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Life is a free gift from God. No single life on earth today is a mistake, yet majority share a different view. No human has the right to take another's life. God who created is the sole determinant. This poses a big question to us all: - Why the Indiscriminate Killings and blood-sheds? - Why the Homicides? - Why the Abortions? - Why the Euthanasia? Blood is very significant in life. Once you shed blood, you would have ended a life and wasted a soul. Think of you...

The Culture of Football and Adolescents

Posted December 28, 2014 Avatar Shivani Gupta

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It was Halloween night and Chad Stover’s high school football team needed a tackle. With the team trailing 27-18, a stop here would help delay the opposition from making another goal and encourage Chad’s team to fight back. Stover dived at his opponent’s legs and Chad’s head collided with the runner’s right thigh as the ball carrier dodged the tackle to gain another few yards. Chad went down, and his helmet smacked into the ground. A few minutes later, sixteen-year old Ch...

My VOY Blogging Internship!

Posted December 28, 2014 no picture Grace O

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My VOY Blogging Intern is coming to an end! Throughout the past 6 months, I have trying my best to blog every Sunday about things that I care about or want to share with the world. It's been difficult thinking of new topics each week and spending time to write each of my blogs, but as time went on, it became easier and easier to share. I'm extremely thankful for the different comments and insights that have been shared, and am pleased to say that I've learned a lot from my blog...

New Year's Resolutions!

Posted December 28, 2014 no picture Grace O

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The final days of 2014 are here! While I’m not usually a particularly sentimental person, I do feel slightly nostalgic over the year passing. Though nothing earth shattering has happened, this year, like every year, has seen me grow and change. 2015 is fast approaching, and the thought of starting a new calendar and a new year - a fresh start - often makes people want to change and improve. New year, new you! Nonetheless, don't forget to think back on this past year and remember...

Why Throw Sticks At Mangoes?

Posted December 28, 2014 no picture Fasoranti Damilola

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I remember as a young Nigerian boy, I threw sticks to pluck off ripe mango fruits. I naturally threw the sticks and stones far enough to the most desirable fruit. When the mango fruit falls, it goes with droplets of tears by the tree. When the mango fruit touch my hands, it goes sumptuous on my taste buds, with much gladness to the heart. A FEW LESSONS... 1. The higher your worth, the more 'sticks and stones' you'll attract. (More challenges, More wealth) 2. You're desirable by the public, but a...

Why are the winter holidays to be loved?

Posted December 27, 2014 Avatar maryb

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Well, let alone the free time and tons of sleep, winter holidays are for me and for many others, I hope, an occasion for freedom in spirit, for thinking, for considering your values. I love Christmas because, in my case, it is about traditions and it is tied with some kernel inside me which was developed there by dint of past and habits. To be more precise, Christmas in Romania is a very complex tradition and it is always specially celebrated. Like in a lot of other countries,...

The price of being a beautiful Filipina

Posted December 27, 2014 Avatar Aicha Enriquez

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In the Philippines, the consecutive victories of beauty pageants have contributed to the growing ideology of the 'true essence of beauty'. Not only has that but the fad of fashion magazines also provided Filipinas an array of concepts on what is beautiful. From body modification-- the sexier, the better-- to the current style trends that can determine one's status in the society. We can trace the early media representation of beauty through our childhood memories. Aren't all girls...

War's everywhere on everyone and everything

Posted December 27, 2014 no picture Alexander Williams

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Everywhere you go in everything you see there's a war going on. There's a war on drugs, a war on terror, a war on crime, a war on fat, a war on cancer, a war on your mind, a war on poverty. A war on this, a war on that and on and on it goes. All I see is a society built upon lies, secrecy and bullsh*t. There will be a day ladies and gentlemen when society itself completely collapses - if it has not done so already. When you think about it, it makes a great deal of sense that...


Posted December 26, 2014 no picture Pia Fleig

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I'm sure that you all have heard those stories of homeless families in white tents, children working in cacao fields, villages fighting Ebola, communities not ever recovering from tsunamis and hungry people knowing nothing about spaghetti, pizza and sushi. I am sure you are confronted with those stories in the news, the magazines and the internet. And I am pretty certain that you have skipped those stories. The TV offers more entertaining shows than the news, the magazines insp...

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