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Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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Do we help to help others or ourselves? In school there are always those people that do everything: they are in all sports teams, play music, take part in history and politics competitions and are active in several NGOs or at least involved in school fundraisers and activities. These are the people that represent the school during sport competitions, concerts, school-exchanges and other school events. But at the same time it is also these people that don’t seem to come to pra...

"I want to change the world"

Posted Avatar Nathalia Khawand , Student

Avatar Student
Nathalia Khawand
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“I want to change the world” She was five, staring up at her dad, her heart filled with hope and wonder. He smiled at her and said “Yes, monkey and I know you will!” He took her in his arms and threw her into the air. She giggled till she couldn’t breathe. She remembered that day like it was yesterday. It’s a memory she’s always treasured. A memory that brings a feeling of excitement and eagerness to what the future will bring. Yet, being a kid is much easier th...


Posted no picture niharika , student

no picture student
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I searched the valley I searched the lane I searched all the places where my days went in vain That room and dorms and the alley which golden leaves formed But I still couldn’t find the last one, the one I most want, I asked the man and I asked the dame I ran to enquire the city’s lame Troubled myself and troubled them along, But I still couldn’t find the last one, the one I most want, My life reeled and my hairs grayed, Only this last one was all I...

My Islam

Posted Avatar Haya Al Habal

Avatar Haya Al Habal
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It's a warm and interesting feeling when you experience an invisible force that is kind of controlling your life and future, it is fate or a spiritual thing! Some people think that fate is something we cannot control, or change, however I think its more like a power that guides what we choose, it doesn't turn black into white I believe. it guides your path to get what you planted whether you chose the right or the wrong seed. Of course, there is another kind of fate, the fate...

About South Sudan and Hunger

Posted no picture Idil Kına , Medical Student

no picture Medical Student
Idil Kına
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We all have our worries don't we? We are afraid of losing, we are afraid of not being able to find the stuff we have today, tomorrow. We worry about our life standards. Some of us worry if they will be able to live in a bigger house in five years, some worry if they'll be able to make it by the end of the month, some worry if they can find a job or not. How many of us worry about being able find something to eat? How many of us worry that we might not have any food to eat when we...

Dancing as a way of salvation

Posted no picture Rajna , Student

no picture Student
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‘What does dancing truly mean to you?’ As a ballerina-to-be I perpetually ask myself this question whose answer always ends up describing my happiness when I dance ballet on stage. Yes, I love ballet deeply and wholeheartedly-it is that kind of obsessing and abiding love that burns like a flame inside of you-but I wonder if that love exists in me for dance in general. I have seen dozens and dozens of girls and boys living by ballet class, not knowing what to do when another t...

Blue Diamond

Posted Avatar Tanya Singh , Poet, Writer and Blogger

Avatar Poet, Writer and Blogger
Tanya Singh
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The woman was knitting in the closed obscurity, She asked me to ‘sink a little closer to the bottom’, And the saturated ink hit me before I turned pale, And we were far from reaching the blue diamond, “Didn’t we see the profanity we carried to our graves,” I bit my lip, and I jumped into the ocean, But there was no water, And I was all the more thirsty, So, we climbed into our graves. The blue diamond had long since expired. We...

Sex education has always been an unconcluded debate topic. What to teach, who will teach, and when to teach, have always been the confusion. It is said that a child should be introduced to the topic at puberty, but the fact cannot be denied that children start playing the “ma and pa” game at a very early age. It is not only limited to this, they also play “doctor-doctor”, feeling each other while examining. Although, all these are one in complete innocence but still. Be...


Posted no picture John Leo Algo , Climate Advocate

no picture Climate Advocate
John Leo Algo
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With a current political agenda in the United States biased against facts about climate change and environmental phenomena, the global progress in addressing this issue could be greatly affected. Thus, the time has come for us to become creative in communicating scientific data and rallying support for the green movement worldwide. We cannot let corporate-based climate change deniers compromise the present and future of modern societies in exchange for personal profits and powe...

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