Who says we are unfaithful?

Posted no picture Tanya Singh , Teen Poet and Blogger

no picture Teen Poet and Blogger
Tanya Singh
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Who says we are unfaithful? Apprehensions. We had many. And so was the stranger of nights ridiculed, Someone said, it was not the way to start, And we argued happily on recourse, It became our meek recluse of the hidden dawn, Like the dance of the ill clinking of pans in the bathroom, Where our acrimonious polemic ensued, Blood bath was just an irony of the twilight, And when he shot his acquaintances, the same we did, In our metaphors describing the...

Not so different

Posted no picture Oviya

no picture Oviya
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Amidst screams of ‘mango’ and excessive sniffling due to chalk dust, I decided to sit down. I was volunteering at a local school for underprivileged children. The setting wasn’t conducive to learning. Situated on a narrow street leading uphill. On one side, there was a stream strewn with mounds of garbage. On the other, there were innumerable households tightly crammed together. There was constant commotion on the streets but within the kids quietly wrote in their notebooks a...

Money Management Tips For Students

Posted Avatar Kolapo Imam , Writer and Social Media Strategist

Avatar Writer and Social Media Strategist
Kolapo Imam
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As an average college student, you may not have all the money you need to go by. Your main income may be the little pocket money you get from your parents or the little money you make from the part time work you do. The only exception to this scenario is college students whose parents are extremely rich and they form much less than 2% of the total population of students. So it is vital that as a student, you learn to management your money wisely; if not, you will find yourself beco...

That moment of happiness

Posted Avatar Aditya Acharya , Environmentalist

Avatar Environmentalist
Aditya Acharya
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“Daai, paach rupya dinu na !” [Brother, please give me five rupees.] That little girl came asking for five rupees. I was watching people throwing garbage on the Seti river gorge from the K I Singh bridge, Pokhara. “What will you buy with the money?” I asked. “I will buy noodles.” she answered. “Is five rupees sufficient to buy noodles?” I asked again. She didn’t speak. ……………………………. . “What’s your name?” She answe...

In Pursuit of Wonder

Posted no picture Ramatu Jaji , Master's in International Development

no picture Master's in International Development
Ramatu Jaji
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Not many people where I come from can point to Cambodia on a map. In fact, only a handful had heard of this country when I told them that's where I was moving in July 2016. Hence, perplexed by my decision, I was often asked to explain why I chose to travel so far when I could stay right here at home in Nigeria, or in Paris, where I had spent the last year. "Why Cambodia of all places?" the inquirers pressed after I verbally mapped out the country for them. "...because that's where...

Being 'at the right time at the right place' to get a job!

Posted Avatar Melina (Ina) , Human.Being

Avatar Human.Being
Melina (Ina)
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"A college degree does not mean that you'll get a good job. And if you get a good job, you may not get to keep it." I believe many of us can relate to the quote above. It is a scary world out there and young people are going to have to find new ways on how to tackle the issue of 'getting a job' and 'keeping a job' because there is no one that will help us to do that. I'd like to share my experience with regards to this topic and I am sure many of you have similar stories. I am...

The Age Of Curation

Posted Avatar Thamara Kandabada

Avatar Thamara Kandabada
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I'm scrolling down my Facebook News Feed. I have 1,566 friends on Facebook (most of whom I should ideally unfriend), so why do I see the same faces everyday? Are the others not as active? Or is there something else at play? Do you ever wonder the same? A TEDx talk I listened to in 2015 began like this: "What if I told you, that the world we live in, is something that is constructed for us, not something that is constructed by us." While the speaker set the stage for a much...

What I've learned so far...

Posted Avatar crisantaicm

Avatar crisantaicm
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2016 wasn’t the best year of my life but wasn’t the worst neither. 2016 was the year I learned so much and grew as a person, spiritually and emotionally. I learned things about myself but I know I still have so much to learn and discover to be the best version of myself I can be. We lose ourselves to find ourselves again, and grow as individuals and be better and better human beings. I’ve learned that you need to be true with yourself about how you are, what you want, WHO...

Different Cultures. One community.

Posted Avatar Alexandra Muntean , Student

Avatar Student
Alexandra Muntean
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70 years ago, a group of people had an amazing idea and were not afraid to say it out aloud, no matter the consequences. These people were UNESCO’s founders. They made the following conclusion: If ignorance of each other’s ways and lives gives birth to mistrust and misunderstanding between nations, accomplishing peace calls for mutual knowledge of cultures to be strengthened, in order to promote a better understanding of each other. This is the only way strong enough to off...

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