Quiz: How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?

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1. What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? A. AIDS is caused by HIV. B. HIV is caused by AIDS. C. They are the same thing. 2. HIV can be transmitted before symptoms occur and before AIDS develops. How long can the onset of AIDS take? A. 6 months B. 5 years C. Up to 10-15 years 3. Which of the following does NOT transmit HIV? A. Unprotected sex with an HIV+ person B. Mosquitoes who fed on an HIV+ person C. An untreated HIV+ mom breastfe...

If I was at the Girl Summit

Posted July 22, 2014 Avatar Francisca Lily

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If I was at the Girl Summit these would be my suggestions: I would suggest that countries who wish to end FGM and Child Marriage that they work in partnership with other countries in offering solutions. For example the battle of child marriage being in some cases, girls are married because they provide an economic gain for the family, also receive protection being married in some cultures. Education is also a vital need, not as in holding a degree or PhD, but in educating abo...

If I were a millionaire...

Posted July 17, 2014 Avatar María Barba

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Imagine you could invest your money to help people, and end the global problems explained in all the posts. Imagine then you could get that money back, and reinvest it again on a different cause. Welcome to Social Business. This term, created by Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus is said to be the key to overcome poverty. The principles set by this man are: - Business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology acc...

The OneMinutesJr. video challenge

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Calling all budding young filmmakers! What do Child Rights mean to you? Tell us in a 60 second video! As the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child approaches in November 2014, we want to hear from you. From declining infant mortality to rising school enrollment, more children are realizing their basic rights. But this historic milestone must also serve as an urgent reminder that there’s still a long road ahead. Too many children still don’t enjo...

#YouthForChange: Action Statement & Report

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Read the #YouthForChange Action Statement and Research Report. Over the past few weeks Voices of Youth has been sharing articles, testimonies and resources all about FGM/C and child marriage. We also asked you to take part in an online survey, to get your views on these issues - because we believe that with youth engagement we can hope to achieve the goal of ending FGM/C and child marriage faster. All of this has been in the lead up to the #YouthForChange event which to...

Cracks in the (Political) Glass Ceiling

Posted July 21, 2014 Avatar Effie Johari

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Quelle jeunesse nous entoure ?

Posted July 21, 2014 Avatar Mathieu Saurin

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Je me suis souvent demandé ce que pensaient les adultes des jeunes d’aujourd’hui, en France et ailleurs dans le monde. Bien sûr, on entend régulièrement des phrases stéréotypées et clichées balancées çà et là mais je souhaitais approfondir ce questionnement resté sans réponses concrètes, car je vous l’avoue, je ne peux me résoudre à évoluer à travers des postulats erronés. Pour moi, les situations sont souvent beaucoup plus complexes que l’iceberg émerg...

Are you aware of this year's UN international youth day theme?

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In 1999 a UN assembly set aside 12 August of every year as the UN international youth day .Since then every year different issues that were thought to be affecting the youth were set as themes of the day. Different stakeholders sit down and discuss various ways of dealing with these issues and measures are put in place to address them. This year’s theme is ‘youth and health matters ’ with the slogan mental health matters. According to World Health Organization(WHO) in eve...

introspecive experience

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