Cyber Bullying

Posted no picture Katelyn Carroll , AJHS 9th Grade Student

no picture AJHS 9th Grade Student
Katelyn Carroll
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Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Cyber bullying has become a huge problem since social media is growing more and more each day. Cyber bullying can happen at any time, since people can comment and post whatever they feel the need too. Cyber bullying is more likely to...

1 in 6 men have had abusive sexual experiences before age 18.As shocking as this statistic is, it is a cruel reality, and yet it still does not fully encompass the magnitude of the issue. For one thing, it does not include non-contact instances of sexual abuse or men who have experienced sexual assault as adults. Moreover, male sexual violence is so heavily underreported that the actual rate is likely much higher.First off, what is the sexual assault? According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest...

The Power of the Daily Commute

Posted Avatar Richa Gupta , Teen Poet and Blogger

Avatar Teen Poet and Blogger
Richa Gupta
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I wrote my last high school exam a few days ago, and will be heading off to college soon. Since the emotions that follow are indescribable, I’d like to direct my focus to a seemingly mundane aspect of my school life – the commute. Grinding wheels, bellowing vehicles, torrents of people, shops that line the crammed streets – these are sights I grew accustomed to the second I started my schooling in India (which was over a decade ago). However, the duration of my commute got longer only recently,...


Posted no picture aachilli , student

no picture student
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Education. Human rights. Freedom. Choice. You might be asking yourself why those words are written in bold and the answer is really simple. You see today we live in a society that doesn't like to stay quiet, all of our opinions have to be heard. One hand that is amazing because we can really see different points of view and it makes us more open-minded, but on the other hand this is so bad because when real issues come up like the issue of education, suddenly all the politicians become quiet. Th...

Growing From Failure

Posted no picture Maricel Hope , Student

no picture Student
Maricel Hope
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The single greatest power we can acquire throughout adolescence and young adulthood is the ability to maintain a positive attitude and envision success regardless of the countless failures we face. At university, the words “mental health” are two words which have taken on a completely different meaning and a much greater weight. Our reactions to the disappointments we receive play a crucial role in having a healthy mental state. One surefire step to achieving success borrowed from Napoleon Hill’...

Stereotyping is NOT an issue

Posted Avatar Raquel Frescia , Student

Avatar Student
Raquel Frescia
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"Just because you see a black man driving in a nice car, does not mean it’s stolen. Ok, I stole that, but not because I’m black." If you’ve ever watched Men in black 3, you’re probably familiar with this quote. It is from a scene were Agent J, a character interpreted by Will Smith, is accused by a police officer of stealing a car. This is a clear example of stereotyping turned into discrimination.According to some psychologists, stereotypes can develop based on a cognitive mechanism kn...

A woe-man

Posted no picture Ayesha

no picture Ayesha
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Hey, there, old woman! Wanna hear your story?Wanna know you are? Here you go then.Your whole life, is basically a possession of different men in your life.From the day you're born to the day you die.A man, names you.From your father hitting you while you save your motherTo your brother scolding you for being late at serving him dinnerFrom the man sexually abusing youTo the same man threatening you not to tell anyone or he'll kill youFrom the man you love telling you how you deserve better and le...

It's not her anymore

Posted Avatar Darshatha Gamage , Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern

Avatar Undergraduate, Rotaractor, VOY Climate and Environment Blogging Intern
Darshatha Gamage
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She never feared it. Every day she woke up to it. Every new day was greeted by the smell. Every time she stepped out, she could only see the dump. It was almost 300 feet tall. For years, it kept growing. Tons of garbage piled up. The “Meethotamulla” garbage dump, a name unheard of for most even in the city, was a problem not considered important- an issue all politicos turned their heads away from. It smelled so bad no one would chose to travel on those roads. The landfill brought in so many fl...

The Greenhouse

Posted Avatar Katie Baxter , Student and VOY Climate & Environment Blogging Intern

Avatar Student and VOY Climate & Environment Blogging Intern
Katie Baxter
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The greenhouse.That’s my fondest memory with you, spending afternoons spraying tomatoes with water in the greenhouse under your watchful eye. That’s my only memory with you that I know for certain is my own, and I cherish it.The rest however, I am not sure are memories. It’s become hard to distinguish between what I remember and what’s been told to me, or what I saw in a picture.I know that you were always kind and gentle. You were a gentle giant to me, always moving so slowly and peacefully in...

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