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It is evident that the climate has changed over the years and the impacts are being felt all across the world. To address problems caused by climate change in the hope of finding solutions, the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) came up with a decision making body called the Conference of Parties (COP). Since the first Conference of Parties (COP1) held in Berlin, Germany in March, 1995, the COP meets every year rotating among the five UN regions -...

The Good, the Bad and the Racist

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On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of armed bikers in Phoenix, Arizona hosted an anti-Muslim demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix. The anti-Islam biker rally was called by Iraq War veteran Jon Ritzheimer in response to a Texas shootout during a Prophet Mohammed cartoon-drawing contest. During the “free-speech” rally, Ritzheimer and his armed fellow bikers raised Neo-Nazi shouts and wore t-shirts that said “support your local white boy”. The gun...

How to Get Away with Murder

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Chinese Air Pollution

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When I first landed in Beijing it was almost 5 p.m. local time, but there seemed to be a fine morning mist covering the ground. My excitement dissipated when I came to the shocking reality that the fog was air pollution. Under the sweltering sun the smog locked in the heat and city smells of fuel and waste. The sun usually a sight to behold setting in late afternoon was an angry chili pepper red. Locals on the street adorned surgical masks to avoid breathing in the air. One of the...

No more violence, please

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"No more violence, please, no more violence, please..." she whispers. She is still shaking and she can´t barely talk. She doesn´t understand what´s happening around her. Or maybe she does, but everything and everybody is so confused. People are screaming, crying and laying on the ground. She probably doesn´t perceive it anymore. "Hey, Alycia!" her friends quickly run towards her. They notice she is injured and they try to help her to get some help and mostly, calm her down. The...

If I Were The President Of Nigeria; I Would Light It Up!

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Dear Nkem, Congratulations on your graduation from Columbia University law school. Mother told me you were the salutatorian, I couldn’t have been more proud of you, that is pretty huge. How is Chima, Onyeka, your mom and pops? I miss you dearly; I can’t believe it has been fifteen years we last met. We were only nine years old when your dad got an offer to be a professor of African Studies at the Boston University. You weren’t so thrilled about leaving; you said it was...

Why Ghana and Rich Countries need to think about Climate Refugees

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True Life Story of a Climate Refugee Memunatu, a 12-year-old primary school graduate hailed from a small industrial town in the northern part of Ghana, where 80% of the people are into agriculture and yet the most erosion prone in the country, occurrence of drought, flood, high temperature, low organic matter content and high level of environmental and land degradation are some of the challenges that the community face. There was a heavy rainfall in that community which led to the displacement...

The 21th UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) is no more than six months. As usual, the Head of the Malagasy State as well as a strong delegation of environmental actors and experts from other areas will be invited. A question has already arisen: will the COP21 be another environmental event where the Great Island has just had the largest delegation? Madagascar can make the difference if its government is able to develop a specific action plan on climate change. The Great Island...

Not Just Education

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As we move on in this busy bizarre world…full of hustle-bustle, we find a lot more news coming up about the education sector. Having said that, I would like to tell you that there is coming up a much more new world of education! Gone are those days when after listening to the word “education” a boring picture used to come in our minds ; with a child carrying a bag full of books forcefully……now the time has changed and there is a lot more in education other than just books...

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