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A smile from Yemen

While I was walking back home recently, I came across Hanadi, a 12-year-old girl, who can always be...

A step towards an equal world for all

Posted Avatar Elyes Ayadi , actif member

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Elyes Ayadi
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"When the world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful " - Malala.Dear young people,My name is Elyes, I am 14 and I have lived in Switzerland since I was a child. Fighting for my rights and equality has always been an important part of my life, and now I've learned, it is a battle that I‘ll never stop focusing on. We are living in a world where no one can live without being judged or being subjected to stereotypes. We stick a label on you that can be very hard to take off. One of the reason...

Education in Malaysia

Posted no picture FaithforChildren , Education in A Developing Country

no picture Education in A Developing Country
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We see Malaysia as a developing country that is steadily growing economically. We see Malaysia as a country that takes care of its people, be it education or healthcare. At least that's what I believe people living in the cities think. Living in a rural area in North Malaysia, education appears to be like "vegetables". It is important and good for children, but it is hated. Now, I'm not saying children in these towns hate education, but I feel they may not understand the how important it is. And...

The meaning of 'NORMAL' in your life dictionary

Posted no picture Anik Mei D.

no picture Anik Mei D.
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When difficult times in life make us fall into sadness, sometimes a thought appears. "Why is my life not 'normal' like other people's lives?" Everything that deviates from the 'normal' path you always consider 'disgraceful'."Why don't I have a 'normal' family? Where Mom and Dad get along, I have siblings to be proud of and a family that is warm and very close?""Why don't I have a 'normal' body shape like everyone else? Why don't I have 'normal' skin color? Why don't I have a 'normal' body weight...

Gene editing: The cure of the future

Posted Avatar Sagar Gupta , Student

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Sagar Gupta
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Brian Madeux had Hunter’s syndrome, an inherited, rare genetic disorder caused by a missing or malfunctioning enzyme (“MPS II”). As a result, Madeux underwent more than two dozen operations (Marchione, 2017). A treatment that consisted of weekly doses of the missing enzyme was available, but it would cost more than 100,000 dollars per year and could potentially lead to brain damage. So, in November 2017, Madeux decided to undergo gene therapy, making him the first person in the United States to...

The hope within

Posted no picture Carly

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I have been waiting to write this. It took me so long to find the words. I’m still not sure I have them.While I was waiting, there have been twelve more mass shootings. But today, that’s not what I want to talk about.………………………..I didn’t have my phone on me all day. It was the first day in so long I had gone over twelve hours without hearing any kind of news. I finally arrive home, walk through the door; the television is on. I see the breaking news banner at the bottom of the screen. In a world...

Spoken truth?

Posted Avatar Isabella Giulia , Booming voices

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Isabella Giulia
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We have all experienced the power of language. We have all read something that stuck to us. Been told something that made us think. Been convinced of a false truth. Language can change a moment, change a life and change a world.Napoleon Bonaparte used to ask all of his men if they thought they could win the war. If they answered ‘yes’ they would be accepted into his army. If they answered ‘no’, they would be declined. This is because Napoleon believed in the power of language in conveying an emo...

Towards An Empathetic World

Posted no picture Rafid Zaman Pranto , Student

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Rafid Zaman Pranto
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“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…” — John Donne I come from a middle-income family of Bangladesh, which is a small third-world country in Southeast Asia. Lack of adequate resources for a population of about 170 million has made living tough for many of us. Since an early age, I have witnessed here the baneful effects of the lopsided distribution of assets, flagrant disparities, religious extremities, and innumerable other problems...

How Instagram made a big hole in my life

Posted no picture Anik Mei D.

no picture Anik Mei D.
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Nowadays, we live with the swift flow of technology. Technology is growing rapidly, innovation is endlessly flowing. Along with the proliferation of smartphones and Android operating systems, people can now easily access the internet with the gadget in their hands.Taking photos is also easy, capturing the moment whenever you want. In the end, you most likely will upload it to Instagram. Yes, who doesn't know this photo sharing application? Almost everyone knows the fun application for 'showing o...

Regional economic development

Posted no picture 황선찬 , student

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In Gwansan-dong, South Korea where our school is located, we have devised a program to induce economic growth. We believe that further economic development of our district is necessary because it is behind many others. Initially we thought that as students the activities we could do to make a change were limited. Our school has been making various donations for Gwansan-dong through activities such as the Gwansandong Project, but we wanted to help even more. As part of the Global Citizenship Chal...

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