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Sweet delight is youth,when time heals and doesn’t rob yet,flames of verve burncoloring the irises,storms of rebellionand thirst for changeagitate the heart.There’s power in youth,the power to claim the future,to stare boldly at the sunand promise to one day watch it rise from Mars.But for now, stare at the moon, don’t rush, love and weep tenderlyunder its soothing glow.With eyes that see no boundaries and crush the horizon, young is bright and hopeful.Young holds promises never broken, forev...

Adelaide or the girl living from memories

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This is a story of a brave girl.That brave girl is named Aldelaide. Adelaide was finding inspiration in everything, from small things such as the change of the direction of the wind, to the beautiful things she sees every day. She loves to explore, and to make the most of her time worth her thoughts. In her exploration she met a lot of Memories that made her feel safe, she thought she will never lose herself. She actually met so many Memories she knew every bright corner of The Mind. Until one d...

The Desperate Walk To Basics in Mhondoro

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71km away from Harare in Mashonaland West, lies a communal location known as Mhondoro Chivero. It is a community of plots, 7, where people were resettled. Of particular mention will be Beersheba, which has approximately 72 families of 6-8 people per household. The desperate walk to the nearest water source is 2.8km and the people who fetch water are teenage girls. If the family is well up, and they have cattle, they draw up a cart and fetch water for the whole week. If they do not have a cart,...


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She allowed me to live in Nigeria. There I visited a local marketplace and tried some “gray watery Semolina”. She showed me I was not alone in wanting to stay true to my Chinese culture, despite being in America. She from the Phillipines fueled me to argue for legal recognition for climate refugees. She from Mongolia told me to hold my head up high for my future self awaits. She of Kenya revealed to me the realms of ecotourism. She from another land showed me how you can be both a muslim and a...


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I’m sitting before my laptop thinking of the words to weave into a perfect recap of the last three months. The words fail me, but the feelings do not. I will let the feelings speak for themselves. I will write of renewed emotions and life since finding my voice.In the beginning was the shock― the shock of a congratulatory message after a hastily submitted application. Something I wrote got me a chance to be a Voices of Youth blogger with UNICEF. Could it be? I resolved to believe when I got yet...

5 Reasons I Love Mexico

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When you hear the word Mexico, what’s the first word that pops up in your mind? If you searched the word Mexico on the internet right now, several headlines will probably mention the words ‘violence’, ‘insecure’ and ‘dangerous’; and although violence in Mexico is a crucial topic, sometimes it makes us forget about other characteristics of the country. I am not saying that we shouldn’t pay attention to this problem, but rather show the other side of Mexico that is not commonly discussed- The nat...


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If you’re anything like me, you’re devilishly good-looking, charming, humorous, confident without being cocky and most importantly humble.Just kidding, I’m lazy and mostly useless :) I often feel as though I have no time in my day. I rush around everywhere, sacrificing things that would take thirty seconds because in my head I’ve got something more important to do. This is generally followed by me wasting my life on YouTube. I’ll start by clicking on a music video and an hour later BAM, there I...

11 Ways to Live Your Life

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Through the Voices of Youth Blogging Internship I had the opportunity to work with 11 amazing young people from around the globe, passionate about making a positive difference in our world through writing. For me these past 3 months were incredible - I learned more about other cultures and perspectives, formed relationships with wonderful individuals, watched people grow personally and professionally, and most importantly, learned life-long lessons. I am grateful to each and every blogger for r...

Dear Future Leaders

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This piece belongs to a three-part series written by Kelepi Baba, Monica Angulo, and Leah Davidson.Dear future leaders,With your hungry and malleable minds, you have so much to offer the world.As a generation, you are well connected geographically through train, boat, and plane and can maintain friendships across cultures, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. You also know how to leverage technology to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, from a low-cost solar tracker power...

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