The art of giving hope.

Posted no picture Liz Melvine , Student

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Liz Melvine
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We all hope for a better day. We hope to live to see our future and the future of our children. We hope to see our families prosper and move on to greater things. Hope is such a common word that we tend to forget the true meaning behind it.I hope for good health. I hope for my mother to get her strength and leave the hospital bed. I hope she finds the joy she seeks in her life and find the peace she once had.Have we ever asked ourselves how we find hope and what next? It comes from the little th...

Questioning Social Norms and Fighting Against Discrimination

Posted no picture UNICEF Cambodia , Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia

no picture Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia
UNICEF Cambodia
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Individually, we all have different experiences in life. In a nutshell, whether you live in Cambodia or somewhere else in the world, basically you will always be confronted with the dilemma between choosing to live your life satisfying social norms or having your own lifestyle free from social pressures. Either way you choose, each has its own benefits and consequences.Sadly, individualism is not valued very often. Following the crowd is a trend here.If you decide to walk your own path independe...

Making The World A Better Place For The Transgender Community

Posted no picture UNICEF Cambodia , Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia

no picture Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia
UNICEF Cambodia
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In Cambodia, as well as around the world, the topic of transgender rights is not always included in conversations. There is a lack of representation and basic understanding of transgender people, and undeniably, there is also a lot of discrimination towards people in this group.In the United States, there have been “33 hate-violence-related homicides of LGBT people, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs’ count”, as stated in an article by Buzzfeed in August 2017, accordin...

In 1992, the Union of Concerned Scientists gave humanity a bleak warning message regarding the future of the planet. Backed by the signatures of 1700 scientists, this “Warning to Humanity” talked about the excessive consumption of natural resources and the dramatic effects of pollution. This month, 25 years later, the same Union released a new “Warning to Humanity”, urging people and authorities to take action now, as the fate of our planet is still in danger. Not only have the concerns stated i...

Home Sweet Home - or is it?

Posted no picture Kai , student

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The screams, the profanity, the exploitation of the ones trapped inside their own homes. Arriving at school the next day, bruised from head to toe: sleep deprived and terrified to return home, once the day is over.Being beaten, slandered, and sexually abused has turned into an every day reality for millions of children worldwide. Millions of children are exposed to some form of violence every single day: Street violence, home abuse, and school punishments. Fear is instilled into these children a...

IT doesn't get better, but YOU do!

Posted no picture Kaitlinn Gammon , Social Work Student at Laurentian University

no picture Social Work Student at Laurentian University
Kaitlinn Gammon
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I was 16-years-old when I first felt the cool midnight breeze blow across my skin as I gazed up at the stars hoping they could answer all of my questions. Most importantly the question of how I got to be here: homeless.I remember my first night on the streets; it was a Sunday and I had to go to school the next morning. I was in grade 11. I had just come out to my parents after years of contemplation about releasing my secret, a secret that was my sexuality of which only I knew. Why did I keep it...

The Xs that are piercing through the "impenetrable" Ys at work

Posted no picture Ke Nna Mmaditshelo , UNEMPLOYED GRADUATE

Ke Nna Mmaditshelo
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Let us zoom in on more than the income earned by a female, who is well qualified and competent (if not better than) as their male counterparts with the same qualifications.It’s the dignity, utmost respect, and trust that her superiors and other colleagues owe her especially in the male dominated industry that is increasingly becoming populated with egotistic, belittling chauvinists who suppress women’s full potential…simply because they are females.How do we as women deal with such exhaustive un...

To men who stalk women

Posted Avatar Alokparna Chatterjee , Student

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Alokparna Chatterjee
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What do you generally do when a girl refuses or negates your romantic overtures?Ideally speaking, you should move away from her, respecting her decision and morals.But what you actually do, is consider it an act of disrespect. You fail to understand her decision. Instead, you analyze it with the help of your ego. Rejection comes down as a bolt from the blue. You have been trained to understand that a girl can never reject your romantic overtures. Why? (Because you are a man). You have been train...

Dare to be different, to be yourself

Posted no picture Chandni Patel , Student

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Chandni Patel
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In all likelihood, you don't know what you want out of your life. I don't either. You are probably looking for advice from people who you think have your best interests at heart. But do they really? Probably not.You do you – and the sooner you start listening to you, the better. Looking for advice and inspiration from others is like asking Toyota owners how to succeed when what you want is a Lamborghini. Not hating on Toyotas but you get what I am saying?We the youth of this generation don't ge...

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