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Posted September 17, 2014 no picture Effie Johari

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This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend, Mei Lee, for my Inspire! profile. The passion she shows for her work and her endless drive to attain her goals has always been one of the reasons I was attracted to her as a person, and I admire the consistent expressions of these traits until today. Some of her notable projects include recent work for The Kitchen Guardian and Green August which ended up being sold on DFTBA. Your name Mei Lee. Your age23 Where a...

Education at home here in South Kivu

Posted September 16, 2014 Avatar Pona Bana

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As a new schoolyear is starting, it seems very important for me to talk to you about children’s education in the South Kivu province. Education is an essential factor which the child needs in his own interest and in the interest of the nation. In South Kivu , some children miss the path to school and this is not by their own will. If thousands of children do not finish the school cycle, it is notably due to exaggerated school fees, lack of schools especially in rural areas,...

Let’s give Congolese children the means to succeed going back to school

Posted September 16, 2014 Avatar Pona Bana

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After two months spent at home, the DRC student will get back on the school path on September 08, 2014. Many things interfere with the excitement of Congolese students going back to school, here are some examples. School fees. I spoke with a 14 year old friend about going back to school and he explained to me that where he wanted to enroll for school, he was asked to pay 150 dollars for the enrollment and 100 dollars for the confirmation when his family does not have the means....

My participation in the ICGLR Heads of State Summit on promoting youth employment

Posted September 16, 2014 Avatar Pona Bana

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After being elected as one of the Ambassadors for the Great Lakes Region children’s Hope Forum in Bujumbura, I went to Nairobi (Kenya) on Tuesday 22nd July 2014 to participate in the ICGLR special summit on the promotion of youth employment through infrastructure development and investment promotion. Having only received the invitation to participate in the summit on Sunday 20th July, a bit later than expected, the only possibility for plane travel from Bandundu-Ville to Kinsha...

Bujumbura by Bus – A Long Walk To Peace!

Posted September 16, 2014 Avatar Pona Bana

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The Great Lakes region has been the scene of recurring wars. It is important to show this long path towards peace through the film “A Long Walk to Peace” thanks to the remarkable work of child reporters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Taking advantage of the Hope Forum, the child reporters of the DRC showed, not only the problems experienced by children in the region, but also suggested solutions such as: support and care for all children in general and refugee children in par...

Fed Up

Posted September 15, 2014 Avatar Christopher Onoka

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I recently watched a very interesting documentary film by the producer of An Inconvenient Truth called Fed Up that seeks to highlight the obesity epidemic in the US and the problems related to processed foods and their sugar quantity. Several important lessons can be learned from the documentary including but not limited to "all calories are not created equal", "calories in does not equal calories out" and "congress says pizza, french fries and tomato paste are all vegetables"....

What Do You Expect From Education?

Posted September 11, 2014 Avatar Piumi Madushani

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Consistently you would espouse that this is the revolutionary time period of education as society considers it immensely, more than ever. While the contribution of educating the community, society needs to be convinced the purpose of education. Your involved subject may be biology, law, psychology, business finance, engineering etc; however, does education only advance you to become an expert in your specified area? As well having exams and certificates does not belong to the menti...

The LGBT rights

Posted September 14, 2014 no picture Artemis B.

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So many people hate LGTB people. But why? Why make someone's life a living hell because you are something. It's like picking on somebody and creating a world wide hate to someone that has brown hair.

Source: http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/posts/is-it-contro...

Hello everyone.. My first reblog on VOY is going to be a recent post I read written by the blogging intern Maria (http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/users/227642).The subject of the post is the rights of LGBT people. And to be honest with you, this post is to express my feelings about this subject. LGBT people are a community that has faced racism, discrimination and prejudice over the years. Even though we live in 2014, in the 21st century, many people still spread hate towards...

How to Die Completely Empty

Posted September 14, 2014 no picture Fasoranti Damilola

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Million of ideas cook up in our mental stoves Minute by minute our minds travel miles away If wishes were horses, beggars might ride Messages get lost in the noise The tide falls and rises The ocean tongue licks the seashore. The tail of the lion wiggles joyfully at the prey The tune of the music pours fragrance on the soul We follow a path while limitless trail exist We fiddle with the wind, rather than generate a fortune from it We feel comfort...

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