Migratory birds

Posted no picture Mahi , UN agency

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Once upon a time there was a country with happy days and no fear, people lived there in freedom and they had lots of pride and joy. There was no terror to be scared of, or fear of losing one’s life; the days were full of sunshine and nights were delightful. Everywhere was overfilled with love and unity, but an unexpected war and calamity desolated everything. That country was me, yes me, Afghanistan. That’s how migration began and tons of people left me and are still leaving...

Why are children being taught to catcall from a young age?

Posted Avatar Silvia Mawarni , College student, blogger

Avatar College student, blogger
Silvia Mawarni
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It is 2017 as I’m writing this and yet I think many people still have the misconception of what catcalling is. Catcalling is never flattering despite the ‘compliments’ that come with it. The catcaller’s intention could be playful, but other catcallers might really mean to physically hurt the victim. I’m 18 years old now and I can’t remember the first time I was catcalled because it was a really long time ago, probably in my elementary school years. But there’s no do...

You too can change lives and make a difference

Posted no picture Adeyinka , Mr

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It was so disheartened when the news of a boy tagged a “witch” broke out in the eastern part of Nigeria. He was starving and riddled with worms after being dumped out by his family for eight months. Everyone across the world who saw the post on social media wanted to help, and thanks to the team that helped this young child out of hunger and suffering. Through the internet we have found countless number of children suffering and uneducated, and this has made lots of individua...

Women are not objects

Posted no picture Sambridhi Pandey

no picture Sambridhi Pandey
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I cannot begin to rant about sexism and the cynical view of women, the silly Dos and Don’ts. If I were some magician, I'd make the world less inclined towards over-rated beauty and its insignificant significance above one's beautiful mind and character. It is a wretched fact that women are more objectified than presented in different ways…Yes its always her pretty face, her oh so appealing gracious body...her sweet smile…her long hair and her bright eyes that make hearts skip...

Society's Ideas

Posted no picture crisantaicm

no picture crisantaicm
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Who were you until society turned you into something you are not? When we are young we see the world and everything different, we don’t understand society and society’s concepts and ideas, we see everything with a positive eye, in a positive way. We don’t know that society limits you because you are different. We don’t understand that society demands you to be or act a certain way to be accepted, that you have to be skinny, to cover your imperfection, not let people see y...

Lessons I hardly gained during my first year of “Startuping”

Posted Avatar Ghalia M. Turki , Entrepreneur, Leader & Changemaker

Avatar Entrepreneur, Leader & Changemaker
Ghalia M. Turki
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Entrepreneurship is much easier said than done, they say. Well, you will never believe it until your little baby is at least one year old. Your whole journey begins with an idea in an unexpected inspiring moment, with enough craziness to step forward. Most of us take the very first step without the adequate planning, skills, and knowledge to succeed; but a few of us do. So, I started my startup at the end of 2015, while my idea was nothing but a fetus. Actually, the idea came to...

A Hopeful Vision: Challenges for the 21st Century

Posted Avatar Francisco Galan Tames

Avatar Francisco Galan Tames
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On May 13, 2012, the dismembered bodies of 49 innocents were dumped by a roadside near one of the largest cities in Mexico. The victims were found inside plastic bags with their heads, hands and feet chopped off, making it impossible for authorities to identify them. It is speculated that the massacre was the result of a dispute between drug cartels. The crime has horrified Mexico and quickly drew international attention. I was aghast when I learned about the killings. In Mexico,...

Mental Illness = NOT a Joke

Posted no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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I am going to start this post very directly by saying that "Mental Illness is not something to joke about". Mental Illness affects many people daily and there is absolutely no humor in it. It's not funny at all to throw insensitive jokes around and hurt people in so many ways. It is not funny either to reject people suffering from mental illness. Everyone can have mental issues, whether it is chronic stress/depression or complex things like bipolar disorder. I don't know if you h...

To self-reflectors aka trouble-makers!

Posted no picture Idil Kına , Medical Student

no picture Medical Student
Idil Kına
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If there is one thing more frustrating about gender inequality other than inequality itself, It is to make others understand the existence of gender inequality in our lives. Most people or organizations are familiar with the concept; but no one sees how they contribute to it. Because It is so embedded in our cultures we don't see it as gender inequality. And in this situation a person like me, someone who is aware of the inequalities in her life and draws attention to them, is ofte...

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