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VOY Blogging Internship - Applications Now Open!

Hi everyone! Applications for the next round of Voices of Youth blogging internships are now o...

Are We So Different Or So Similar?

Published Avatar Natalie Esmail

Avatar Natalie Esmail
Member since December 2, 2015
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  • Age 23

The paradox of living in this unfair world is a game itself. You were born with the same capabilities as everyone else. Yet, the other person that was born at the same minute on the same day, is living under completely different conditions. You will ask yourself, what is she talking about? Of course things are this way - it’s life. No one is supposed to be similar to anyone. It’s the essence of life. The most important question is: why? Why are we different? And why does...

What It Means To Be A Dream Chaser

Published no picture ashwin , a student

no picture a student
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A man without passion, you can call him a bag full of bones. They are synonymous anyway. Strange and weird how things have changed in the past few decades, both, for people, and their melodramatic phases of life. Time has been fast forwarded and we are heading towards a digitalised viacom era where we produce electronic chips guarded by brain anatomy that sustains only to satisfy every need of its producer and feed this generation. /It is better to call them humans a...

The Forgotten Tribe

Published Avatar Eric Mbotiji

Avatar Eric Mbotiji
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The “forgotten tribe” is a term used to refer to people with disabilities in Cameroon. When I was attending a civil society event in the town of Bamenda-Cameroon, one of the participants who is living with a disability, made mention of the forgotten tribe with respect to education. The 2011 census in Cameroon found out that 5.4% of the population has at least one disability, though this estimate is likely low. However there are no public schools for children with disability...

Bullying -- Will Always Be Underrated

Published no picture Ariel , Voice By Ariel

no picture Voice By Ariel
Member since May 2, 2016
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People believe that change can occur in people, that people can change for the better. If they can believe that people can change, how come they do not believe that our world, our generation can change? No matter what generation we live in the trends may change, the culture may change, however, the concept of bullying DOES NOT change. Why is that? Why is there still no change in that? When will people learn that bullying is such a strong topic, it may be overrated though, the...

We all Deserve Attention

Published no picture James Bird

no picture James Bird
Member since April 10, 2016
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In this video, one man coughs and falls to the ground in a busy street twice. The only difference between the two falls is that the man is dressed to look like someone who is homeless in on and a business man in the other. We would think that people would rush to their aid in both cases but that is not true. When the homeless man fell, no one came to his aid over a period of ten minutes. They just let him lie there on the cold, hard ground . . . for all they care he could have be...

Free the Fart!

Published no picture vickytoria726 , student

no picture student
Member since March 19, 2016
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We all do it. We all hear it. We all smell it. Then, why are we ashamed of it? Farting, the natural human process that humans carry out daily. Farting is relieving to the body and satisfying to the soul. Without it, unhealthy gases would not be able to exit our bodies and most of us would be in the hospital if we never passed gas. You can cough in public and a peer will lend you a cup of water. You can sneeze in public and strangers will exclaim, “God bless you!” But… i...


Published no picture Chloe Miller

no picture Chloe Miller
Member since November 6, 2015
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If you google the word, “inspiration”, it will come up with this definition: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” Three cheers for whoever wrote that definition, because that is not something that is easily put into words. For me, inspiration can come from anything: a quote, a person, or even a vague idea of something. I remember when I first got interested in social change and social justice. I am a fu...

Out of Site Shouldn't Mean Out of Mind

Published no picture James Bird

no picture James Bird
Member since April 10, 2016
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The picture is of the line that leads up to the tables where we serve the homeless their food at PB&J Ministry. But the food line is not the reason that I took the picture. I took the picture for what lies in the background of the photo: The Motor City Casino. This makes the image powerful. Usually the poverty in the city is pushed in the background and the wealth is brought to the foreground; however, that is not the case in my photo. The poverty is prominently put on di...

On Not Loving Mom and Dad

Published no picture Lam Ngô

no picture Lam Ngô
Member since November 25, 2015
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  • Age 16

“Oh of course, you do.” “You’re just mad right now.” “You’ll feel bad for saying that later.” “I bet you don’t even think about the things they do for you.” Why? Why is loving our parents a fundamental requirement? Why is our love for them obligatory? Why does it have to be unconditional? If parents are only human, then should they not be judged with the same meter used for others? We hear stories of kids who get beaten, who are raped and star...

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