Conflicted Obligation

Posted Avatar Katie Baxter , Student and VOY Climate & Environment Blogging Intern

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Katie Baxter
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Trapped. We need to get out of here.We know it’s not safe to stay.We see the ocean creeping closer and closer to us every day.We know it’s going to reach us very soon, and then what?Trapped.I should have left on the boats with everyone else.I could have sailed away from this awful nightmare. I feel so much anger that I couldn’t.I have to stay and look after her, don’t I?Trapped.Our entire existence is this tiny island. Our heritage, our culture, everything we have ever known.Our family has never...


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“Portraits” is a recollection of two tales where hijabi women used art to convey positive messages, address intersectionality, and combat marginalisation. Melia, photographerShe was born in a Muslim French- Algerian family. They taught her arts and photography. And raised her to embrace her Muslim identity. She grew up and chose to wear a veil. But like in a tale, at work, French princesses are not allowed to put on a veil. She finished school and worked as an urbanist. Obviously, she had to tak...

Dear Diary

Posted no picture Yifei , Student, VOY intern

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Dear Diary, Michelle actually talked to me! A Harvard grad! Can you believe it? She told me her inspirations and what kept her on her path. What stood out to me the most was that she said, “ I simply would not be me if I did not get all A’s, if I did not get a perfect score on my SAT, and if I did not get fives on all my AP exams.” Wow! I wish I was like that. How cool! Well, my AP exams are also coming up… I better do well. I want to go to a college like hers, I need to do this, for my family i...

Nomadic Wanderer

Posted Avatar Leah Davidson , Blogging Intern

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I have looked death in the eye on a number of occasions.In northern Syria, I dug wells, searching for that precious source of life and sustenance by the Earth’s core. The grounds used to be green and fragrant, bursting with wheat, potatoes, and fava beans. I used to dig for 60 to 70 meters. I remember this life: sweet like honey. I could almost taste the promise of prosperity and security.Then one day the water stopped flowing. People started losing crops and farms. Food prices doubled.My liveli...

1 in 6 men have had abusive sexual experiences before age 18.As shocking as this statistic is, it is a cruel reality, and yet it still does not fully encompass the magnitude of the issue. For one thing, it does not include non-contact instances of sexual abuse or men who have experienced sexual assault as adults. Moreover, male sexual violence is so heavily underreported that the actual rate is likely much higher.First off, what is the sexual assault? According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest...

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ll know that Brits aren’t taking the heightened security threat too seriously. The typically British sense of humour has been out in force to highlight the unbreakable spirit of the British people. One user writes: “When someone puts milk in before the tea bag #BritishThreatLevels” while another tweeted: “Always underestimating the power of mustard. #BritishThreatLevels”.This stoical response to the heightened threat levels is characteristic of a country that...

Government Corruption

Posted no picture Haya , Auburn High School

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Do you know well about your government? Do you know anything other than their name? Most importantly, do you know what they do for us?In the United States of America, we vote for our government to do the job for us and pay them. But what if a government did not do their job? Would that be fair to us, the citizen, who are actually paying them?What I want to talk about is government corruption. It is a major issue all around the globe and even in America. There are many ways of corruption such as...

What I'm hearing now

Posted no picture Simone , Singer, student

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What's real is that I can't do anything on my own, I needed you with me so I can carry on.What's real is that I'm not like anyone else ‘cause I'm not like them and that's a fact.I can't fit in a group that doesn't like me then tell you what you should do, and what's best for you that's like changing my whole personality.What's real is that I can do my best in any way I can.Possibly in my head what happened in the past happening today the stereotypes, the race the nationality.As I pass by the str...

My life, My standards

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Standards, an interesting word. And if you ask me, very important.According to a dictionary, a standard is a level of quality or achievement, that is considered acceptable or desirable. In other words, or in the words of Tony Robbins, standards are “musts” in our lives; and things that we accept and expect from ourselves and from others.And it is even more important to realize and know what are our standards. (Because, anyway, we have standards and why not control them?) Everything is so much ea...

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