A good thought a day keeps the doctor away

Published no picture Lucy Wanjiku

no picture Lucy Wanjiku
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‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.’ This has been a saying that has never really sunk in. Or maybe it just makes no sense. I am soothing Chimamanda to sleep as I take my meds, read and type at the same time. Depending on your CD4 count – that's the level of immunity in your body – you are put on a different regimen of medication. Since my CD4 count was high, I was put on septrin, an antibiotic to curb minor infections like a cold. But since I decided to get...

Discovering the strength within

Published Avatar Wabai Yvonne Wairimu , student

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Wabai Yvonne Wairimu
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DDear reader, I don't know if this letter will get to you, but I hope it does. I really put my heart into it, so it would sadden me if it didn't. I hope you're doing well. How was your day? Hope it was well. It's been long since I wrote something on Voices of Youth. One, two months, maybe? It's not that I've been on a tropical island somewhere, baking in the tropical sun and sipping margaritas, it's actually quite the opposite. I've been through some tough times lately. The t...

Never forget

Published Avatar Crisanta , Student

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Some days ago was World Cancer Day and I wanted to write something but at first I didn't know what. Then I found out that a girl I had known died a year and a half ago because of cancer, and so I wanted to write this... I meet this girl 5 years ago, in the hospital. She had cancer, lymphoma, and for some years she had been battling with this horrible disease/ She had undergone many treatments but the cancer never went away. Regardless of this, she was always very positive, very...

A Gender-Free Beauty Everywhere

Published Avatar Anna , Swarthmore College Undergraduate

Avatar Swarthmore College Undergraduate
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This blog post is a collaboration between Begimai Sataeva and Anna Weber. Gender is a boundless societal construct. At least, that is what we learned when we, the dual writers for this blog post, started writing about our own countries’ definitions of beauty. Anna lives in the United States and Begimai lives in Kyrgyzstan - two places nearly 7,002 miles away or a 12.5 hour plane ride. Yet, our experiences were shockingly similar. We’ve outlined our two stories below so t...

As Others See Us

Published Avatar Jack Liddall BI2016 , Student

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Jack Liddall BI2016
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Salām! Mera nam Jack hai! It has got to be the best bit about the Voices of Youth blogging internship. Getting the opportunity to meet the other bloggers and getting to know them through their blogs. You also get to know about the different countries from which the bloggers come, and about different cultures. It’s a fascinating journey which leads down many intriguing paths. What is curious is that, despite our diversity, we have quite a lot in common! We all love communic...

4 Things You Learn From Traveling

Published Avatar JuliaYasemin , Student

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This blog post is a collaboration between Salam Al-Nukta and Julia Yasemin Kettner. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” Ibn Batuta once said, an Arab traveler. How accurate is this? Well, based on real-life experience, it couldn’t be any more true. Travelling is a school and a wealthy experience. While travelling, you learn lessons that you are never taught in regular schools. The excitement of meeting new people and living in a...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Published Avatar Lightwell , Junior Facilitator, Researcher and Poet. Law Student at the University of South Africa

Avatar Junior Facilitator, Researcher and Poet. Law Student at the University of South Africa
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Splat, right in the middle of my face. A plastic bag whose origin I don’t know, whose former use I don’t know, and yet it’s brushing my lips. Only then does it strike me... “Littering is bad!” My city used to be called the cleanest city in Zimbabwe but like the rest, it has succumbed to the decay of pollution. A walk in the city will reveal that the former beautifully paved City of Kings and Queens has changed into something else, especially when it rains. Different cla...

Zika Virus: The Outbreak

Published Avatar Andrew VOY , Social Worker

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Andrew VOY
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“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito” - African proverb The Prelude of a Virus Back in 1947, in a region known as the Zika Forest in Uganda, a monkey was found during a yellow fever study, with a disease that would later be named after the region. It wasn’t until 1954 that the first humans fell prey to the disease, and only in 1968 the virus was isolated for the first time for further studies. A...

It's Not the Length of My Skirt

Published Avatar Devonnie Garvey , Voices of Youth Blogger

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Devonnie Garvey
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“Well, maybe if you weren’t dressed that way, it wouldn’t have happened.” That sentence stunned me into silence. I was having a conversation with my friend expressing my disdain that I couldn’t even walk to the grocery store without being bombarded by catcalls and distasteful and derogatory sexual comments about me or my body. That was his response. The first thing that sprung into my mind was, what way? I had been wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a sleevele...

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