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VOY Blogging Internship Applications OPEN!

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Voices...

River of Trash

Posted no picture Oviya

no picture Oviya
Member since December 26, 2016
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Imagine narrow alleys chockblocked with people, vendors, vehicles and the like. Imagine a stream next to this locality. Picture the stream filled to the brim with mounds of trash. This was the sight at a locality I visit as a volunteer, teaching kids english. I exclaimed about the amount of waste to my friend. A lady nearby looked at me oddly. I wondered how it did not seem to affect her the way it affected me. I saw vendors throw waste. I saw people throw waste. I saw ashes an...

A Call to Smile

Posted Avatar Ani Machado , UNICEF Volunteer

Avatar UNICEF Volunteer
Ani Machado
Member since January 19, 2017
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  • Age 17

After a mostly restless night, I woke up at the crack of dawn on my makeshift cot to the now familiar sensation of being tangled inside a mosquito net. It was Day 3 of my mission trip in the Dominican Republic and the usual morning routine began. Another day of strenuous hiking, digging of trenches, and building of aqueducts would ensue. Another day of bruises, cuts, and strange insect encounters would commence. Another day when the realization would hit that all these adversities...

Equality =

Posted Avatar crisantaicm

Avatar crisantaicm
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It’s not my first post about equality and feminism on here but I wanted to write another one. The Women’s March from 21st January was one of those things that will go down in history and I was proud to see people stand for equality, for a fair world, for something together. People really want to make a difference, a change. If people will fight for equality, for human rights, for things that all people should stand up for, together we’ll make a change, a difference. People ar...

The light at the end of a tunnel!

Posted Avatar Ashni Walia , Student

Avatar Student
Ashni Walia
Member since November 21, 2015
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  • Age 17

Maybe life is not about a dark tunnel that leads towards a bright future. Maybe it is about making that tunnel a bright happy place until you reach its end. Maybe it is about spreading colours along the way. Maybe that light isn't just the end of the tunnel, maybe it is the end of you. Maybe this dark tunnel is all you have. Maybe your life's reason is to turn this black into blue. Maybe you weren't born to merely look at that orange sunset, maybe you were born to...

The Challenge of Superficiality

Posted no picture Lex Arisa

no picture Lex Arisa
Member since May 10, 2016
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Social disparity, or the wide gap between social statuses in Thailand has flawed the society greatly because it has differentiated people, leaving room for discrimination and resentment. Which restaurant you dine at, how one dresses, which school one attends has become - although exceedingly superficial - the definition of which social status ones belong or pretends to belong to. This is especially true among the youth and social media users where photos of brand name products...

Needing make up is "make up"

Posted Avatar Bella Pinera , Student

Avatar Student
Bella Pinera
Member since September 24, 2016
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  • Age 15

Just like every teenage girl, I have a few pimples, a couple freckles, and at times some bumps and bruises. Although waking up to this sight can be extremely traumatizing it makes me, me. Makeup is a brilliant invention and helpful tool females around the world use. Sadly, young girls and women are hiding behind their made up faces. But I want you to ask yourself, why would you waste a second not loving the gorgeous girl you are? Each and every single "imperfection" makes you...

When I was in high school, the closest we came to any kind of “real-life” education was something called “personal and social education”. We sat in a room for one hour per week and watched a video about something new every week. One week we might learn about the key components of ethics, and the next week we might learn about the importance of healthy eating. It was a curriculum that seemed cobbled together at the last minute and to this day, I still can’t remember a sing...


Posted no picture Amber-lili , Student

no picture Student
Member since December 17, 2016
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I stand, head held high I scream till my voice is heard. I watch the passers-by Seeing our signs as only a word. But we are so much more. We are the voices of change and liberation. You may use your words to beat us sore. But the next stop is freedom station. You may try to hold us down But we're building bridges not walls. But most importantly we have strength and love. Strength beats fear and Love beats all. By Amber-lili Thompson

Advancing intra-African trade

Posted no picture Cecil Lwana , Medical Student

no picture Medical Student
Cecil Lwana
Member since July 1, 2016
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African is a continent in conflict with itself; when our leaders talk about the diplomatic relations of our countries we know there is more to what meets the ear. Amongst young Africans we hear loud shouts about Robert Sobukwe`s ideologies about pan Africanism, but how willing are Africans to work together to create an Africa that is independent of foreign aid? African countries would rather export their oil, diamonds and maize to foreign countries rather than to other African...

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