Engaged and heard! Guidelines on Adolescent Participation and Civic Engagement


Spaces to form opinions!

Channels to voice them!

Audiences to listen!

Influence on decisions!

That’s what it takes for participation to be meaningful!

Learn more in the new “ENGAGED AND HEARD! Guidelines on Adolescent Participation and Civic Engagement.” 

These Guidelines are intended to support the design of meaningful and equitable Adolescent Participation and Civic Engagement. They provide information on the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how-to’ of adolescent participation and civic engagement.

The main sections include guidance on: Conceptual understanding, Main strategies and key interventions , Organizational commitment and processes, and Monitoring and evaluation. The appendices provide sector-specific guidelines for adolescent participation in: Health, WASH, Nutrition and HIV; Education; Child protection, care and justice; Disaster risk reduction, climate change and environmental protection; and Peacebuilding and humanitarian response.