Youth Day: what does it mean to be a young person in 2022?

Sometimes, people don't realize how powerful our voices are.

Young people feel powerful and powerless. They feel strong and vulnerable. They feel like they have a lot of potential but also face huge challenges. And they feel misunderstood. 

Voices of Youth is a platform for young people from around the world to share their views, thoughts, ideas and sparks of inspiration. For International #YouthDay, we invited them to reflect on what it means to be a young person in 2022, how they think adults see them, what they hope to change in the world, and the challenges and opportunities they have. 

We received responses from around the world. From Chile to Bangladesh, from Mexico to Nigeria, from China to Indonesia, young people have shared how they feel.  

On International Youth Day – and everyday – we invite you to take a few minutes to read what they have to say. Follow Voices of Youth on Instagram and Twitter, and share with your followers to keep the conversation going! 

If you are between 13 and 24 years old, remember you can always share your thoughts with us.  


The Journey of Young Leaders – Arpita, 21, India 


The art of cheering people up – Yanmahidayah, 22, Indonesia  


#DíaDeLaJuventud (in Spanish) – Melany, 20, Guatemala 


Speak up, Be freed – Gideon 


You(th) are the future – Ema, Albania 


#YouthDay: Hope for change – Faiza, 22


How a 15-Year-Old Began Empowering Youth Voices against Injustice – Nathan, China 


#YouthDay poem – Priyanka, India 


World's Leaders and the Youth #YouthDay – Maryam, Pakistan


Celebrating International Youth Day – Sean, United States


Stop! And Listen To The Youth - Edriaa, 16, Malaysia 


Being young – Gowri, 18


Story of a young girl of generation Z – Taieba, 17, Bangladesh 


This ain’t right, chief – Cordelia  


Western Balkans diversity – Andja, 19, Serbia


What are the challenges I have faced as a young person? – Gunchaa, 17, India


Hopes and struggles of a youth in Nepal – Preeti , 21, Nepal 


The Future of Youth Activism: How Our Votes can Uplift our Society for Generations – Ryo, 17, Japan 


What do you want to change in the world? – Fabiola, 18, Chile


#YouthDay - Zoalize, 16


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