A Gaping Hole in a Child's Right to Education

Posted no picture Renee , Student

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Children are the world’s most precious resource. They are our future leaders, future doctors, and future teachers, and should have the guaranteed right to an education regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, ethnic, social origin, or disability. Yet, according to the Global Partnership for Education, children with disabilities remain the most excluded and discriminated against because of their disability (n.d.) The link between disabilities and...

Children with disabilities and social security

Posted no picture Elsa Gonzalez

no picture Elsa Gonzalez
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One of the most complicated issues regarding human rights has to do with not developing children and youth with permanent disabilities, who receive social security. Not developing these children and youth is a problem because many of them may never have the chance to live normal lives. I believe that many social workers think that connecting them to have social security is enough. However, it’s not. Social workers have a job in taking care of those people that are mentally di...

We Are Human Beings, First and Foremost

Posted Avatar Felice Noelle , Student Writer

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Felice Noelle
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There is ethnic cleansing being committed, right now, against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. Human slavery is illegal all over the globe, yet it continues to happen everywhere, even in developed countries. Men, women, children, families, are trapped into making bricks in kilns at insufferable temperatures, forced into cramped sweatshops to build our Nike sneakers, and sold into sex trafficking that they cannot escape. In cities like Mumbai, India, skyscrapers – gleaming symbol...

The Perks of Being a Climate Digital Mapper.

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Translator | Writer | Human Rights Activist

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Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Climate Change is one of the most crucial yet dismissed issues in some parts of the world. Maybe its the lack of awareness about the importance of our local environment and the impacts of our actions on earth are the reasons behind this ignorance. Caring about profits and annual turnovers more than caring about our livelihood, is one reason behind neglecting Climate Change. However, many people around the world are working hard to mitigate this phenomenon; through sensitizing peopl...

The story of 'my' life

Posted Avatar Shivam Singhal , Student

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Shivam Singhal
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And finally, this Sun is about to set. Ages lived are on the threshold of completion; My story, as it seems to Me, has come to a close. And moments of introspection have made Me realize My role in this drama that I had to enact; a drama with elements that were most important for My story. Practically, elements that I devoted My life to. It’s the story of My life, and yes, I’m not regretful about being it’s Villain! A ‘small room’ with a creaking fan, a materialistically...

The long way home

Posted Avatar Precious Ugbo , Student, blogger

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Precious Ugbo
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It's raining outside now, the tiny drops glistening on your windshield We sit in your car, the tiny space between us feels like the vast area between the earth and it's magnetic-field 'Are you cold?' I ask you, as I see you shiver 'It's the emptiness,' you reply. She says: This abyss of nothingness, it is not living It is darkness and drowning and gasping for air I want an end to this emptiness; before it cosumes me This is not living. 'My dear g...


Posted no picture Samavia Mazhar

no picture Samavia Mazhar
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that first drop of tear that strikes the cheeks its unwantedness its burden - Is pain ! That ecstatic feeling of possession that grief of knowing it wont be for long its emptiness its helplessness -Is pain That river of tears-which dried that heart in pieces -still alive its fear for hope its vanishing desire -Is pain

The Not-So Common Franta

Posted Avatar Onnolee Brown , College Student

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Onnolee Brown
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One of Disney's most famous quotes is, "A dream is a wish your heart makes". Youtuber Connor Franta has gone from just sitting in front of a camera to making a lifestyle line, running a record label and putting on a camp in less than a decade. Franta who was born in Wisconsin, but raised in Minnesota started off his YouTube career only 7 years ago, and has quickly rose to fame for his artsy-style videos. Not only is Connor a YouTuber and Creator, but he's also a huge inspiration to...

Our Mutual Goal: Unity

Posted no picture Naufal Ubaidillah

no picture Naufal Ubaidillah
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My nation Indonesia's slogan is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", which means "Unity in Diversity." Now, when we look around us, anywhere and everywhere you are, this is actually the case. From the diversity of color, race, language, faith, right now comes a lot of conflict in many places in this world. You see, our own body is made up of cells. And these cells comes together to make up your eyes, ears, nose, and all other organs you have. But, the fact is, that you are one. You control...

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