Three am changes

Posted no picture Heather , Student

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Everyone has different thoughts at 3 am. They range from, “Oh gosh, this assignment is due in 5 hours and I’m half way done” to somewhere around, “I don’t have a reason to sleep, to wake up, to do anything than to be here right now”. I guess my 3 am thought right now is why am I up, why am I writing, why am I thinking about everything now. Something I’m going to do is to write down my 3 am thoughts, maybe I’ll sleep after I go through this.I can’t sleep because I’m thinking at a thousand miles a...

Water: It's time to save our most vital resource

Posted no picture UNESCO Youth , UNESCO Youth

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What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the word 'Mediterranean'? The sun? The beaches? The beautiful landscape? The culture and history? The wine? It is certainly true that the Mediterranean is a rich region full of these resources (and more!). The area covers 22 countries, 46,000 km of coastline, three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe and hosts a population of 480 million people (EEA. 2015). However, the region faces considerable challenges due to climate change and the i...

How to beat bullying, starting with the bully inside you

Posted no picture Cynthia Madison , writer

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Cynthia Madison
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Bullying is the most common form of violence in schools worldwide: it is estimated that every year 13 million American children are bullied and statistics are just as worrying in other regions of the world. On average, two out of five children are bullied during school hours, either by traditional means or cyberbullying. Whether it manifests as spreading rumors, calling children names, harassing them verbally or even straight-up physical violence, bullying is one of the most devastating experien...

We all are a storm of ourselves

Posted no picture Ntemid , Social media

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Tornados of doubt, we are. Swirl winds of regret, we are and swing. Thunder strikes of excitement. Mudslides of worry. Downpour as our inner most anxieties can be or are. Questioning most of our decisions that we gather up months’ of courage to make. The choices themselves we make. Looking through every single detail for any unturned table to see if we can turn it around for a different outcome. Swirl winds can be very interesting, can’t they? With the sharpness they hold in their s...

Don’t worry, its called growing up.

Posted Avatar Max Gaudelli , NGO Founder & Human Rights Activist

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Max Gaudelli
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Ever since I was little, I'd always dreamed of growing up, being big and strong, just like our elders were. I didn’t know how I was going to get there or by what means; it was all just too simple at that time. Never would I have imagined growing up would be so rough and all the emotional tolls that go with it.One day I'm sitting on a hot sidewalk waiting for the ice cream man to pass by my street, anxiously hearing its song with a bit of spare change on my dirty hands from all the backyard play....

Toxic Masculinity

Posted no picture Mina Gerges , Writer

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Mina Gerges
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I believe toxic masculinity is one of the biggest contributors to the decline of a man’s mental health, self esteem and general well-being. Many in society mainly celebrate men with self-righteous attitudes and bulging biceps. Whilst we are in the midst of eradicating such an issue, we still have so much more work to do. There are many men of young men today feel that simple human acts, such as an expression of joy or a simple tear, is a sign of "un-manliness". To be "unmanly" is to be weak, and...

I am that fish.

Posted Avatar Bella Pinera , Student

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Bella Pinera
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Stress, anxiety, fear, or should I say the emotions of a modern-day high school student. When the best four years of my life will soon come to a close, a new journey will be ahead: college. As a junior I have dedicated countless hours to study and prepare for this new adventure with the hopes that my standardized test scores will be enough for my dream school. Unfortunately, I (like many) would not consider standardized testing my forte. As a result, not only do I suffer in the classroom, but my...

Being kind can change the world

Posted no picture Amy Cahill , Student

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Amy Cahill
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Living in this generation can be hard sometimes. It's difficult to grow up in a world where all the horrible conflicts are always a click away online. It's very easy to get caught up in all the hatred sometimes, and to think the world we live in is a terrible place. That isn't the truth though. Our world can never be a completely evil place, as all its inhabitant's hearts are filled with a magical thing called kindness. Kindness is the most powerful tool that all us humans have. We all have hear...


Posted no picture FalloutAfrican , Student

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He was a nice guy, that's according to me.Everyone that knew him would say the same."But, who was he to you?" To me?In childhood, he was my friend, brother maybe.The funniest guy I have ever met in my life."A new day comes with a new joke " He would say on repeat.Luck is when you meet that funny guy who knows he is and should always be funny.He was of a young age, younger than me by a year, but a big brother to me.Strong both physically and mentally.It's surprising how he made a hard life simple...

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