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Child Friendly Cities - Child and Youth Manifesto


Photo credit: UNICEF/Wogram

What would child-friendly cities look like, if children were mayors? Check this Child and Youth Manifesto, a document that reflects the words and expressions of the children and young people, to find out.  

The Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) Child and Youth Advisory Board, consisting of almost 70 children and young people from around the world, shared this Manifesto and their recommendations with mayors and local leaders at a Summit in the German city of Cologne on 18 October 2019.

Read the manifesto here (pdf)

También disponible en español 

What would your city look like if you were the mayor? Share your thoughts or using the hashtag #VoicesOfYouth on social media.

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Increase your disaster resilience

COPE is a series of beautifully illustrated non-for-profit books, aimed to increase the disaster resilience of children.

Covering natural hazards ranging from floods to earthquakes, wildfires to cyclones, the books provide coping tools, preparedness, and relatable stories in an imaginative and easy-to-understand way.

Read and download the books here!

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