Increasing the Strength of Your Connections and Belief

Posted no picture Matthew Rindel , The Nguvu Man

no picture The Nguvu Man
Matthew Rindel
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When I am alone, I often question the nature and ways of people, especially my own. There are some people in this world who just baffle me, and often so many of us are entirely focused on how we want the world to perceive us, that we neglect how we would want ourselves to feel and how others will feel when they are around us. What always brings me back to positive thinking and feeling is my sense of purpose: the uncovered and discovered truth of who I am and what feels like I was meant to do. Th...

Love you more

Posted Avatar Paz O. , Student

Avatar Student
Paz O.
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Is she/he ever going to love me?Is there someone that loves me like I love him/her?Is there ever going to be someone that loves me ‘to the moon and back’?Does people appreciate me as they should?Am I like others want me to be?Am I valuable for others?These are common questions we ask to ourselves when we overthink, or maybe, only in daily life. We’re used to go around them until we find answers that certifiy us that we’re being loved. To some extent, that’s what we all want: love and be loved. F...


Posted no picture Artjola Sahiti

no picture Artjola Sahiti
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I broke someones heart. I did. I broke the heart of one of the best people ever in my life. There is not a worthy enough excuse for it all, and as cliché as it may sound, I had no other choice. I put someone through so much pain. Someone who had been in pain even before knowing me. Someone who is the last person on this Earth who deserves to be in pain. I let someone down. I let down someone who trusted me the most. Someone who thought I'd never let them down. I broke someones heart. I broke t...

Love Letter to Dirt From Tree Roots

Posted no picture Danielle Warren , College Student

no picture College Student
Danielle Warren
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Love Letter To Dirt, From Tree RootsAfter Sarah KayDon’t be jealous—it’s true, I do love the Rain,and while she does get to touch the very tips of me, it’s not the way I love you.She keeps me growing, but you keep megrounded, and only you knowthat I don’t always feel like standing talland touching the sky, that sometimes I just want to curl up and hideunderground.Every nightmare endswith me being struck down by lightning, and I keep falling, you not there to catch me. Each time,I wake up relieve...

The Power of Words

Posted no picture Linh H , Student

no picture Student
Linh H
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Words can heal but, sometimes, they can hurt too. In fact, the pain that words leave behind often goes unnoticed as there are no scars left on bodies. However, just because the scars are invisible, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.To children, adults are like superior beings who know so much about this strange mysterious world, that they might as well know everything. It is not unusual that children to look up to adults and to believe everything they are told, from tooth fairies to Santa Claus....

From the Refugee Camp

Posted Avatar Aditya Acharya , Environmentalist

Avatar Environmentalist
Aditya Acharya
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This is a fictionalized account inspired by recent stories reported in the news.I am Abdul Ramiz. I am ten years old. I am a Rohingya, they say. So I know I am a Rohingya but I do not know what that actually means. People around say we are in Bangladesh. Maybe, that is the name of the place we are living now. There are so many people here but no houses to live in.I am very tired and hungry. We walked so long before arriving here. My parents carried me on their back because I could not walk. And...

Not Just Kidding

Posted Avatar Nerissa Naidoo , Law Student

Avatar Law Student
Nerissa Naidoo
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. It is also a truth universally acknowledged that he was once a kid who cared about neither. Perhaps memory loss is a side-effect of puberty, but as soon as we receive our driver’s licenses, first pay cheque or utility bill, we suddenly view children as immature beings who don’t know any better. We, however, are the paragons of wisdom by virtue of the number of birthday candles we...

Lecture Hall Reflections

Posted Avatar Yumna Khan , Student at Rutgers University

Avatar Student at Rutgers University
Yumna Khan
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It's the first day of the Fall semester and I'm sitting in a corner by the outlets, sipping on my coffee eagerly awaiting for my Staffing class to start. Then my professor walks in, completely changing the tense atmosphere of stressed college students to an atmosphere of laughter that’s almost completely stress-free.I immediately dropped my worries regarding the rest of the day and focused all my attention on this professor who somehow managed to be enthusiastic and very engaging with her studen...

Law of Repulsion

Posted Avatar Zainab Zubair , medical student

Avatar medical student
Zainab Zubair
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Why does the thought of having something completely out of reach set our nerves on fire? Why is it that we are attracted more towards something which we know, deep down, that we can never have? Does it have something to do with human nature, or does it just happen to us women?I've always wondered throughout my life that I, as a woman, have had some specific habits that I've also observed in other women. One of those habits is the lust for something that I know clearly is way out of my reach. Whe...

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