Why education should be free

Posted no picture Kiana Vivar , Student

no picture Student
Kiana Vivar
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All education should be free because there are poor children who are smart and intelligent who can't afford to pay for their studies. It would reduce the unemployment rate, fewer people would be on government assistance, and it would help in our economic development. The main reason why students are dropping out is due to financial problems. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 3.8 million 6-24-year-olds who are out of school; 20.2% of them claimed that the main reason fo...

Why India needs gender studies in its curriculum

Posted no picture Diya Chordia , Student, activist and founder of We Talk Back.

no picture Student, activist and founder of We Talk Back.
Diya Chordia
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Last week in my psychology lecture, my teacher was talking about the sociological aspects that cause women to have less self-confidence in the work field. It was the most basic knowledge that anyone who’s been involved in the feminist movement - like me - would’ve known. But to sit in a class, surrounded by people, and listening to a higher authority go on about how the patriarchy still exists, and how there is an important need to systematically dismantle it, was just tea to my soul.After reall...

Fairytale deconstruction

Posted no picture Vivianne Martell , Student

no picture Student
Vivianne Martell
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Most little girls have grown up reading fairy tales about beautiful princesses who fall in love and live happily ever after. Classics like “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Little Mermaid” are popular and loved by all. However, some authors have provided different accounts of these with a deeper, more profound and even sinister meaning than that we are familiar with. The authors in these stories provide an honest account of how they feel towards women and the expectation...

The Importance of Education to Youth

Posted no picture Jonna Romuar , Student

no picture Student
Jonna Romuar
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From the age of five years, we are obliged to enter kindergarten and when we get older, we ask ourselves the question why do we need to study? As young people, we like to enjoy ourselves by chilling and doing nothing and sometimes schooling is one of the things that we get tired of, and we want to give up. Why is that? Well honestly, it is really tiring because you are forced to wake up early, to be ready for school, to participate and learn. In school, there are also times when you need to fini...

Why is menstruation still seen as a burden?

Posted no picture Aaden george , Student

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Aaden george
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Ok!! Before writing this let me tell you that I belong to this globe and I am speaking as a global citizen.So... menstruation! Being a science geek, to me menstruation is just a biological process in which the endometrium wall sheds away and through your vagina because of the absence of fertilization!But I guess not all are science students and they don't understand this concept! According to some people, menstruation is a problem or disease, during which the female becomes a demon etc. etc. ! T...

Human Rights

Posted no picture Kyla Ann Bagatnan , Student

no picture Student
Kyla Ann Bagatnan
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Every person has a right to be protected from abuse and harm. They have the right to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and peace. Every person has a right to these things simply because they are human beings. Human Rights are important because they guarantee that people can satisfy their basic needs. Human rights protect people from abuse and harm.The right to education is one of the most important human rights. According to Sheldon Ong, education is not only good in itself as it inc...

A silent good girl

Posted no picture Aparna mp , +1 biology science student

no picture +1 biology science student
Aparna mp
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  • Age 16

She is standing at the corner of the room where she is always doing her regular routine. Her father said that she needs to stand there, stay in the corner and 'be a silent good girl'. She always obeyed her father, but she could not understand what he meant by a 'be a silent good girl'. She is a sweet twenty-year-old girl. Her eyes are like a petal of lotus. It is really marvelous to look into her eyes. She is lean with long black hair. She completed her school. After that she always wanted to st...

Generation of lost happiness

Posted no picture navreet brar , student

no picture student
navreet brar
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  • Age 18

The sunset, the sunrise, the cotton candy sky, the sound of falling rain, the joy of sleeping all day, the laughter of a group of friends, a hug from a loved one, Nutella at midnight, a video call from an overseas friend, dinner with family. I wish we as a generation had the ability to find happiness in smaller joys than bigger expectations. We have forgotten to be grateful for all the simple joys we have. The joys that money can’t buy and brain can’t feel. We have forgotten the happiness tha...

Over Consumerism

Posted no picture Lishika Sahni

no picture Lishika Sahni
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Socrates once said, “How many things are there which I don’t want?”Indeed one should introspect upon this question of Socrates. In a blooming era of consumerism, what we consumers fail to realise is the opposite effect of consumerism - ‘Over Consumerism’. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about the things we might consume, and how we might consume them. We do this not only as individuals, but as friends, partners, and families. So intensely do we think about our consumption practices that...

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