Response to: Letter from a broke student

Posted no picture Catalina Gomez , Sociology student

no picture Sociology student
Catalina Gomez
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Angelica, I really found your post very interesting. First of all, let me tell you that I am a Chilean as well and that I also think our education system is a total mess. It’s awful and unfair. I totally agree with you on that. However, while I understand you are facing a bad situation because of our debt, I do not agree with your criticism of the high prices you pay as an international student. I don’t know if you are aware, but Canadians finance their education through taxes, unlike us Chilean...

Keep the violence away, please!

Posted Avatar Alexandra , student

Avatar student
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Our progressive, multicultural and “open minded” – or however we want to refer to it - 21st century society witnesses everyday outbreaks of violence. Be it the ongoing war in certain parts of the world, like Syria, or incidents of domestic violence, or our inability of keeping our citizens safe, violence is everywhere around us, growing like a greedy monster which can’t be satisfied. But violence is no new enemy to human kind. And when we quietly let it root in our everyday lives, results can be...

I speak for people like me

Posted no picture Olla John IamBezaleel Oluwafemi

no picture Olla John IamBezaleel Oluwafemi
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I am a tree that grew up and survived among thorns of lack, want, poor education and lack of mentoring. Only a few survive all these challenges to see their lives stem strong enough to ward off all challenges. In fact, in my own case, less than 5% of us actually achieved our dream of forging ahead in our academics. That means about 95% are still in the village rotting away, living by the day without any hope of seeing the light.PLEASE HEAR MY VOICE THE RICH AND THE POWERFULThe lives of children...


Posted no picture Megi , Student

no picture Student
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A child is the most innocent creature on earth. It is that new hope and happiness represented to the world. I always wanted to do something to protect children’s rights and to give them the childhood that they deserve.What are we going to get if we raise our children with war and hate? What are we going to get if we don't give every single child the love, joy and the hope they need to become someone who can make this world a better place to live in? I am telling you what we will face: more anger...

It Matters, After All

Posted no picture Lenratha So , Cambodia ASEAN International Institute

no picture Cambodia ASEAN International Institute
Lenratha So
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I, as a sophomore in high school, was selected to be a leader of a reading community which is called "Read2Volunteer4Nature" organized by Scholar Library in Cambodia. For practically two hours a day, seven days a week, I was rewarded with this significant opportunity— one that offers guidance and stimulation to others. Affirmatively, I conceded that I was the indicator, the leader. Little did I know myself, I’ve always been curious, “Leaders are supposed to lead.” I thought ruminatively to mysel...

Contemplations of a World on the Brink

Posted Avatar Robert Lopez-Irizarry

Avatar Robert Lopez-Irizarry
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It seems recently all that has absorbed the news have been stories of how close our world is to ending civilization. Whether it be the North Korea issue where former CIA Director Leon Panetta referred to the situation as the “most serious crisis...since Cuban Missile crisis”; Elon Musk recently tweeted out that Artificial Intelligence is a greater threat than North Korea. If you add in the possible more long term issues of Climate Change, Overpopulation, Desertification, or even the rise of Anti...

Overcome Inertia and Take a Step for Peace

Posted Avatar Lawal Rafiu Adeniran , National Coordinator

Avatar National Coordinator
Lawal Rafiu Adeniran
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Since the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250, a global policy framework which identified and recognised the several works implemented by youth across the globe in achieving sustainable peace and development, the UN has once again backed and emphasized the important role of young people in preventing violence and promoting peace by dedicating 2017 international youth day to Youth Building Peace.As youth gathered all over the world to commemorate this Day, reflecting o...


Posted Avatar Dlovan M Abdullah

Avatar Dlovan M Abdullah
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I was on my way back from a phone company since I have lost my Sim card and I hoped, I could get it back. The temperature was extremely hot, about 46 Celsius degrees. I was starving and the only thing I was thinking of were the homeless, unemployed people and how they could manage to survive this weather.I decided to reach a restaurant as soon as possible. Looking around for a place, I saw KFC on the way so I went through the drive thru. I got a family meal and on the way, I was searching for pe...

Hush Money and Child Abuse

Posted no picture Zoha Malik Sher , Student

no picture Student
Zoha Malik Sher
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The terrified face, shattered clothes, hair unevenly shaved unfolded a story of violence, of a blossoming flower that had the capability to conquer all her dreams. She was born in a poor family, that had to build their home after every monsoon rain, a family that was thankful even after getting food once in a day, a home that knew nothing of the world’s glamour and whose only struggle was to keep themselves alive. She was only five when her parents got her ready for a job, and her timid tiny sho...

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