Human Rights

Re Dress: a world without discrimination for every child

Every child deserves to live and grow in a world free of discrimination. That's why as part of UNICEF's Youth Mediathon, a group of young content creators from Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, and India made this video to reimagine a more inclusive world. 

Credits: Andy Sermonia, Calita Hin, Khim Magtibay, Maysoon Hussein, Sherlynn Yuwono and Subhanjali Saraswati, with the support of their mentors Suzanne Moody, Courage Nyamhunga and Francis Raphael Solajes. 

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Andy Sermonia is a 17-year-old digital and traditional artist from the Philippines who shares her art through her Instagram account and aims to pursue her dream as an animator and visual developer.

"I like to use my artistic ability to highlight the beauty of regular life, but also speak out about prevalent issues in my nation and manifest my beliefs and political opinions."

Calita Hin is a 21-year-old from Indonesia who works mainly in digital illustration, also enjoys writing, graphic design, and visual development. 

"I believe in creativity, empathy, and curiosity for change."

Khim Magtibay is a 21-year-old writer from Philippines who believes that the passion for writing can be an instrument to push forward their advocacy on LGBTQ+ Rights and Mental Health Awareness.

"Through the things I write, I believe I can educate more people to become gender-sensitive and create a safe space for the members of the LGBTQ+ community and other minorities who are experiencing discrimination. Now is the time to create a just, gender-egalitarian, and a queer society."

Maysoon Hussein is a 17-year-old senior of Egyptian origin attending high school in Saudi Arabia with a passion for writing, international affairs, and changing the dynamic of what it means to be a teen growing up in the Middle East. She runs a journalism, podcast and documentary platform with over fifty articles, five episodes and three documentaries published, all working to educate viewers about lesser-known issues and how people can help.

"Through my endeavors, content creation in the forms of writing, creating podcasts, and youtube videos have been my way of spreading my message to not only communities all around me."

Sherlynn Yuwono is a 17th-year-old hobbyist born Chinese and based in Surabaya, Indonesia. She writes poetry and makes digital illustrations during her free time and has always loved storytelling through media - feature films, specifically. Her dream is to write a screenplay and to major in communication studies.

"Art has been a big part in my life, and I can't seem to live without it. I believe that we all live to tell stories of the quiet, and to speak up on the voiceless."

Subhanjali Saraswati is an 18-year-old second year undergrad of Political Science at University of Hyderabad, India, as well as a Feminist Activist. She does content creation for her website and its social media handles.

"All the issues that haunt the globe are so mainly because of the lack of unification. We as humans have been gifted with the power of compassion and love, if we do not reach out and help, we might as well be a lost cause."