Will the youth of today be better fathers?

Posted no picture Shashank S R , Student, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

no picture Student, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Shashank S R
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For many of us, our fathers are a constant source of inspiration. Mine was my first superhero that I looked up to since my childhood. I believe this is mainly because our fathers can do what others in our lives cannot. He fixed most electronic devices including remotes, mixers and night lamps when it was needed the most. He showed some tricks with the cricket ball that none of the boys mastered. He taught us how to ride a bicycle or motorbikes and even repaired most of the time. He could repair...

Standarized testing - Fair?

Posted Avatar Isabel L. , UNICEF Club Member

Avatar UNICEF Club Member
Isabel L.
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While taking the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) for the third year in a row, I began to think about "standardized testing" in a more in-depth way. In recent years, I have taken ISTEPs (my state's standardized testing), PSATs, an ACT, and an SAT. I have listened to countless universities say that they take a holistic approach to the college application reviewing process. I have studied for the many different standardized tests, but for what? What do standardized test scores represen...

This is why I am reaching out to an anti-feminist today

Posted no picture Brunella

no picture Brunella
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If you ever go to Lima, this is my advice: before heading to Cuzco or Cajamarca, take a bus to a place called Villa María del Triunfo. It is one of our pueblos jóvenes, young towns, where the dust and dirt from unpaved roads are the patina that covers houses rarely taller than two stories high. Ask for a place called Pamplona Alta, and you will be directed to a hill, un cerro. You will see tiny green, blue, yellow houses growing all around the road that leads to the hilltop. Stop when you see a...

The Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Posted no picture Carly

no picture Carly
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It was the most mundane thing that got my mind racing the other day: A question in my psychology textbook.How much alike are we?Very, I thought to myself.Because we are all human. And I think realizing that, understanding that we are much more alike than we are different, will allow us to not only build peace, but sustain it. But how do we do that in a world where our differences both define and divide us? In a world where it is differences that have caused the Syrian War to rage on for seven ye...

Do not choose violence

Posted no picture Mariah Alesna , student

no picture student
Mariah Alesna
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Currently, there are a lot of things happening on our own planet: technology is now mesmerizingly developed; the outfits teenagers wear has drastically changed. But the belief “Violence can solve any possible problem” has been the discord of every country and every person. Especially when it comes to territorial arguments, people believe that violence is the answer.The usage of extreme violence and declaration of wars have never an option nor a solution. Why? Violence has given nothing but guilt...

Is Using Technology in School Effective?

Posted no picture Kenching , Student

no picture Student
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Technology has taken over our world in the past several years and it has really had a great impact on humanity. It helps people do things that otherwise look impossible to attain. It also makes work and processes easier and faster which helps towards the economic success of different nations. People don’t only apply in doing jobs, but also in teaching. Using technology in school is very effective for the students because it helps them to access many learning materials, it strengthens their digit...

A life-changing 6 weeks

Posted no picture Khanim , International Realtions

no picture International Realtions
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I spent 6 weeks of the summer of 2018 in Bucharest, Romania in the Caro Summer Camp. From the moment I signed my contract with AIESEC Azerbaijan, until the day I left for Bucharest I was really excited and nervous.When I started my work in the camp I was quite shy and depressed during the whole day, nevertheless, I dealt with my problems and turned myself into a better version of myself. I stepped out of my comfort zone and just one step changed my life.The 6 weeks spent in Bucharest taught me h...

Transcending trash: Using Eco bricks

Posted no picture Darwin Joaquin , Student

no picture Student
Darwin Joaquin
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Using plastic on a daily basis has been a normal thing for most of us, from simple candy wrappers that we consume, to huge plastic bags that we use. Plastic has been incorporated into every single thing around us and half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once. An Eco-brick is made of a plastic bottle which has random clean and dry plastic waste compressed inside it. It can be used for constructing furniture, full-scale buildings such as schools, and infrastructure. In short Ec...

Can Ideas Really Change The World?

Posted no picture Kasturi Banerjee , blogger

no picture blogger
Kasturi Banerjee
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From a very young age, I have been hearing this sentence "Ideas can change the world".Then one day I read a book and realised that when we have an idea and we do something about it, that's when we really can change the world.You see, every day millions and millions of ideas are forgotten because no one is working on them. No one is changing their ideas into action.Let me explain this in a more relatable way. A few months back my friend said to me "that girl should be with me." Now they are two o...

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