Posted Avatar Darshatha Gamage , Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern

Avatar Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern
Darshatha Gamage
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As a young 10 year old I remember making a simple kaleidoscope. I was awe struck by the marvellous patterns it created and the unique ambiguity of the designs. I fell in love with more than just the beautiful designs on display, but how this modest instrument taught me that life is beautiful and that sometimes you just need to look at it with a unique perspective.The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument, where two or more reflective surfaces meet at an incline. The instrument constructs amazing...


Posted Avatar Rim Ben Haj Yahia , Engineer

Avatar Engineer
Rim Ben Haj Yahia
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A strong relationship I have with words and letters urges me to write. To befriend white papers and tell them stories I hold inside.I sometimes write when I’m frustrated, And when I am happy and fascinatedFor myself, I kept my written wordsAnd never shared them with the world Until I discovered the Voices of Youth platformPublished my first article and felt like I performed I saw the internship so I applied with no hesitation My acceptance letter brought me joy and fascination On my blog posts,...

An Amplified Voice

Posted Avatar Juana S. , Writer, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern, Climate Advocate

Avatar Writer, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern, Climate Advocate
Juana S.
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Scrolling relentlessly on my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled upon the opportunity to continue my pursuit for passion and purpose. The moment I got accepted as a Climate and Environment Blogger for Voices of Youth (VOY), I immediately told myself that this is for me. It was the perfect way for me to bring the voice of my community through writing and storytelling. I could describe the Voices of Youth (VOY) Blogging Internship in so many ways, but let me narrow it down to three words. Eye-opening.Re...


Posted Avatar nikki , student

Avatar student
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“You’re too paranoid,” my brother told me once.I had panicked because it seemed like the man behind us had been following us.“Why are you always so worried?” He asked, laughing softly.I had gripped his arm when the car driving beside us had slowed down to our pace.“You really need to relax,” he said one day.I had been fidgeting in my seat ever since the man sat right next to me on the subway when the rest of the train was empty.“What’s the point?” He pushed, as we crossed the street.There had be...

Girl child

Posted no picture Gift , Student

no picture Student
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Hello, I am from Taveta, Kenya and I am one of the beneficiaries of the Jielimishe Program in schools here in my country. Jielimishe aims to improve school attendance for vulnerable girls. I did my Kenya Certificate of Secondary School last year in Mombasa. Throughout my journey I have become more and more interested in fighting against inequalities in society and advocating for fairness within society. Having been brought up in a society where girls are not prioritized, I witnessed cases of gi...

Gender Stereotypes

Posted no picture Mercy

no picture Mercy
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I was playing with a batman mask the other day when my little brother came up to me saying "You're a girl, you have to be batgirl you can't be batman!" This made me a little upset. I was once a girly girl, I had once loved glitter, sparkles, and pink for the fun of it, but I have stepped away from this in this past year. The fact that it's put into people's heads that guys can't be girls and girls can't be guys sort of upsets me. You've got guys who aren't into sports and superheroes, instead th...

The Herculean Women

Posted no picture Ayesha Zeb Dar , Kemcolian

no picture Kemcolian
Ayesha Zeb Dar
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One of the leading causes of infertility in otherwise young and healthy females is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Women with PCOS suffer at various levels in life when compared to the lives of their friends who don’t have it. Here are a few instances:- This friend of mine was very slim in comparison to me but a few months later I visited her and found out that she had put on some 10 kilos which was very surprising since she was one of those people who had a very fast metabolism and could eat...


Posted Avatar Chaima Baztami , Student

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Chaima Baztami
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Sweet delight is youth,when time heals and doesn’t rob yet,flames of verve burncoloring the irises,storms of rebellionand thirst for changeagitate the heart.There’s power in youth,the power to claim the future,to stare boldly at the sunand promise to one day watch it rise from Mars.But for now, stare at the moon, don’t rush, love and weep tenderlyunder its soothing glow.With eyes that see no boundaries and crush the horizon, young is bright and hopeful.Young holds promises never broken, forev...

Adelaide or the girl living from memories

Posted Avatar Anisja Sonja G. , Observer of everyday life

Avatar Observer of everyday life
Anisja Sonja G.
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This is a story of a brave girl.That brave girl is named Aldelaide. Adelaide was finding inspiration in everything, from small things such as the change of the direction of the wind, to the beautiful things she sees every day. She loves to explore, and to make the most of her time worth her thoughts. In her exploration she met a lot of Memories that made her feel safe, she thought she will never lose herself. She actually met so many Memories she knew every bright corner of The Mind. Until one d...

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