Rise Up and Raise Up

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International Relations Students
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What if, rather than a minority, you saw a person? We have lived in a small town for most of our lives. However, despite our lack of exposure to diversity, we’ve been properly exposed to discrimination. Between the derogatory slurs amongst many teens and the stubborn mindset of the many adults, we’ve come to know what it means to discriminate. Race, gender, disability, age, financial status, etc. all play a part in the way one is viewed and the respect they earn.Everywhere around us, people are...

My body is not your bed

Posted no picture KomalSamrow

no picture KomalSamrow
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need I remind youthat my heart is still beatingthat my brain is still workingthat I am very much livingbecause last time I checkedI'm not an empty body for you to play withnor a doll to abuse without consequencebut I am a girlraised in place where I mustn't dare speak upfor all the "me too's" in the world are countered by"whores!" and "slut!"I suppose speaking means that there's something wrong in our makeupsome wiring malfunction in our machinerybut tell meif you need to hold down your loverand...

Happiness is also...

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Be happy.Be happy.Be happy.This sentence is not only repeated day after day by the voices in our head but also by the people around us. Happy.What is happy? Are we even happy?People put so much faith into that little word and use it with so much enthusiasm, yet do they know what it really means? Do they have the slightest idea? Maybe, I don't know. What I do know, is what happiness means to me. Happiness is the feeling you get when you look at the horizon of the sea or into the depth of the gala...

I am Kehinde Odanye, an African with special interests in quality education and international development.With so many tasks to be done or attended to, volunteering can be very difficult as there's little or no time to act outside our daily routine. However, the benefits of being a volunteer is unlimited. While we do know some advantages of helping others, there are some that not everyone knows.1. Become more responsible. Volunteering is one way to contribute towards community development and so...

A passionate Call to Action from global youth

Posted Avatar Agnes Vinblad , G7 Youth Delegate - EU Delegation, Intern at UN Academic Impact

Avatar G7 Youth Delegate - EU Delegation, Intern at UN Academic Impact
Agnes Vinblad
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The world of political decision-making often come across as elitist and excluding; trying to enter this arena as a young person still remains a daunting task. Despite it being 2018, we should have come further in creating an inclusive definition of political processes. The guiding principles for a democratic political process should be inclusion, representation, and equality, which is why The Youth 7 (Y7) Summit is so important; it fills a crucial void in the world of global politics by bringing...

Act Locally Think Globally

Posted no picture Tate , Canon City Highschool

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The Health of the Globe. When we started learning about the United Nations we were introduced to the global goals and were tasked with a project to think globally and act locally. The global goal we chose to focus on was Goal 3, world health.I (Tate) have wanted to go into the medical field since I was young. Every day people die from things that are preventable, if given the time, the will and resources. Diseases, like heart disease and stroke, both among the major causes of death around the g...


Posted Avatar Wr. Kavyu

Avatar Wr. Kavyu
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“Hey who’s free for the weekend,” or “we could hang out sometime” are some of the catchy flips most of us get from friends, classmates, acquaintances, family, neighbors and strangely, strangers. But the latter phrase would cause some heated debate given the fact that saying "hi" and engaging in a series of texts is the current norm of making a friend. I mean, nowadays we are more focused on screen-based mingling and the wrong methods of having fun to the point of losing our cultural respect and...

Job City

Posted no picture Matthew Logan

no picture Matthew Logan
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My classmates and I were able to provide employment opportunities to high school students in Cañon City, Colorado. Part of our mission for our UN project was to act locally and bring beneficial change to our community regarding a certain issue; that issue being Economic Stability. Thus, we began working closely with our school’s administration and businesses in Cañon City to help set up and run a job fair at our high school that would provide numerous internships for high school students. Over t...

The formation of a world saver

Posted no picture ZHL The birdsaver , Student

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ZHL The birdsaver
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Hi there,Below are my thoughts on a video by the United Nations about plastic pollution in our ocean.To be honest with you, I was about to vomit. Watching those poor seabirds’ dying from eating plastic by accident was the most horrible scene I’ve ever seen in my life. To prevent this from happening and to stop our planet’s destruction we must be aware of the importance of plastic pollution and take action! We have to protect our planet TOGETHER in order to survive. Nowadays, more than 73% of fis...

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