VOY Blogging Internship

Read the latest posts from the Voices of Youth blogging interns – a group of passionate young people from all around the world. The 6-month VOY blogging internship sees the interns posting once a week on a range of youth and development related topics – from climate change and unemployment, to bullying and peer-pressure. The internship aims to give the selected participants an opportunity to not only have their voices heard, but to learn from and inspire others.

Be Careful In Social Network

I believe you know about dangers which can be in social networks. But I would like to tell you a little story I heard lately. It is not up to me to say where I found it out as any recording was not allowed at this school. This story is about tricking in facebook. One band of journalists...

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What matters to the youth in Sri Lanka

This is a topic I have given a lot of time to ponder over, even before I was selected for the VOY...

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Phenomenon Of Social Sites

Phenomenon of social sites has become one of the most important parts in the Internet environment...

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Refugees in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, I believe that refugees are a group that require much more help. The UN defines a re...

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Sweet like Shuga!

One component of my To-watch list I never really get to check out is Shuga. Shuga is a soap opera...

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What is being Human in my opinion?

I've asked many people what being human means. I've asked young,old,teens 98% of them don't share...

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Condition of Child Marriage in Nepal

A report entitled ‘Ending Child marriage – progress and prospects’ which was released by UNICEF during the ongoing first ever Girl Summit in London, highlighted that Nepal has the ninth highest prevalence of child marriage in the world with one in every three child brides living in the...

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One Million: Use It To Enrich Libraries

I usually hear that people read less than in the past. Should we accuse them of this? On the one h...

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Is migration wrong?

Hello guys! I´d like to talk about something that’s been concerning to me very deeply ever sinc...

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