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Dear VOY community, We have the pleasure to announce that Voices of Youth now offers an RSS fe...

The Future is for us to see!

Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui

Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui
Member since January 8, 2013
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"When a door is closed, another one is opened for us elsewhere." All you have to do is to embrace the world outside and to look carefully through the open windows and seize all the opportunities and fell every moment. Failure doesn't mean you are losing but rather, that you are human; what makes you stronger is mistakes and falling once or even twice cannot bring you down. The moment you hesitate you lose, so instead of spoiling your life by going through useless and meanin...


Published Avatar Mr., Ala Oueslati

Avatar Mr.
Ala Oueslati
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We develop ideas, express opinions and react very differently as we perceive information given by the media, our peers, or enforced by our societies. What’s even more incredible is that these ideas can, in fact, shape our personalities, determine our values, encourage us to produce more misconceptions and judge everything around us. #BringBackOurGirls is a slogan that has been in circulation for over a year by activists, bloggers and online communities all over the world. Thi...

Honesty is a Game of Jenga

Published Avatar Miss, Noor Samee

Avatar Miss
Noor Samee
Member since April 19, 2015
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  • Age 15

I sit in my grandmother’s sunroom in a game of Jenga with my myriad cousins. We begin by building a tower of wooden blocks, sharing the structure’s weight to keep it upright and stable. Together, the blocks strengthen the structure and found the tower. My turn arrives. I poke the structure here and there, searching for the perfect block to slip out, and trying to remove as many blocks as possible without causing the structure's collapse. I pick out a block and anxiously wat...

What I Learnt This Week

Published Avatar Courtney Young

Avatar Courtney Young
Member since April 9, 2015
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  • Age 24

Being lonely is different than being alone. A couple of weeks ago I decided to be spontaneous, and booked a solo two week trip to London, UK from Canada. I am slightly, okay really, obsessed with the British royal family and wanted to be in London for the birth of the second royal baby. My job contract had just ended and I was being bogged down with the daunting task of deciding what was next. I have been in London for over a week now and have loved every second of it. I have spent the past 10...

Can Kermit the Frog Help Change the Future?

Published Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology, David Molina Shvidchenco

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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Last week, a story about the discovery of a new frog species made it to the news. It is beautiful and reminds me of Kermit The Frog from The Muppets. It is known as a “glass frog” – it almost has no pigmentation on his skin, so you can even see through it and take a look at its organs. Good thing that you can not see through Kermit’s skin or some kid’s childhood would have been ruined. I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty cool! It is not about a r...

Naomi Ferguson (Dr Naomi Adeline) Occupation Medical Officer (Doctor) How are you using your profession to help students at large? Outside working hours, I have been doing activities to promote individual responsibility for one’s own health and also increasing health literacy of youth and of the whole community in general. What means have you used to achieve this? In September 2014, with the help of colleagues and the Health of Our Nation...

Motherhood by 13: Guyana’s SRH Restrictions

Published Avatar Blogger, Derwayne Wills

Avatar Blogger
Derwayne Wills
Member since April 2, 2015
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“The miracle of birth” or “the joy of motherhood” are phrases used to describe that period when proud mothers celebrate the coming-to-be of their newborns. More than that, it’s a celebration of the beginning of a new life and a sigh of relief after nine months of anticipation. But when you open a newspaper to read that a 13-year-old girl gives birth to twins in Guyana, your heart sinks and you search aimlessly for the “miracle” or the “joy”. Regrettably, early...

Being Empathetic Tellurians

Published Avatar Angkush Poonye

Avatar Angkush Poonye
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What does it take to be empathetic towards others? -Giving free hugs? -Having a tender heart? -Spreading positive vibes? -Sharing wholeheartedly? For me, it just takes putting good thoughts and words into simple and small actions in our daily lives. It also means trying to feel the opposite of what we are actually feeling. So, whenever you are sad, please remember to: -Feel the caresses of the whistling wind on your face -Embrace the new day with the chirps...

Building Confidence From the Rubble

Published Avatar Elizabeth VOY

Avatar Elizabeth VOY
Member since April 12, 2015
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When was the last time you looked to yourself for empowerment? How about the last time you looked in the mirror and recognised yourself as something special? We’re in that period of our lives where nothing seems stable; we’re racing through school, might’ve hit college, university or looking for a job. Where do you find that oomph, that push, that ambition? How do you find that fire deep down? Now think about the last time you turned to the media. A flick to Instagram,...

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