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5 Questions with 15-year-old science champ Kpakpando Akaeze

Meet Kpakpando Akaeze, a 15 year-old high school student from Lagos, Nigeria. You may have heard of her when news spread around the world about a group of girls from Nigeria who designed a urine powered generator. Kpakpando's hobbies include traveling and conducting experiments. In January 2015, she...

Education in Pakistan

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I believe in the youngest Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s words, "I speak not for myself but for those without voice...those who have fought for their rights...their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.” The tragic Peshawar attack that took place on December 16, 2014 permanently changed the lives of hundreds of parents and thousands of people in Pakistan. Now, do you think m...

Q&A with 16-year-old filmmaker from Albania

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Greis Osmani is a 16-year-old girl from Albania, and recently took part in a One Minutes Jr. workshop in her country. She created a thought-provoking video about youth culture, poverty, and how we all fit into that. We asked her a couple of questions about the video: What is your video about? My video is about the life of a poor girl. She collects rubbish every day to survive in this world. One day she sees some teens taking pictures laughing having a good time meanwhile...

2015, A Year Of Global Action!

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As a matter of urgency, there are lots of irregularities which need to be addressed as viewed from a global perspective. There has been failure in governance in many countries due to the negligence of our leaders. Incompetence in leadership could be attributed to insensitivity of those called to serve. Talk is cheap, action makes more rational sense. This is the reason an international, non-partisan, non-profit, advocacy and campaigning organisation that fights extreme pove...

Smoking Among Doctors: Do As I Say; Not As I Do!

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According to Global Burden of Disease 2010, tobacco smoking is the 3rd ranked risk factor contributing to global DALYs (disability-adjusted life year) after dietary risks and high blood pressure and attributes major risk for cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer. Tobacco has been considered as a great man-made catastrophe which leads to thousands of avoidable deaths each year. Doctors play crucial roles in tobacco control initiatives e.g. role models to t...

BIRTH CONTROL: China’s One Child Policy

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Today my attention has been tied to the one child policy in CHINA. As I read one article after another, I can barely believe my eyes and what I am reading. It occurs to me that all the purpose of creation has been stripped off and human dignity has been swept away quicker than I have cared to imagine. The one child policy is a policy whereby each couple is allowed to have only one child. Failure to abide by this, one is heavily fined and for those who cannot afford it they may be...

Fix Society - Transgender People and HIV/AIDs

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5:30 PM on December 28th 2014, a scheduled post hit tumblr saying “Either I live the rest of my life as a lonely man who wishes he were a woman or I live my life as a lonelier woman who hates herself.” The owner of the blog and writer of the post, Leelah Alcorn, chose neither and killed herself by vehicular impact. She jumped in front of a semi-trailer just before 2:30 AM. Her mother soon went on CNN explaining that she loved her “son”. May I take a moment to point o...

Let's take a stand against unethical businesses

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If you found out that a brand you love, or a company you buy from all the time, is guilty of child labour or pollution, what would you do? That's the question we asked a group of young people on Voices of Youth, in collaboration with the Guardian Sustainable Business to find out what young people think about responsibility and sustainability in today’s business world. The eight best contributions have been selected by the Guardian and published on their website. You can che...

It seems that 2015 will be a crucial year for the world. This year two UN events will take place. The first one will be in September in New York, where world leaders, after the "Millennium Development Goals" (which were put in 2000), will put a new set of goals, the "Sustainable Development Goals", which will include the end of poverty, inequality and environmental destruction. The second will be in December in Paris, where world leaders will make an agreement about finding ways...

My Voices of Youth blogging internship

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A major highlight of the year 2014 was definitely my VOY internship. I remember a friend making a resolution to blog every single day of the year-aside his fulltime job-and I just could not imagine how he would keep up. Months after, I was selected for the VOY blogging internship and had to blog weekly. Needless to say, I found a way to do it. I have taken some time to reflect over the objectives of the internship and I realise how much I have learnt in such a short time. Under...

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