Boy Blue

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Mwaniki Nyaga
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She walked in behind him. She much liked to stare at the ground while walking. Her mother said she slouched. Her mother also made it known to her that she thought that her esteem was low. She just did not want to step on gum, that’s all. He wore blue. A faded blue tee covered by a denim sleeveless coat. Blue jeans, ripped at the knees. A blue cap sat on his hairless head, slanting in a crooked, almost lifeless way. He was staring at the ground too…Or was he staring at his als...

Starting It From Me

Published Avatar Aurna , Creative Director, CEO, Volunteer

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It’s been more than a month now that I have shaved my entire head. The reason behind this was to promote diversity and protest against the killings happening in my country and around the world. Let me give my beautiful readers some context. Oftentimes my mom would run her hand through my hair and say how beautiful it was. People used to say that too. But when I used to talk about cutting it a little those people would say, “No! Do you want to look like a boy?” After cut...

The Power of Poetry

Published Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

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Richa Gupta
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“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” - Robert Frost, a renowned American poet Learning English can be an intimidating task, courtesy of the unyielding grammatical and syntactical rules, as well as the daunting principles of sentence formation and punctuation. What adds to this unbending image is the rigid method in which this language is taught in schools—as an endless series of rules meant to be obeyed when one pens down tho...

It’s time to sparkle

Published Avatar Hannah

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When I first started posting here on VOY, I did not tell anyone. Not my best friends and not my family. I didn’t know why at first. Now I realize it was because I was afraid that people might discover another side of me, an ambitious side. So I wondered, why? Why am I afraid of people knowing that I’m ambitious? I still don’t know the answer to that question. But what I do know is that since I’ve started showing my ambition many people have told me they respect me for it, b...

In this castle we built

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Shorouq Tarek
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Ever had an imaginary version of a place that you wish was real? A place of your own where you had the chance to set the rules? This is my version of a dream place In this castle we built, Hands of fate weren’t in charge. Everything was steady, Boring but never vulnerable. In this castle we built, Rules of time didn’t apply, it moves slowly when we’re content and fast when it must. In this castle we built, Darkness wasn’t scary and light didn’t...

"Time to make history!"

Published no picture Idil Kına

no picture Idil Kına
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"3...2...1...", "This is it, time to make history!". These were the lines that were said by the characters of the cartoon "Loud House" as Nickelodeon introduced its first married gay couple. An introduction more valid than that couldn't be made. Before I tell why, let me describe the scene a little bit. It is a scene which a gay and bi-racial couple, Howard and Harold McBride, drop off their son Clyde at a slumber party. So they are not just a same-sex couple, they are also multi...

Turn Up the Heat

Published Avatar Reid T.

Avatar Reid T.
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Race is only a problem if you make it one. Don’t ever, ever, try to say anything otherwise. I was once told that cold is just the absence of heat, and similarly, hate and violence works the same way. You are born without bias, carefree and innocent. Prejudice only comes through your lifetime of experience. Hate is just the absence of love, thus violence is absence of peace. Without the heat turned up, the cold will creep into our homes and our lives. Some of us might disp...

My Duke of Edinburgh Award: adventurous expedition

Published no picture Yeshna

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Despite being blistered and achy, I can now officially announce that I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh expedition and I'm so happy I did it! For those who are not familiar with DOfE, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is available to all 14–25 year old, regardless of their background. The Award is comprised of three levels, each progressively more challenging. Participants are required to complete four sections at each level: Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and...

To children of the war

Published Avatar Just my two c€nts , Medical student

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Just my two c€nts
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For you with my heart I pray I pray for you to turn stronger each day I wish borders wouldn't matter to anyone anymore And the world to welcome all souls alone and sore I hope you'll open your hearts & let go of all fear Cause me and billions are there for you here I know that I'm neither your kith nor kin I'm just someone wishing your faith to be restored in humanity in this turmoil's din I'm aware it's too much to ask since I've never been in your shoes...

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