Inspire! With Leyla Carter: Dance Like Everybody is Watching

Published Avatar Elizabeth VOY

Avatar Elizabeth VOY
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This week, I interviewed Leyla Carter, a dance and social entrepreneur determined to inspire change. Based in the UK, she combines her love of dance and passion for teenage emotional wellbeing in a refreshing and unique way. Read on to discover how at 24 years old, she has pioneered her own business by creating practicalities out of her ideals. Meet Leyla Carter, founder of The Motivation Project. Tell me about the Motivation Project, what’s the aim? The Motivation Pro...

How a Cleanup Exercise Ended in Tears

Published Avatar Derwayne Wills , Blogger

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Derwayne Wills
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Life is unpredictable. Such a cliché sentence. But as poetically clichéd as it may be, I have never felt it more than I did on Sunday, when a cleanup campaign ended with me being brought to tears. Let’s start with Sunday’s cleanup. When Guyana’s newly elected President, David Granger, was sworn in, he made a call for citizens to become more actively involved in cleaning their environment. All across the capital city of Georgetown, the response was overwhelming. With...

Bababa Ba?

Published Avatar Mariel Alonzo

Avatar Mariel Alonzo
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“Bababa ba? [Going down?]” asked the elevator boy as I entered. The question was quite unnecessary since we were on the top floor of the building, but I answered yes anyways. As the doors slid shut, I felt a small tremor within the steel room. The familiar sensation of dread gently bloomed within my stomach. Suddenly, my mind was skidding and memories came crashing in. Images popped up: my report card, the trash bins that I was supposed to empty, the white bench near the libr...

Websites warfare in divided Angola

Published no picture Darden , Writer

no picture Writer
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Rich in oil, diamonds and natural resources, the South West African country of Angola is also steeped in political division and mistrust. A large part of the political rift afflicting the former Portuguese colony can be attributed to a bitter and protracted civil war which lasted almost 27 years. Starting in 1975, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) battled each other for supremacy, with...

Youth (un)employment

Published Avatar Utsah , student

Avatar student
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A child is born and raised to face the world. His early years are filled with colors and happily ever afters. But as his days go beyond the fairy tales, he comes to witness the harsh realities of life. Everyone is not a prince and love cannot always save life. Teenage is the phase where people tend to live their fairy tales to the fullest because at the end awaits reality. Once the ‘teen’ says goodbye, the realization that we need to be someone kicks in. That is when we sta...

It’s Time to Talk: Periods

Published Avatar Courtney Young

Avatar Courtney Young
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I am coming to you live from…my bathroom. Because this week, I want to talk about periods. Yep, I said it. Period. Menstruation. Mother Nature’s monthly gift. Aunt Flo. That time of the month. I want to talk about the shame we feel having to buy incredibly expensive products every month in order to keep ourselves “clean” down there. Ladies you know the feeling, the embarrassment we feel putting a box of tampons or pads (or both) up on the register, seemingly proclaimi...

Of Islam, Mohammed and Sabera Khala

Published Avatar Bhavana

Avatar Bhavana
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My mother often said, "God can't change your diapers so he made parents. And some parents need help, so he made Ayahs!". The ayah (children's nurse) who practically raised me, I knew her as Sabera Khala. I remember watching her through that half closed door. Every day at five she tied her hijab (scarf covering the head and neck) kneeled on that frayed old mat. Her white saree in folds and her hands held up in prayer. She humoured me sometimes when I decided to tie a scarf around my head a...

Rebuilding Education After Ebola

Published Avatar Plan International

Avatar Plan International
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Posted by Kamanda, Global Youth Advisory Panel Ambassador, Sierra Leone 18 May 2015: After a long monotonous nine months without attending school, children were finally able to go back when schools reopened in Sierra Leone on 14 March, 2015. Many children were happy to be back to school but there were some who did not go back. Some parents are saying they will not send their children to school any longer because Ebola is still in our environment. Many have no way to generate in...

Economics and its relevance

Published no picture Raymond Opoku

no picture Raymond Opoku
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A famous British economist Alfred Marshall wrote: “Economics is the study of mankind in the ordinary business life”. You will find that an economics major prepares you for many careers, because it offers a clear, concise and rigorous way of thinking about the ordinary business life. Job recruiters and graduate admissions committees are favorably inclined towards majors. In choosing a major, you should consider several important and related questions. First, what profession(s)...

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