The Flowers of Damascus

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Across borders and seven seas there was a nation of love. A faraway land full of magic and enchanted minds; in there we eventually lived in peace. In hundred years through the light I can see their smiling faces; innocent gazes embracing the stars and small hands reaching to the dark sky. The sound of the waves is filling the space around them. Running away from hell they chose to dive the great blue. Their dreams flee the bombs and clouded the sky of the north. Fate is unpredi...

Is Pakistan a terrorist country?

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The word terrorism is defined as “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence”. There are three perspectives of terrorism: terrorist’s, victim’s and public’s. Terrorists would gladly accept the view that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Terrorists never accept that they are doing wrong thing forbidden by the religion they practice “Islam”. They think that they are fighting for what they believe in and to attain their goal. Even the re...

GOP's Islamophobia Problem

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The republican Party, commonly known as Grand Old Party (GOP) is one of the major political party in United States. GOP was founded in Northern states in 1854 and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican U.S. President. The Republican Party has a problem with Muslims. American Muslims are the only minorities which the Republican Party hardly welcomes. A recent Gallop survey found that 89% of the Republican Party is white, while others are minorities. I don't believe that most membe...

Refugees in thier own country, the future of Sierre Leone is at risk

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When the Ebola virus hit my country Sierra Leone, thousands of lives were lost, the country came to a standstill, infrastructure, education, and economy all feeling the impact. Being forced to stay at home for long periods of time led to an increase in the school dropout rate and also increased the numbers of teenage pregnancies. On top of all of this we have been struck by another disaster: flooding. It rained so heavily on Wednesday 16th September 2015 that almost the entire city...

Republicans and the Islam problem

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

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For the past decade, Islamophobia, has become a popular issue in American media, especially during the recent Republican debates. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that a big percentage of Syrian refugees could be from the Islamic State. "This could be one of the great military coups of all time if they send them to our country -- young, strong people and they turn out to be ISIS," he told Fox News' Eric Bolling. He promises, if elected president, to deport...

Syria: An eagle eye view on war rotten country

Published no picture Hassan Chattha

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Arab Movement(the Arab Spring) originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, initially they were peaceful protests against the governments but they quickly escalated violence probably because of the adamancy of the parent governments to comply with the demands of their people. Peaceful protests too begin in the Syria but the Bashar-al-Asad regime dealt with them with an iron hand and as result Civil wa...

Grasp Knowledge

Published no picture Laiba , Student

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Some of us have it all. So, simply, we do not cherish it. It is human nature. However, some of us, who have studied in more than one part of the world, can get a taste of how lucky we are. Surely, the fact must cross your mind. And I can guarantee that you have it all if you have education. If we had the opportunity to get education, nothing- and I literally mean it, nothing can stop us from having it all except ourselves. Before I go off the main subject, I want us to realize th...

No Lost Generation

Published Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante

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Clamorous gunfire, intoxicating smoke, ubiquitous fear, homeless and stateless – this is the reality of the children of Syria. On December 17, 2010, the Arab Spring erupted in Tunisia, prompting a revolutionary wave that sought to end oppression and foment a movement for peace, democracy, and human rights throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Beginning as protests and civil disobedience, the Arab world imploded, devolving into a series of violent riots and civil wars. The...

Memories of a Migrant Toddler

Published Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , Making a Change.

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dedicated to Aylan Kurdi Daddy said they would now finally go have peace Somewhere where no one else could keep, Him away from the streets, Where he loved to play with his friends. At the end, When mom asked to take another bag, Dad said no, there wasn’t enough space. So he said good-bye, To his toys. The teddy-bear and truck, His little bicycle of luck. And off they were prepared, For a journey to a better place. Daddy said they would sa...

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