Perfect is just a word

Posted no picture Artjola , Student

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When you find out perfect is just a word You'll learn to live You'll learn to love When you find out perfect doesn't exist You'll learn to appriciate the little things The little weight you've gained The little spots on your cheeks When you find out what beautiful means Then for sure you'll know what perfect is

The amaizing you

Posted no picture Artjola , Student

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Be you. Be the amazing you. No matter what you have to go through in life, no matter what people say, what they think you should change about yourself, no matter what you have to overcome, do it the way you do it. There is nothing as courageous as staying true to yourself while you deal with life. There is nothing as precious as believing in yourself and reaching your goals and still managing to be yourself throughout it all. Let you be different, because being different make...

The Balcony

Posted Avatar Kashish K , Student majoring in Political Science and English Literature

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Kashish K
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I like sitting on an old dusty chair. Dragging it all the way outside to the balcony. 4th floor. I am sitting on that chair and looking around. Dusk time. The crickets have started chirping and the chirping of the birds faded some moments ago. The distant sounds of the temple bells echo and woman decked up in ornaments and sarees offer flowers and sweets. To that God. That God who owns the world, the universe. Whom you’ve caged in a place with four walls. I see ladies behin...

Save the "Man" Kind!

Posted no picture Kanika Malik

no picture Kanika Malik
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As I walked through the busy streets of Mumbai, my eyes rested upon a lady across the street. She must have been in her mid-40s, elegantly dressed up with an expensive looking bag in her hand. She wasn’t alone, she had a full group of her counterparts with her. She had been constantly staring at me without even blinking. Then she said something to her group of richly-clad friends and they all stared down at me with furious looks on their faces, while I was left to wonder what I c...

Cairo Life

Posted Avatar Lorenzo Gontijo , Brazilian, International Relations student, traveler and storyteller

Avatar Brazilian, International Relations student, traveler and storyteller
Lorenzo Gontijo
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Cairo... either you love it or you hate it. For some it's an ugly city. Yes, it really is an old, dirty and very polluted city. Politics are a mess, sometimes I am even afraid of talking about it. There is social inequality everywhere. The traffic is mad. And when I say it's mad, it is really crazy! You, who live in a "first world" country, please don't come with comparisons with your city, however big it may be. The competition is fierce, the flow of people is chaotic... Ins...

Responsibility: An Essential Ingredient for Success

Posted Avatar Sreymom Oy , MSc in Community Nutrition

Avatar MSc in Community Nutrition
Sreymom Oy
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After I was done with my grad school and have had some experiences in field data collection, I have decided to be a researcher and a lecturer. Going to the fields, walking around in the villages, talking to the local authorities and of course to our beneficiaries, it has been so lovely for me. Those beautiful and meaningful experiences have been shared in class to my students. With all those memories, ideas, hopes and dreams, I have lived wholeheartedly. It has been fortunate t...

Everybody's a Little Bit Racist

Posted Avatar nikki , student

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He put his fingers to the corners of his eyes and pulled to make it look like he was squinting. “Come on,” he says when I don’t laugh. “Nikki, come on. It’s just a joke. Why is it bothering you so much? Everybody’s a little bit racist." Everybody’s a little bit racist. The words are flashing in my mind and burning holes, singeing every inch of my skin, and here he is, telling me that I’m supposed to be okay with this. I’m supposed to be okay with his joke an...

The perks of being ME

Posted no picture Ayesha Zeb Dar , Kemcolian

no picture Kemcolian
Ayesha Zeb Dar
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I am me. This is all I have got. I know my talents and I know my weaknesses. I know how my brain works and how my heart yearns. I know when to let my mind take over and when it's time for my passions to drive me. I do not waste my talents. I utilize them. I am young and I know that I can get things done in lesser time so I spend just the right amount of time on my responsibilities. The rest goes to enjoying. What is it that I enjoy? I enjoy the fact that I am me. But more...

First Class

Posted no picture Arjun Singh Gill , Global Citizen

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Arjun Singh Gill
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This is a fiction short story on poverty and capitalism in India How long has it been since I’ve gotten new shoes? Look at them, they’re disgusting! Nearly half my size, both roof and soles broken open and flapping everywhere. My toes wiggle freely without any protection. I assume it must be 20 years. Of course I can’t even track time, for I don’t even know how old I am right now. Obviously I’m not a toddler, nor do I seem as old as the man sleeping on the benches of...

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