The pen is mightier than the sword

Posted Avatar Henna Deol , Student

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Henna Deol
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Words form the very foundation of the way we communicate and leave a lasting impression. Their power to convey emotions and multiple meanings is unrivalled - what else influences us like the written word? When talking about children being uprooted by conflict, some words are frequent occurrences, for example ‘migrant’ and ‘disaster’. Looking more closely into the words themselves can give us a better understanding of why we choose to use them, and most importantly, if they are used fairly.‘Child...

Experience – unexpected and unique!

Posted no picture Amina , UNICEF volunteer

no picture UNICEF volunteer
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When I heard about the opportunity to volunteer for UNICEF at EXPO – a special exhibition about Future Energy - I immediately seized it. Having majored in two foreign languages – English and German – and worked as a teacher, I could not think of a better fit for my background.At the UNICEF EXPO kiosk, the emphasis was on climate change, air pollution and water scarcity. Iwas surprised to find out how much UNICEF has invested in researching what climate change and environmental degradation mean s...

How to Make Every Day an Adventure

Posted no picture Matthew Rindel , The Nguvu Man

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Matthew Rindel
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Your life is like the wind, always moving. Sometimes it is cautious and silent, other times it is ferocious and violent.Wind, like all things, is just a form of energy, directing living creatures to, or away from, a destination. When you understand who you are and your core identity, you can harness the energy of life to direct the lives of others and your own life.We all have the power to direct this wind, this cyclone that is your life, but many of us never discover we have this power. Even wo...

Torture for a good cause?

Posted no picture Yasmin Youssef

no picture Yasmin Youssef
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Imagine a life behind bars in a space that is just big enough for you to move around somewhat freely. A life that you are not able to control; someone decides everything for you. You have no choice of when and what you eat, when you sleep, what you do and even when and with whom you reproduce. A life where you are terrorised and tortured. Every day of your life, from birth to death. Could you imagine that? No? Well, that is the fate of thousands … no millions … of animals that are reared and hel...

Street Man

Posted Avatar Reeya Pokharel , Student

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Reeya Pokharel
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His hands are rough, his face is covered with a beard. He wears dirty clothes and a torn pair of shoes. He smells bad and doesn't have a house to live in. He doesn't have family or friends. Kids are afraid of his appearance. People call him mad, they even hit and humiliate him. He sleeps on a footpath and sometimes in the corners of big buildings and walls. He eats whatever he gets. He survives by begging, by eating the expired foods given by the people, and sometimes even from the garbage. He...

A mother and her daughter have died of hunger

Posted no picture Abdihakim , my occupation is human rights researcher , my organization is human rights organization in somaliland

no picture my occupation is human rights researcher , my organization is human rights organization in somaliland
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Last year Somaliland suffered severe drought in the Eastern regions, that affected people and their livestock, particularly pastoralists in areas around Burco and ErigaboI was a member of group of volunteers helping the affected people in remote areas in Buro region. On 20 November 2016 I visited the Ceesha district, about 15 km west of Buro. There I encountered a disaster for a family of five children and their father.The mother had died after she and her children lost all the food that they ha...

Butterfly Effects

Posted no picture AlfandaOfficial

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The theoretical concept that I’ve planted in my life is the butterfly effect; the idea that small causes can have large effects. This has been very influential on my behavior and how I live my life. My parents have taught me how to treat others politely and kindly. And I’ve tried to apply what they have taught me as the best I can.But in life there must be obstacles. I have passed some of the most common hurdles in life; being a bullying victim.I was bullied in elementary school by words and lit...

Project Place

Posted Avatar Chima F. Madu , Attorney. Project Manager. Child Rights Advocate. Youth Development Consultant. SDG Advocate. Mentor.

Avatar Attorney. Project Manager. Child Rights Advocate. Youth Development Consultant. SDG Advocate. Mentor.
Chima F. Madu
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Project PLACE is a youth empowerment project of the Dedicated, Determined and Driven (3D) Youth Impact Foundation executed in line with its goals and objectives. It aims at advancing clinical legal education in Nigeria by equipping law clinics and clinicians with tools for partnership, sustainability and positive impact.The vision of Project PLACE is to see a progressive society driven by impact lawyers.The mission is twofold: 1.Re-branding law clinics for partnership and sustainability.2.Equipp...

Humans are not property; Humans are not for sale

Posted no picture Krishni Hathurusinghe , Law Student

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Krishni Hathurusinghe
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Each and every one of us aspires to live a life full of happiness, independence, and financial stability. We all dream of a better life for ourselves and our families; and this dream transcends across the board, regardless of which gender, ethnicity, religion or nationality you belong to.Some of us have been born into privileged circumstances where access to education and opportunities are available to fulfill our dreams. The truth of the matter is, not many people around the world have been as...

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