Take Action, Start Now

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I am an alumnus of the New York City Junior Ambassador program, a Dominican-American girl, a big sister, an eighth grader worried about getting into a good high school, and a concerned global citizen. In 2030 I will be 26 years old. But I don’t want to wait until then to make a difference. We can start doing things now so the future could be a better place for every living thing. Last year, in the seventh grade my classmates and I studied the Sustainable Development Goals with our teachers, Mr....

TVs and Ovens: A Lesson in Acceptance

Posted Avatar Komal_Samrow , High Schooler

Avatar High Schooler
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Weird title, I know. Just stick with me.First impressions, one of the most important moments in meeting someone new. They'll get a sense of your personality, your 'aura.' But you want to know something sad? Those all important first impressions, they don't exist anymore. Why? One word.Judgement. When we see someone we judge them. It's been etched into our brains for generations now. A simple characteristic such as one's hair or one's outfit can influence all our opinions of them. They don't need...

The Other Side of the Coin

Posted Avatar belenfernnandez

Avatar belenfernnandez
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Since I was a little girl, I have seen how boys and girls are treated differently. This is mainly because I have a younger brother, and I grew up not understanding why sometimes I was not allowed to do certain things. For example, when my brother was 12, he could go out with his friends and return alone at 8 p.m., but I could not; if I wanted to stay out late, I had to phone my parents so that they could come pick me up, I was 14 years old. One day, I asked my dad about this and his answer was:...

Education is not something we can sacrifice

Posted no picture Minna Katz , Student

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Minna Katz
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Why shouldn't we all get an education? Why can't we speak out?Why do we have to do "woman's jobs" when the men go to work?Why are 65 million girls denied an education?I don't have to ask these questions for myself but for those 65 million girls who can't have the basic human right of freedom of speech and the right to get an education. I'm going to talk and fight for them. We need to get there voices heard and we need to raise awareness about their situations and their stories. Malala Yousafzai...

The Perfect Girl Doesn't Exist

Posted no picture 2001isha

no picture 2001isha
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Let me tell you a tale of a girl Who climbed the tallest mountains Without a stop Not even a linger at the top Or a single glace at the fleeting world. She had a fear, a fear of sitting still; Why if she sat still She feared of finding the naïve 12-year-old girl Who once saw nothing but good in the world Not thinking to look over the mountain Beyond the skyline from her viewpoint at the top To see all the unhappiness, betrayal, and misery as she took a stop. Then all of a sudden her world stop...

A positive message to all of you

Posted Avatar Artemis B.

Avatar Artemis B.
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Hello everyone, I'm so glad to post on VOY again, after a long time. I wish I could do it more frequently, but the lessons take place for many hours, almost every day and they need my full attention. Hope everyone is well.A lot of things have changed, since the last time I posted here. The world is on fire. Wars, earthquakes, fires, pollution are only a few of the things we watch about on the news every day. It makes you feel sad and wondering why all these things happen. But I'm not here to rui...

Increasing the Strength of Your Connections and Belief

Posted no picture Matthew Rindel , The Nguvu Man

no picture The Nguvu Man
Matthew Rindel
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When I am alone, I often question the nature and ways of people, especially my own. There are some people in this world who just baffle me, and often so many of us are entirely focused on how we want the world to perceive us, that we neglect how we would want ourselves to feel and how others will feel when they are around us. What always brings me back to positive thinking and feeling is my sense of purpose: the uncovered and discovered truth of who I am and what feels like I was meant to do. Th...

Love you more

Posted Avatar Gloriana , Student

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Is she/he ever going to love me?Is there someone that loves me like I love him/her?Is there ever going to be someone that loves me ‘to the moon and back’?Does people appreciate me as they should?Am I like others want me to be?Am I valuable for others?These are common questions we ask to ourselves when we overthink, or maybe, only in daily life. We’re used to go around them until we find answers that certifiy us that we’re being loved. To some extent, that’s what we all want: love and be loved. F...


Posted no picture Artjola Sahiti

no picture Artjola Sahiti
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I broke someones heart. I did. I broke the heart of one of the best people ever in my life. There is not a worthy enough excuse for it all, and as cliché as it may sound, I had no other choice. I put someone through so much pain. Someone who had been in pain even before knowing me. Someone who is the last person on this Earth who deserves to be in pain. I let someone down. I let down someone who trusted me the most. Someone who thought I'd never let them down. I broke someones heart. I broke t...

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