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Azka zulfiqar
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Something we all need to realize...Almost everyone I meet in life, including me, always seems to be self-righteous. I mean, even if we own some bad qualities, which we all surely do, we always appear to hold onto the moral high ground.For instance, if I were to have a disagreement with a person, and then share about my conversation to another, I would present my case as the best possible choice that could have been made, directing the discourse in a way that my audience would also tend to sympat...

I strive

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“I strive” I strive to find the meaning of life: Duty, prosperity, desire, enlightenment?I strive to embody my true inner self and soul,Understanding that truth is like the essence of the universe.I desire to walk without any blundersBut I tend to fall between cracks frequently.I desire to talk with no faltersBut I am cautious like a prey concealed from a beastI desire to soar like a bird,But I feel forced to gravitate back to earth.Day after day, sun’s rays reach out to meFueling me...

Oh wise man - A poem

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Oh ‘Wise’ ManOh wise man, that is who you are right?The wise men, the conquerors of land, ocean, air and spaceThe wise men, the inventors of the wheel, the light bulb, the telephoneOh the wise men, the reasons behind the world war and the constant conflictsThe wise men, the cause of animal extinction and climate changeThe wise men, the dominators of all life on EarthHear me, oh wise man, oh almighty wise manDid you forget about me? Are you heedless of my cries, or just oblivious?Why is the water...

Is sex education necessary in school?

Posted no picture Stephanie Tancuan , student

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Stephanie Tancuan
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Sex education helps people gain knowledge, information, and skills to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. Sex education is very important because it gives tips and lessons to young adults for them to be aware about sexually transmitted infections, health risks of early pregnancy and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies.Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are a growing health concern among adolescents. One of the most common STI's in adolescents is Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)....

Are you someone to be admired?

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Kainat ali
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We often hear such phrases like "What is wrong with the world?" or "Where are we heading with such cruelty?" When we hear about such drastic news every day, why don’t we take a moment to think that we a part of the same world? Why don’t we ask ourselves what are we doing wrong? Instead of putting all of the blame on the world and getting ourselves steer clear of responsibility. When we hear about a girl or boy being bullied to death, how often do we stop to think how we hurt others with our word...

Do souls have gender?

Posted no picture Kainat ali , Entrepreneur

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Kainat ali
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I was talking to my friend a few days back about gender discrimination and a question popped into my mind- do souls have genders? I stopped for a moment not knowing what to think. As human beings, how negligent we are about certain things. Everywhere I see there are conflicts going on; if women are better than men and vice versa. Why don’t we take a moment and think that we are all just spirits, we are all energies? Our bodies are just physical appearances. When we have the same spirits and same...

Why it's important to take mental health days

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There was a time where most people used to feel uncomfortable when they heard the term "mental health" or "mental illness", but in recent years we are managing to break though that stigma. However, we unfortunately have not yet broken that very stigma completely. 6 -7 years back, I had no idea what mental health was. Like most people in my country, if someone said mental health, I would immediately picture mental hospitals and terminally ill dangerous patients. I am not proud of it, but I am gl...

Who I am and who I am ashamed to be

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Somebody once told me that the way I was born was going to be the way I would be treated for the rest of my life. I was born as a South Asian Muslim female, but I've never felt as if I could identify as one. Even at a young age, there was this hidden fear that I was always going to be seen as something foreign in the eyes of everyone else. This encouraged me to change myself.When people would ask me where I was from, I would tell them my parents were South Asian, but I was born in America. This...

A difference

Posted Avatar Soulfully, A Butterfly , Psychology Student, Mental Health Activist, International Youth Representative

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Soulfully, A Butterfly
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Sometimes, I think,I’ve lived too long.Seen a thousand ships sink,But then one floats along.Days pass by,Without any hope.But then comes a tie,Which leads me to cope.Youth has no age,My experience echos.And so I turn a new page,Living everyday,To make a difference.A Poem In Dedication/Awareness Towards World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), 2018 and Suicide Prevention Awareness Week (10-15 September 2018) Project Semicolon is a global project raising mental health awareness.As an author uses a sem...

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