La Luciole, Our Hope

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Like many regions in Africa, Bouaflé, my hometown, felt the unforgiving periods of the Ivorian Civil War in 2004. Within the tensions emerged a new vibrant popular culture, called coupé décalé, which allowed Bouaflé and its people to endure the harsh times and taught me to be optimistic and value my heritage. Bouaflé was originally a village, home to the Gouro, (pronounced Glò in the language itself) one of Côte d'Ivoire's sixty ethnic groups, but became home to all Ivo...


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A few months ago, my friend and I were discussing about the impact of the economic recession on the lives of Nigerians and she said to me “If only there were something we could do”. These words kept replaying in my head and I kept wondering what young Nigerians could do to make a difference. Finally, I came up with an idea. I decided to host a twitter chat for young Nigerians to discuss a way forward for Nigeria with the hashtag #SolutionsforNigeria2016. So on the 1st of Oc...

The Harsh Reality of Child Soldiers

Posted no picture Lindsey Cummins , Student

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Child soldiers are children who are under 18 and used for military purposes. Often times, children are abducted and then turned into child soldiers. These children can have a variety of duties such as actually fighting in the wars and conflicts, acting as suicide bombers, cooks, porters, messengers, informants, spies or anything their commanders want them to do (1) . Child soldiers are sometimes sexually abused as well. According to, child soldiers are most...

Wanna go demon hunting?

Posted Avatar Just my two c€nts , Medical student

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The wheel of life has rotated again This time displaying anguish, fear & pain Sensing the demons crawling out of their sleeping dens again I try to flee but alas! I know it will be in vain Thunderous roar from above! Downpour starts Drenched & miserable I keep running to find a shelter at last With my mind all blank, numb and cold And my soul all empty with no good to hold I wait for the demons knowing they'll find me I counsel myself that atl...

Living in One of the World’s Scariest Neighborhoods

Posted no picture أصوات من سوريا

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This blog post is written by a 21 year old, living in a conflict-ridden city in Syria There isn’t a day that passes in my life and in my neighbourhood that I don’t hear war melodies like shooting guns, explosions, shelling and bombing. Our best days are described as the ones with no such sounds, though we know we will eventually hear them. And maybe, one time we won’t be able to hear them anymore, as we will be gone. My mother tells me not to fear the explosions...

The Pain Shared

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Intermittent secretive lines to gaze between Felt but forever to escape my words Adamantly told over , over , and, over We share nothing in common Contrast stark black and white Guilt escapes me because I am familiar to this bond with others. The bond of pain We are not different where it absolutely counts. Stormy velvet eyes scorch upon me Previous pain, dissapointment, lowered expectations, apathy ,fear and ,distrust These things linger beneath the rip...

The Lady in the Blues

Posted no picture Ayesha Zeb Dar , Kemcolian

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I remember meeting this person a while ago who even though was very intelligent and hardworking, had just stopped making any efforts. I was so intrigued by her way of life; of how she got herself into a giant big mess and still was trying to live in the moment or maybe die in the moment considering how she was getting depressed by the moment. She was everything I could imagine of being when I got everything what I want and the list goes as follows 1. Looks 2. Intelligence...

Dear Pressure

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the day starts with my alarm clock that wants me to get up. my determination tears at me asking for attention. between squats my note at my wardrobe screams at me: “How strong can you be?” Instagram tells me that to be a successful doctor, eight hours of learning per day are a minimum and YouTube presents me all those “ten-thousand-activities-a-day” people. my mobile stares at me and Twitter wants me to tweet hashtags, and my fingers type a letter to my friend w...

Reading for Leisure

Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

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The last time I read for leisure was three or four days ago. I can’t remember the second to last time I opened a book for the pure sake of inhaling its scent, of imbibing the voices of people far removed from my life, of feeling the day’s stress leak into the pages. The book was My Sister’s Keeper—a powerful, devastating novel by Jodi Picoult. I had reread it a while ago, but hadn’t touched the book ever since. My Sister’s Keeper describes the complicated lives of s...

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