each failure is synonymous with courage
I refuse to give in to any despair.
“I was born in a united Mali, strong and rich with its humans’ diversity. Today, I am lost, so many dead, children orphaned, or simply killed and even enrolled as soldiers. My only wish is that peace returns and that we live in harmony as before. " - Aichata Diarra, 23 years, Kayes
One wish
Aichata Diarra, 23
"I was born in a united Mali, strong and rich in diversity. Today, I’m lost. So many dead, children orphaned, killed or enrolled as soldiers. My only wish is that peace returns and that we live in harmony as before."
Twelve years, at twelve years
I wanted to become a doctor, to save lives and spread happiness
To be beside my cherished parents;
Under their protection where I can dream without limits.

But at twelve, I killed in Monrovia,
Stole in Boauke, burnt down Rwanda and pillaged Kabul
And many other horrible things
At twelve years, I was called the wicked child.


Shahed Zeitoon, 16
Peace and War
Shahed Zeitoon, 16
"I feel robbed of my childhood by conflict."
From here, the story starts
From here, peace emerges
From the laugh of every child
From the eyes of every wounded

From the fruit of every tree
From the breeze of every wind
Who among us does not love peace?!
Who does not want to see peace all over the land and skies?


Sawsan Al-Shamiri, 10
I’m a child who loves peace
Sawsan Al-Shamiri, 10
“I hope that all the pigeons and the olive trees grow up and we will be in peace… I hope the whole world will be filled with peace.”
I am a child who loves peace
I have always believed in peace
Until I saw something on TV,
Something not expected at all.

I saw on the screen war and destruction
I saw children sleeping in tents
They lost the embrace and protection of their parents
I saw children who are as skinny as ghosts
I saw schools and parks empty of children.

I cried from what I saw and went to the source of love, my father
I asked him: Where did peace go?
Where are schools and parks?
Where is medicine and where is food?
Ammar Alshami, 22
Let’s make peace
Ammar Alshami, 22
" I had a chance to work online with NGOs and after the epidemic of COIVD-19, everything was shutdown and I could not work online anymore, COIVD-19 is a real shock. We have more than what we could stand. We need the war to end very soon."
While the songs are being prepared,
Come with me to rip off the wishes
Let’s just babble
In the lanes, as if we hadn’t grown old.

Wake up the night and provoke the sleeper
Oh friends,
Why haven’t we slept since they said:
Our morning is not quite a morning.
Noor Yaseen Alshaibani, 13
I am a child of the light. I fear darkness
Noor Yaseen Alshaibani, 13
"They declared COVID-19 a serious disease just before my first exam and everyone had to stay home. At that time, I was in my aunt’s home and had to stay there for three months. I couldn’t even see my parents. It affected me a lot and I was really upset."
I dream to fly like a dove
My laughter races the clouds
I engrave flowers into the land,
So peace prevails.

I am the child of the light,
I yearn for the sun,
Do not break my longing
I fear the darkness.


Hiba Mohamed Hassan
The Youth are...
Hiba Mohamed Hassan, 19
The Youth are a pillar
And a national symbol
They are a ray of light
And the future of the whole country
Without them
It means
A house without foundation
And with no entry point (door)
My point is
They can create peace
And can shape the future
Our beautiful land
They can illuminate it
They are Immutable flowers
That can benefit the people

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