It is okay to be unsure of yourself

Posted no picture Sai Pradeep

no picture Sai Pradeep
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Most people are in the same boat. They don't know why they exist and there is nothing wrong with it. It is okay to not be clear on what your purpose in life is. It is okay to be unsure of yourself. But I believe taking no action towards discovering your purpose is not okay. Discovering your purpose isn’t something that magically occurs. It requires that you act on finding it. And you know that life is not about living out a predefined existence. There is more to life than going to college, study...

All is one, one is all

Posted no picture Gilbert Zico Cabral

no picture Gilbert Zico Cabral
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I would like to share the message, to all humans worldwide, that balancing your life is the backbone of our civilisation. I'm going to tell you about the way I look at the world and how it helps me to maintain the right balance.Humanity.Family.Business and Work.Friends.Entertainment.The above words are the areas in my life that I try to balance. HUMANITY: Everyone has a contribution towards our human lives whether its through a scientific or religious approach.FAMILY: We all are family. Some are...

Treacherous beauty

Posted Avatar Yifei , Student

Avatar Student
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As I look out the window of the local coffee shop, the rain began. It began drop by drop, then all at once. As the pellets hit the concrete, two words formed on my tongue: treacherous beauty. Just like your first breakup, when he says "I love you" one last time as the understatement of a goodbye. Just like the time when you shed one last tear, after reading the sad, tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet. It was treacherous, but beautiful. It gave us something, a new beginning, a new understanding.Th...

Children in wars

Posted no picture Eslem , Tunisian medical student

no picture Tunisian medical student
Member since August 19, 2018
  • 1 Post of the most violent actions in the world. With all the destruction, pain and terror it causes. With all the real meanings of the word. War is a decision taken by grownups, but who really pays the price? Children...those little angels are supposed to live a fully happy childhood. They should play and study and have a family and nothing to worry about. In other countries children sleep on explosion and alarm sounds. They wake up to find they lost everything. Many say a child becomes an a...

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Posted Avatar Zeinab

Avatar Zeinab
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Our successes start off with a dream, and it's up to you whether you have the courage to pursue this dream. Everyone has a goal in life they want to achieve. However, a lot of people are afraid of failing which can lead to loss of hope... and the dream fades away. I'm here to tell you that failing isn't the end. Failing leads to growth, and growth leads to knowledge. Combine these aspects together, and endless opportunities await.If you have a dream you want to make come true, you have to expect...

Be a failure

Posted no picture aparna mp , +1 biology science student

no picture +1 biology science student
aparna mp
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Mostly we all know how to manage success. However, most of us don't know how to manage failures. FAILURES! We can approach this word in two ways. First, you can throw all your confidence in to the failure box and bury it in darkness. The second approach is to grow and face your failure!The first way is very simple. Its even possible to achieve when we do nothing towards that failure. But the second way is hard. Really hard for most of us. Why don't we consider failure as part of our success? The...

The universal force is worth finding within

Posted Avatar Medha Basu , Lead - Communications | Consultivo

Avatar Lead - Communications | Consultivo
Medha Basu
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Society and its people complement each other. Apart from being only a mere social animal, all of us desire to develop our own unique identities. And to meet this desire, at first, we need to dare. Dare to break through the stereotypes and more.In the pursuit to create our identities, we all face unique hurdles. Some must fight against racial discrimination and others may fight against abuse and harassment. Some people are perhaps muddling through depression or sugarcoating imperfections. Many ar...

Youth in Pakistan

Posted no picture Maryem Rahim , Economic Development Analyst

no picture Economic Development Analyst
Maryem Rahim
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UNDP Pakistan launched its second National Human Development Report - unleashing the potential of a young Pakistan highlighting some significant statistics for youth development. Youth form 64% of Pakistan’s population with an equal split between male and female. Out of this cohort, 25% have received no education, 16% have completed primary education, 40% reached the secondary level, 9% have completed higher secondary and only 6% received higher education. Regarding employment, the report indi...

What depression has taught me?

Posted no picture Eva D Maçante

no picture Eva D Maçante
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Most of the time when I think of mental health disorders (more specifically depression and anxiety), I tend to shut down and go very brief and crude. Especially in the past year or so, I’ve put it in a box and labelled it as something soul crushing, destructive, draining, energy, life and joy sucking, crippling and paralysing (I am aware of the fact that I am also describing Dementors. These are creatures JK Rowling used as a metaphor for depression and she did such a brilliant job). I’ve learnt...

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