Even the Strongest Person Needs Support

Published no picture Jay Yvonne

no picture Jay Yvonne
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A few weeks ago my mother called me. She called me crying hysterically and though this happens a few times a year, this time felt slightly different. I was on the bus on the way home from visiting my family out of town when I received the call, and honestly, my heart dropped almost immediately. Many of us have received a similar phone call from a loved one who was upset or distraught about something and needed someone to talk to. But this is a little different and it’s differen...

The Necessity of Individuality

Published no picture Jasmine

no picture Jasmine
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I may not be a psychological expert, but I think it’s safe to say that every one of us has reached a point in our lives wherein we question our personality and the way we act, always wary of the societal pressures that envelope our world. Although in our heads we know we shouldn’t care about what other people think of us, there is always an inkling of doubt that seems to have settled in our hearts, never allowing us to be fully confident in our own skin. Or so we thought....

"Young" Indicates My Age, Not my Character

Published no picture Andri P. , High School Student

no picture High School Student
Andri P.
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One day before a Greek composition test. Actually, it’s less than a day. But it doesn’t matter. I have time ahead. The question is, do I want to learn? I mean, the new generation is irresponsible, self-destructive and spasmodic, right? At least that’s what the Modern Greek O’level Composition book states… But let’s, for once, not be emotionally driven (Another characteristic of the new generation) and state the facts as said in the book, translated from Greek: Neg...

The Walk

Published no picture Mike Ekim

no picture Mike Ekim
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I walked onto a path that I had heard made people mad, with all its ups and downs it made most men sad. The path chosen was not so soft for it had been tread on not oft, with all its this-and-that it still got man stuck. All along the walk I remembered one of life's lessons before saying this-or-that you gotta learn to walk your talk......silently I walked on almost tiring but never giving up, chilly was the wind that blew but stronger was the will to see myself through...somew...


Published no picture Giftedminds Writers

no picture Giftedminds Writers
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2-3-4 234 is not just a number, It is the voice of the helpless children. 234 is not a mere number, It is a forceful seizure of the future queens. 234 is at all not numbering, It is the very period tears flood the eyes of every mother. 234 is not all about the number, It is the number of human lives lying in the hands of the devourers. 234 is the period in history of Nigeria when bloodshed of the masses is no longer enough to make history, It is but th...

No Gay Okay in Russia

Published no picture Gigi Manukyan , CLU Student

no picture CLU Student
Gigi Manukyan
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Imagine heterosexuality was a crime. Imagine marriage between a man and a woman was illegal. Imagine a heterosexual couple being beaten and taken to jail for a brief peck on the lips. Now, imagine being gay in Russia, where all of these hypothetical scenarios actually affect the gay community. The LGBT community of Russia is forced to be silenced and marginalized by the Putin legislation. Since 2013, Putin has been passing legislation to make being in gay in Russia extremely di...


Published Avatar Liv Brako-Hiapah , Student/ Blogger

Avatar Student/ Blogger
Liv Brako-Hiapah
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Transparency. Are young people really changing anything? This is a question I frequently ask myself. I’ve lived in 2 countries and there is a different meaning to what being rich means in each of them. Not to point any fingers but in one of these countries, ‘rich’ children fail to work hard because everything has been handed to them. They don’t have to pass exams or work yet they have cars and some even have their own houses at 18. Parents support this and even bribe...

When Peoples Come Together

Published no picture freemind , Secondary high school student

no picture Secondary high school student
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Mankind moves. It's been like this since the dawning of time. In the modern society in which we live, human migration is still a vivid reality. In this unsteady historic moment, migration has come to take multiple and varied forms. For decades now, modern cities have been developing in an unusual way: people from every country in the world have gathered in the same towns, and the clash between cultures sometimes seems inevitable. But what are the various ways in which culture...

Faith, Not Religion

Published no picture Lam Ngô

no picture Lam Ngô
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Saying you believe in God is a no-no right now. Believe me, I made a social experiment out of it. Reactions range from amused condescension “That's sweet" to blatant distaste “Why would you do that to yourself?” But you know what? I was raised by a Buddhist and a Christian, in a Protestant neighbourhood with a mosque four blocks down. And even if I don't fully agree with the idea of religion, I do hold the concept of faith in high regard. My God is not Jesus, or Buddha,...

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