Nice to Meet You!

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Michael Kno
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Nice to Meet You is an organization that treats refugees as what they are: people like you and I. People that are bored of their dull lives in their shelters, since they are not allowed to do anything. How shall they integrate into our society if we keep them away from us and do not spend time with them? This needs to change! This is what the founders of Nice to Meet You thought when they established their society. What started as a barbecue event is now a well-organized associ...

A Developing Planet

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Development is a concept I’ve had to think about a lot this week. We could probably agree that development means progress and usually carries a positive connotation. It could be described as a process of growth and change towards a more advanced state. To be developed seems to be something we aspire. What I am wondering is: when can we consider ourselves, or an entire country, fully or at least largely developed? Development comes in many shapes and sizes. We can develop pers...


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Pearl Gahwera
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You used to hate weekdays. It seems like a lifetime ago though, because you can’t quite recall those days. Today, at least during the weekdays you don’t have to pretend. You can’t help but remember your Sunday school days, and how easy they were. Or how easy they seemed. These days all Sunday does is put a frown on your face, without you even trying. Whatever happened to the boy that was enthusiastic about God? It’s not that you don’t believe in God anymore. On th...

The Case For Self-Mockery

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Before the end of 2015, I posted this Facebook status: '2016 goal: Master the art of self-mockery'. Some of my friends cheered me on, while others didn't really get what I was saying. 'Mockery' doesn't exactly have the most positive of connotations. It's attached to hurt feelings and mean words. So why I would want to make mocking myself as my new year's resolution probably seemed a bit baffling. But what I mean by this status is for me to learn laughing at myself - to take m...

Five Things to Consider Before Running a Startup

Published Avatar Begimai Sataeva , Journalist

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Begimai Sataeva
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Living abroad, I’ve realized that I miss my country Kyrgyzstan. I cannot bring it to Poland, but I can bring is some handmade authentic products from Central Asia, made especially for me. However, I can’t find any of these products in Warsaw. Many of my compatriots and lovers of handmade products are in the same situation. So I got together with like-minded people and we have decided to run startup project called The idea is combining a retail online platform with...

I met Dissa a few weeks ago at a career event organized by my university in Japan, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). She was an APU alumna invited to speak at the event. She’s currently an equity analyst at Credit Suisse Singapore as well as the owner of Deaf Café Fingertalk, the first café in Indonesia where all the employees are deaf. She’s only 25 years old but she has had a lot of volunteering experience in many countries. She came to Japan from Indonesia at...

How To Keep a Man

Published Avatar Carrie , Marketer

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If you can’t feed your man, you are going to lose him. And when I say ‘feed’ I don’t mean takeaways or personal chefs honey. YOU have to cook delicious, edible food, repeatedly, everyday. It doesn’t matter whether you and him got home from work at the exact same time. Doesn’t matter if you had a horrible day and you are exhausted because your boss decided to be an especially annoying prick. It does not matter. He is hungry and he wants to be fed - whether or not he bo...

The Born This Way Manifesto

Published Avatar Ghita El Bouamri , Student

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Ghita El Bouamri
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When you were born, you came to life, but you also entered its coliseum. You’re a gladiator. You’ve got to fight in order to survive. Except that your survival doesn’t depend on your health anymore, but on your visibility to those around you. The modern world as it is now, has one and only one motto: "I amaze, therefore I am". You must be original in order to be noticed, you should be noticed to be admired, you have to be admired to be respected and then, and only then, w...

Internet Safety : An African Child's Perspective

Published Avatar Kearoma Mosata , student

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Kearoma Mosata
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Growing up there never really was any big fuss over technology and innovation. I used a computer to play pinball and minesweeper. On rare days where our stone age type computer had internet I would use it to Google dolls and pictures of the Eiffel Tower. It never really had any great impact on my upbringing. Yes, it excited me but I was not aware of it to a point where I would sacrifice playing house with my friends for sitting in front of the computer. Things have changed...

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