Who do you choose to be today?

Posted Avatar Nikoleta Michalova

Avatar Nikoleta Michalova
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I think I am quite a unique person. With unique views. With unique ideas. But every now and then I read a quote, watch a video or have a conversation which makes me doubt myself. Who am I?You see, I think of myself as a combination of my experiences, of the dialogues I lead and things I saw, and my personality. I am a 19-year old student of history and literature, I am an active person in my society, and a language lector.What determines who I become?What determines who you become?Me. You.The Wo...

Our Responsibility

Posted no picture Erin L. McLearn , Student

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Erin L. McLearn
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I live in what you call a "white neighbourhood". I walk down the street, and I might see a few people that are African American or Asian. On very rare occasions I will see someone that is Hispanic. When I was a kid, this didn’t surprise me. I believed that all people were important, and that if someone wanted to live where I lived, they would. I didn’t clue in that someone’s skin made them different from me in the eyes of society. For many years it never crossed my mind that someone would view...

What should I do?

Posted no picture Zhan , Just a student who dont knows what to do

no picture Just a student who dont knows what to do
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What should I do?Nowadays many of us are struggling to answer this common question. Some of us may address it to our parents hoping that they know the answer. However, when it comes to such questions related to "coming out" about your sexual orientation, before going to our parents and relatives, we should accept and embrace that we are who we are. There are parents who are not ready for such "shocking news" and their reactions may not be what we would have wanted. In that moment, the people who...

To empower (v.)

Posted Avatar Rajna Removic , Student

Avatar Student
Rajna Removic
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Empowerment doesn’t come from the absence of fear, it comes from facing it head on. Dealing with one’s own demons, fears and insecurities comes easy- we know what to expect, we know what we are up to- but usually from being scared of others, we retreat and remain silent instead of speaking up. These days, when you let down people’s expectations, a harsh word and a grudge is the best response you could possibly receive to your new-found revolutionism. Law (or rather the absence of it) and violenc...

Alone on The Battlefield

Posted no picture Sadhana Matheswaran , Student

no picture Student
Sadhana Matheswaran
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I stood alone on the battlefield with nowhere else to goThe rouge color of blood clouded my eyesThe siren of a gunshot echoed through my earsThe fierce smell of death pierced through my noseAnd the wounds severed my skinBut I could not leave for there was nowhere else to goAs I helplessly looked aroundI saw my brothers and sisters killing each other in the name of religionthey chanted the various forms of the divineAllah! Jesus! Zorastra! Buddha! Krishna! But they failed to realizeThey were all...

Mindful of Our Minds

Posted no picture nkirote , student

no picture student
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I had slept in again, there wasn't much to do. All my attempts at securing employment were futile. I had goals and time was ticking away, however my situation seemed to be stuck in a state where time was a simple blink and space was construing and manifesting into ghastly shapes.I pulled my blanket up and snuggled in the warmth. My mind was still in a haze, and slowly realization was settling in. To escape it, I focused on my hand, the boundaries that formed my fingers and my conscience at that...

Youth as Agents of Change

Posted no picture justloveursmile

no picture justloveursmile
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In the words of Franklin D Roosevelt -"We cannot always build the future for the youth, but we can build out youth for the future"While India houses a massive 17%(1) of the world population, it is also home to nearly 116 million(2) children living in extreme poverty and poor conditions. The huge gap between the rich and the poor is attributed to various factors including lack of opportunities, deficiency in the facilities of growth, loopholes in implementation of welfare schemes, and so on. Desp...


Posted no picture Neha kirdak , MBBS student

no picture MBBS student
Neha kirdak
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Oh dear little rose,you are so cherished!YOU HAVE COLOR,of love, dreams, passion, and fire.YOU HAVE BEAUTY,with grace, elegance and charm to be admired.Oh dear little rose,YOU HOLD THE KEY OF AN EMPIRE,of power, potential, energy, and desire.YOU ARE THE BLOSSOM,of mercy, peace, humanity, and all that we require.


Posted Avatar Swara Vaishnav , Passionate writer, aspiring actress, life-long learner and an emotional being.

Avatar Passionate writer, aspiring actress, life-long learner and an emotional being.
Swara Vaishnav
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Today, when I read about the violence in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, my blood started to boil. I just realized that all of this started in 2011, and it is 2018 today, and still, the WAR IS ON! I have been wanting to write about this for a very long time, and I think today is the perfect day to pour my emotions out! 'A pen is mightier than the sword' and this seems to be the best way to channel my anger, at the moment.A boom here, a crash there,And heaps of loss everywhere.It's been 7 years. 7 long ye...

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