God created us for some purpose .

Posted no picture Mahnoor._Zaidi , Student Of Grade 9

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Dear Readers, Have you ever wondered why we are sent to this world? Why we are created? Why we are living? I believe there is an answer to this question. Yesterday, I saw a hungry child shivering from cold on the street. I got angry and asked God, "Why do you permit this? Why don't you do something?" That night, I heard a dialect, "I did something! I created you!"When I woke up in the middle of the night I realized that I received the answer to my question of why we are sent to this world! I g...

My Second Skin

Posted Avatar Hanen , Teacher

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Veiled women have different reasons for donning the veil. While some may think that the sole and entire reason for wearing the hijab is religious, this is not necessarily true. It is a decision driven by a plethora of motives, which aren’t always religious. That’s why, I can’t stress enough the fact that the veiled women community is very diverse. Veiled women are not the same woman. Each one of us has chosen to wear the head scarf for a specific and very personal reason.Speaking for myself, I d...

How to Lose Me

Posted no picture ADERINTO Nicholas , Writer

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In case you're tired of me. Or you're tired of us. This is how to lose me. And how to lose us. For few articles now, I've been going atypical from my normal way of writing. Please, just bear with me. I think it's due to the fact that everything around has been atypical too. Last week, I lost more than half of my 2017 poetry and prose works. I know it's touching and heartbreaking but I've moved on. But you know memory has a way of appearing over and over again. Harmattan has also started and my l...

I grew up in Riviere Salée, in the commune of Baraderes which is located in the department of Nippes in Haiti. My father abandoned me, my three sisters and my little brother when I was in primary school. He left to go to Santo Domingo where he lives until today. My mother was supporting us all alone, until I was in my final class where I was a champion of a city wide poetry contest in Baraderes organized by Haitians from the United States. As a winner I received money to pay for my enrollment in...

Tell Me What's Up

Posted no picture Ntemid , Social media

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There’s discretion. There are societal demands and tolerances. There’s what is socially acceptable and not. But does this mean that we must hide the plain truth, before our eyes? Just to please everyone else. Or a few privileged people that don’t want to be smeared with our dirt. Our dirt of our small and uncouth minds and mouths. Where we speak our mind, freely, without the intent or hidden motive of hurting any body. For we are just looking to correct the wrongs done by those that...

I will hold your hand

Posted Avatar Max Gaudelli , NGO Founder & Human Rights Activist

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Max Gaudelli
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Dear Friend,I know times are tough right now, adjusting to life seems slow and painful, shoes don't look to be fitting as they did and change just hits you like a cold bucket of water, I know...I never pictured life to be going as it is, most of the time it does not go as expected and maybe that's what makes it beautiful, it's so unpredictable that every corner we turn is a new experience.You feel scared at times, and that is ok, we're all supposed to feel the huge monsters that feelings are, an...

Knowing without understanding

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

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“I don’t care if you know things! I want you to understand them!” That is what my anatomy university lecturer told us in one of our last lectures before exams. This sentence has struck me and has provoked some critical thinking about the structure of the subject that I am studying and the value of assessments. I started studying medicine last October and have completed my first stressful and, at the same time, exciting semester. I had to adjust to university structures and processes, while bei...

It is not like we thought

Posted Avatar Maisaa Motahar

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Thinking about the future can occupy our minds often. When you were young you may have thought about it a lot, how it was going to turn out and what your big hopes were for it. However, since then many things may have happened that were not planned. In fact, everything may have gone in the opposite direction. You may have made your decision of what you want to be, but because of many difficulties and wrong choices, you found that it wasn't what you wanted to be after all and you may feel like yo...


Posted Avatar Aprajitakaushik

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A part of becoming an adult is a continual need to change and evolve. The entire process is a mixture of love and bitterness crashing at the gates of our soul, just like the waves that crash at the shore. The only difference is these waves of emotions are capable of ravaging our once upon a time innocent soul.It’s the whole idea of how, as we grow up in this world, and become aware of each and everything around us, we choose to attract and react to the gloom-ridden acts more than respond to them...

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