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20. 20. I still can't believe it. In my mind I'm still 19, even though it's close to being a month since I turned 20. I'm not a teenager anymore. Sigh. This is not me refusing to grow up, I think everyone who knows would agree that me growing up will never happen. It's much more than that. I guess I thought by the time I turned 20 I would have done much more than I have, been more. I know it's only 20, not 30, or 40, or 50...but I just can't shake the feeling. There's...

The battering of women

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Growing up as a kid I experienced frequent fights in which I always saw my neighbour batter his wife. He’d always come home soaked in alcohol in the wee hours of the night…the only noise we heard at that period of the night was his whole family weeping. They usually ran to our home for refuge and we always protected them from their dad. I always saw the female sex as frail and fragile and considering the fact that every person on earth came from a woman I’ve had tha...

Eventually everything connects?

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Coincidence? Destiny? Things happens for a reason? Or are all the things that happen with us and around us coincidence? Some things are too strange and weird to be only a coincidence or just a simple thing. We meet people for a reason, at the right time for a reason? Some things may seem beyond our understandings, beyond our beliefs. Sometimes we meet people and we just click with them, like we have known them for years, like we’ve met them before. Things just connect,...

Heart of Pakistan: Lahore

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Lahore is the capital city of Punjab province in Pakistan. It has a rich history and some historians trace the history of the city as far back as 2000 BC. It is the 16th most populous city of the world and it is referred to as the cultural heart of Pakistan as it hosts most of the arts, cuisine, festivals, music, film-making and gardening of the country. Lahore is among those cities which are blessed with both historic and modern attractions. Minar-i-Pakistan which is called "The...

How Studying in the United Kingdom Changed My Life

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They say there are two most important days in your life: The day you are born, and the day you find out why. The transition from high school to college has brought in many changes to my life, and I believe my experiences up till now have allowed me to gain new viewpoints on life, ones that marked permanent changes. Frankly, I will never be the same. I came to the UK in September. And although I’ve only been here for nearly 6 months, I can firmly say that I am not the same per...

Camp Citizen

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When your name echoed across the stone While the storm got mad and has blown I remembered the broken oaths of abandon souls The city that has buried me and you in holes. Once I believed, it is fair to have a country I saw bones and blood floating as they were free My caged bird decided to flee and join a tent Somewhere, the two roads never got bent. Call me a refuge or a migrant since long I stood For years of darkness I hunched more than I should...

The paradox of school closure as a form of protest

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For years the Department of Education in South Africa has been promising to provide more educators to understaffed schools with overcrowded classes who don't have the funds to pay more teaching staff themselves. Quite frankly, teachers and parents of learners in these schools have had enough of the empty promises, deciding to close schools down as a form of protest. Closing down schools as a form of protest is a great sacrifice, but desperate times call for desperate measures....

So here is this question given to my class in our global citizenship course. It got me to understand more of how we can make the world better. Why is it important to engage in social analysis when trying to understand or examine a social problem? It is important to engage in social analysis when trying to understand or examine a social problem. As stated in the module, Social Analysis is a process that deeply examine the society and can help reform our world in a positive man...

Be Inspired!

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To whom can we look for inspiration? For some it will be those who have achieved greatness; world leaders, peacemakers, Nobel Prize winners; those who have led peoples to freedom, who have struggled to enable others to live better lives. Others will look to great minds for their inspiration – the world’s philosophers and religious thinkers, the clinicians and scientists whose hands have healed and whose research has advanced human knowledge, those who have pushed the boun...

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