The Power of Pop: Why BTSxUnitedNations Is So Important

Posted Avatar McKenzie Gooding , Student, International Relations

Avatar Student, International Relations
McKenzie Gooding
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If you have access to the Internet and haven't been living under a rock for the past year or so, you undoubtedly have at least heard of BTS, the global sensation taking the world by storm through their music, and perhaps, most relevant to this piece, their message. The group's overarching musical progression takes their listeners from the place of doubt, uncertainty, fears and mistrust which permeates much of the first two albums of the Love Yourself series to one of embracing oneself, flaws inc...

The Mental Health Toll of the Job Search

Posted no picture Maria Rendo

no picture Maria Rendo
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Like most college students, I started looking for my first full-time job a few months before graduation. I knew the process would be long and challenging. I had been warned about how I would need to be patient and not let rejections or lack of responses get to me. Many people advised me not to take negative responses personally, and to trust that the right position would come along eventually.And they were right. The right position and the right organization turned out to be waiting for me aroun...

Education – the catalyst for progress

Posted Avatar Kehkashan , Founder President

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Our world has more refugees now than ever before and sadly a majority of them are children. Of greater concern is that the number of child refugees are rising by the day. War, strife, political upheavals and the impacts of climate change are uprooting children from their homes and families, robbing them of their security and prosperity and placing them in situations fraught with uncertainty and danger. Surviving each day can be a challenge and many of them do not know where their next meal will...


Posted Avatar belenfernnandez

Avatar belenfernnandez
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Since I was a teenager I have been dealing with the constant fear of not being enough, and I have noticed this is an idea a lot of people struggle with.But, what is it that we actually fear? What are its roots? How can we NOT be enough?Figuring all this out has been the theme of my year. By stepping deep into this topic and sitting down in meditation with my own insecurities, I realised that perfectionism is rooted in fear; fear of opinions, fear of what others would think, fear of criticism. Th...

My Voice

Posted Avatar Teelena , Lab Assistant

Avatar Lab Assistant
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At the ongoing United Nations General Assembly, the music sensation BTS gave an inspiring speech which should be replayed on and on.And that's on our voice as the youth and the new #Youth2030 goal which is commendable for involving the power of youth. I have decided to align myself with this goal and to make my voice heard, to make a better society and I believe we can do this.Kofi Annan God rest his soul has declared United Nations as the heaven in this hell of an earth with their many initiati...

The only time I count

Posted no picture Devika Das K , Medical student

no picture Medical student
Devika Das K
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Looking into the deep starry sky,I wonder where the universe draws its line.No matter what it is to live, the place we live is indeed mystical.Like an ocean undisturbed by a drop of rain, this universe lives on, forgetting you.So why, why, I ask myself, every time I forget me, every time I mistake me for something else,every time I choose to keep myself for a later time, I ask myself why I do all this with me,even though I know deep deep inside, there is no one other than me, to know me, to love...

Education is a right, not a privilege

Posted no picture Joy , Student

no picture Student
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Having access to education should no longer be seen as a privilege - it should be a right for every child. For years, there have been children who have not had access to education due to many different factors. Children who grow up in countries affected by war and poverty are mostly the ones affected. Every child deserves to go to school without having to risk their lives. Unfortunately, there are also more girls than boys that do not have access to education. While there is easier access to edu...

Finding the greatness inherent in you

Posted Avatar Ivande Sepase Kingsley

Avatar Ivande Sepase Kingsley
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The book, 'From Darwin to Hitler' by Richard Weikart highlights the events leading up to one of the darkest periods in human history; the Holocaust. In his book, Richard Weikart traces the history of Nazism all the way back to Darwinism. He argues that Darwin's theory of Evolution which states that all life is related and evolved from one ancestor by a process of genetic mutation and preservation of beneficial genes (natural selection), overturned the view that human life is sacred and unique....

Why education should be free

Posted no picture Kiana Vivar , Student

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Kiana Vivar
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All education should be free because there are poor children who are smart and intelligent who can't afford to pay for their studies. It would reduce the unemployment rate, fewer people would be on government assistance, and it would help in our economic development. The main reason why students are dropping out is due to financial problems. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 3.8 million 6-24-year-olds who are out of school; 20.2% of them claimed that the main reason fo...

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