In the so-called democracy the rule of law is the most efficient tool to battle the menace of corruption and to get back at political enemies. Former president Olusegun Obasanjo used this same tool to uncover the dirty pasts of his enemies even though that was a wrong way to govern a nation. In the past few weeks Nigerians have been sending messages to the president-elect on advising in their own best knowledge how he should rule the country for the next four years, in the same v...

An Unbalanced Scale

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no picture chloemills
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The blanket on one side has Eiffel towers and pink poodles. On the flip side, there is a pattern of chopsticks and dumplings. A baby blanket that represents a clash between two cultures. Since I was adopted from China at three and a half years old, my childhood has been multicultural. Diversity best exemplified in meals from tofu on the wok to Buche de Noel during the holidays. In elementary school, my classmates were shocked that my biological parents would have in “abandoned”...

Never Give Up On Nigeria

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The successful rancour between the transition committee of the president-elect and the outgoing president is taking a heavy toll on the innocent poor citizens of the country. It is sad to imagine that a supposed utopia could not be achieved, we had to settle for the worst. Nigerians must wait and endure patiently this week and next coming one, my fear is that the transition will not take two weeks it will not even take a month, or a year, but the change will come gradually. The...

This years climate conference in Paris might be the last chance to limit gobal warming to 2 degrees. Climate change affects everone, but very differntly across countries. Read how 11 young people from around the world experience climate change and what you can do about it. The Philippines is facing many impacts of climate change. I have talked to fisherfolks saying they now have a hard time catching fish due to warmer waters and to farmers saying their crops have been dama...

Read the minutes from any recent environmental conference across the African continent, and a pattern will begin to emerge. African heads of state and environmental ministers -- as well as their Western interventionist counterparts -- will note how Africa, a low carbon emissions producer, is almost entirely an innocent bystander in global warming. Following this accepted truth, though, the continent’s decision-makers make it their excuse for refusing to consider climate chang...

Bababa Ba?

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“Bababa ba? [Going down?]” asked the elevator boy as I entered. The question was quite unnecessary since we were on the top floor of the building, but I answered yes anyways. As the doors slid shut, I felt a small tremor within the steel room. The familiar sensation of dread gently bloomed within my stomach. Suddenly, my mind was skidding and memories came crashing in. Images popped up: my report card, the trash bins that I was supposed to empty, the white bench near the libr...


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We, the people of the world, always dream about living in a world where all of us can be equal. But we don't have to wait for that dream to come true. We are the only ones who can make it real. So why put this dream aside? Many say it's on young people to change the world. It can be an encouragement and a burden at the same time. It sounds a little bit like we, the young people, are the ones putting aside the dream of the entire world.Is it actually so? Are we not taking action...

Inspire! With Leyla Carter: Dance Like Everybody is Watching

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This week, I interviewed Leyla Carter, a dance and social entrepreneur determined to inspire change. Based in the UK, she combines her love of dance and passion for teenage emotional wellbeing in a refreshing and unique way. Read on to discover how at 24 years old, she has pioneered her own business by creating practicalities out of her ideals. Meet Leyla Carter, founder of The Motivation Project. Tell me about the Motivation Project, what’s the aim? The Motivation Pro...

How a Cleanup Exercise Ended in Tears

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Life is unpredictable. Such a cliché sentence. But as poetically clichéd as it may be, I have never felt it more than I did on Sunday, when a cleanup campaign ended with me being brought to tears. Let’s start with Sunday’s cleanup. When Guyana’s newly elected President, David Granger, was sworn in, he made a call for citizens to become more actively involved in cleaning their environment. All across the capital city of Georgetown, the response was overwhelming. With...

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