It's been a year A.L.R.E.A.D.Y

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It’s been a year since you were last seen at school. It’s been a year since you were last hosted on TV. It’s been a year since you moved out from our home. It’s been a year since he passed on to be with the angels. It’s been a year since I last saw this person. It’s been a year since I closed down the shop and decided to concentrate on my academics. It’s been a year since the district officials paid me a visit here at home. It’s been a year since I lost my arm. It’s been a year since I l...

Reforming My Education System

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Its been a year and a half since I have been studying BS Electrical engineering, although I still need to auto correct the spelling of "engineering". The institute I attend is one of the top engineering universities in Pakistan, but its sad that even in one of the best institutes, I feel that the students are treated like robots.In the early morning we have to go through strike security measures and then a dress code check. However, I believe the problem is not with all these rules, but the beha...

Tackling World Poverty

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Last year I believe we could have ended world poverty seven times over – this is how. In a report in January 2018, Oxfam stated 2017 “saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history”. A new person joined the billionaire club every two days. I say “person” to use a gender-neutral term, yet in reality most of the richest people in the world are men. National media outlets often cover stories depicting an increasing divide between rich and poor in their own country, but this report is shocking...


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Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner or in any related medical field. I am just sharing this story in hopes that it will inspire, educate and help in the general human health.Torsion: the twisting especially of one end of a body while the other is held fixed. Oxford CONCISE English Dictionary.The wind picked pace, splattering about the dust laying amidst the arid fields casting almost a blanket of flecks of dust on the skeleton buildings. The gaping holes staring out at the shadow hills e...

Lucid Dream

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The intensity of my thoughts,Made the boiling kettle boil.Cold was the night,But still poses the temperature of the middle days of summer.Crushed by the fictitious thoughts I hold upstairs,Its just a figment I guess.I'll be alright.Or is it reality? I keep on loosing people and I don't care,But hurt people hurt people.I wish I knew what I was typing.Too broken for hurt.But am I really broken? Am I just pretending without knowing?Is the pain too much I can't feel it anymore?Questions keep coming...

Mother languages - Dividing us and bringing us together

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. But I grew up wrestling with more than one village.Native in Samoan and immersed in her rich culture and heritage, I was confident at home and in our wider ethnic community where I felt accepted. But going to school in New Zealand was that weird place where the sky was always falling. It was there where I quickly discovered that I was a minority and that most people had a very negative view of my kind. They laughed at the way I spoke and excluded me...

Ignore The News: We’re Not The Worst Generation

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A headline caught my eye recently. “UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world, says study”. That’s quite a lot to take in at once, particularly when I remember the last time I read something about my generation in the news. It was that we’re all lazy and can’t buy houses because we’re too attached to brunch.Seriously. The reason I’m not a homeowner already is because I eat avocado on the weekend, not because I’ve been priced out of the housing market by demand for buy-to-let...

Where does your interest lie?

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In this matter, In what you do, In whom you are, In what you are becoming. Where does your interest lie? There’s so much we want to become, So much to accomplish, Tons of days and hours to look forward to and live for, Hundreds of meals to eat and dine with those we love and care about. Where does your interest lie? Through your up’s and down’s, Through those days when the rains will be like the other sun, Through the hot Mondays, As the throat burns it’s way out to your bra...

My Second Skin

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Veiled women have different reasons for donning the veil. While some may think that the sole and entire reason for wearing the hijab is religious, this is not necessarily true. It is a decision driven by a plethora of motives, which aren’t always religious. That’s why, I can’t stress enough the fact that the veiled women community is very diverse. Veiled women are not the same woman. Each one of us has chosen to wear the head scarf for a specific and very personal reason.Speaking for myself, I d...

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