The Little Bird's Funeral

Posted Avatar gitesh gourav

Avatar gitesh gourav
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Right across the faces of me and you,There was a little bird that always flew.The bird was strong, smart and wide,For he had a wonderful pride.He saw the people full of joy,And said - What a world oh boy!Out of happiness, and strength alike,That day he flew to the best of his might.He went to its family, told them about people,Assured them, they could see this from the steeple.Days were happy, and years went by,The bird lived merry, and enjoyed his sky.But times changed, the sky became dark,On h...

Mothers for peace

Posted Avatar marwaazelmat , MENA Peacebuilder, Feminist and IT Engineer

Avatar MENA Peacebuilder, Feminist and IT Engineer
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Never underestimate your efforts and your courage to advance the cause you plead.I was invited to a conference on peace that I never dreamed of being part of. As a young woman "peace-builder", I seized the opportunity without thinking because we share the same vision.Besides, It's always worth it to try!This conference, under the theme #Mothers4Peace, was organized by the NGO Make Mothers Matter in Casablanca, Morocco May 3rd, 2018.We had the honorable presence of Princess Esmeralda of Belgium,...

Good Health and Well-being

Posted no picture Julia Weimer , Student

no picture Student
Julia Weimer
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1 in 4 Americans refuses medical care due to a lack of funds (according to a 2017 article in the New York Post). Many people have a difficult time receiving proper and reliable healthcare due to large expenses. We, as a dedicated group from Cañon City High School in Colorado, decided our way of helping would be supporting our school’s blood drive, as well as informing people about everyday health problems. Our blood drive has been and continues to be a massive success. As usual, our school had a...

Three Times

Posted Avatar Taygan O'Brien

Avatar Taygan O'Brien
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I’d say, that I’ve been screwed over by a lot of people in my life. My mom, teachers, even so called “friends” have hurt me. However, today we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about you. I guess I could call you my first love. The first guy to make me fall head over heels. I was deeply in love with you...and you broke me. “You’re so young!” They’d say, “How can you say that you’ve been in love!?” Sometimes I wonder that myself, but what I wonder most is how on Earth I fell for someone li...

Think Globally, Act Locally; Goal 12

Posted no picture Matthew, Cole, William, Jade

no picture Matthew, Cole, William, Jade
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Note: This January, we were tasked as a class to pick a UN Sustainable Goal, in order to Think Globally and Act Locally. We chose Sustainable goal #12, Sustainable Consumption and Production. These are our reflections.The last drop of waterSlowly swishing side to sideAs the truck empties the waste Filling up the land’s empty spaceA bottle, swept out of existence Discarded, abandoned, dropping awayIn silence and loneliness lyingTrash is discarded - yet is this all that remains in the end?Time spe...

I Have a Dream

Posted no picture April Mae Dacula , (Student)

no picture (Student)
April Mae Dacula
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For the last quarter of my last year in high school spent in Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao Campus, we have to deliver a speech for 3-4 minutes in front of an audience, which basically is composed of my classmates and our teacher. The speech we have to deliver can be about anything under the sun. There were a lot who have done their speeches before me wonderfully so I was kind of nervous about delivering my speech. I don't want to be just any other person standing in the stag...

Are You Oversharing On Social Media?

Posted Avatar Daniella , Student

Avatar Student
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Social media is the most frequently used platform by youths in our modern society. According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, it is estimated that every 8 in 10 Americans are Facebook users while 32 percent of the American population have an Instagram profile. Most people rely on social media for communication, work, school, and business purposes. Posting on social media about our daily lives has become a norm. There are times when we may not realize the things that we share online...

We are all human

Posted no picture JR Ang , student

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JR Ang
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I want to start off with this conversation I had with one of my classmates. Let’s call him John. So, we were having lunch when this topic about what type of friends we should have in life came up, and we sort of had a “debate” over something he said. (It’s a friendly one though, not involving fights and drama)John: Never befriend a person who possesses negativity.Me: Why not?John: Because he will not make a good friend with all his bad thoughts. Positive people bring you to “nice places” while n...

Animal rights are important too

Posted Avatar Izza Malik , Budding human rights activist / Blogger at Escaping Space / Student

Avatar Budding human rights activist / Blogger at Escaping Space / Student
Izza Malik
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It was a sultry summer evening. I was walking alone on the road, lost in my domain of thoughts. Exams were just around the corner and I decided to take a walk down the street, hoping a little fresh air would help settle my stress and anxiety. Outside, the world was a quiet place. The only sounds were those of the trees rustling or the birds chirping as they took a flight for home. Mostly, the world was still, silent and peaceful. I was still wandering in my thoughts, undisturbed, when a car zoom...

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