The day I lost my friend

Posted Avatar Abdulkadir Adde Ibrahim , Msc Finance Student at the University of Nairobi

Avatar Msc Finance Student at the University of Nairobi
Abdulkadir Adde Ibrahim
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There are some experiences that no matter how much time passes, we simply cannot get out of our minds. It can be especially difficult to forget when that experience involves losing someone we care about. Someone like a friend that we love, trust, and share interests and laughs with. A friend with whom we could go months without speaking to, but so easily pick up where we left off. I’ve heard that when we lose someone, writing down our feelings about what happened allows us to process our grief a...

Somalia can learn from Rwanda: A personal odyssey

Posted no picture Mohamed Shidane , Researcher

no picture Researcher
Mohamed Shidane
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Though my main mission was to attend the Youth Connekt Africa Summit in Kigali, I had a desire to see and experience life in Rwanda, witness the progress the country has made after the horrific genocide, learn practical lessons from the process of peace-building and reconciliation and seek answers to a pool of questions that kept me curious for quite a number of years. Landing in Kigali at night gave me a glimpse of what the city was holding for me. A green, lush, clean and beautifully planned...

An ODE to a NOBODY - In defense of being average

Posted no picture SNEHA

no picture SNEHA
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"Don’t settle for AVERAGE. You were made for greatness ” – Victoria Osteen“All I knew is that I never wanted to be average” – Michael JordanDon’t these quotes look absolutely wonderful on paper? Being ‘average’ is abhorred and detested. But is ‘mediocre’ or being ‘average’ really the worst thing in life?I am an average girl, nothing special, A NOBODY and am perfectly fine with it. Shocked? Since our childhood, we are psychologically conditioned to prove that we are the best. Be it getting good g...

She is fire, and nothing else.

Posted Avatar Udita , Social Influencer

Avatar Social Influencer
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People don't get it When she burns herself downThey think she does it for the attention.Nah, she does it for herself.She takes all that rage inside herAnd uses it to grow flowers.She accepts all the hate in herAnd turns it into something that the world will love. And like the wind that blows out weak fires And fans the strong ones,Her fire keeps her warm,And shows her the way in the dark.Just be careful, though.The same fire that lights up your heartCould be enoughFor her to burn you down.Some s...

Being a Muslim girl in America

Posted no picture Najma Darwish , Student

no picture Student
Najma Darwish
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My name is Najma Darwish, I’m 14 years old and I have many titles, writer, daughter, friend, Somali, American and most importantly, Muslim.I was born and raised in America and have seen Islamophobia first hand. Being a teenage girl in this era of America has not been easy. I’ve been called many names and wouldn’t find the time to write each and every single one of them.I go to school were I am the only girl who wears the hijab, I sometimes see this as a burden and not as being unique. I see my f...

Canada is developing its feminist international assistance policy

Posted Avatar Jasmin Lilian Diab , Author and Researcher

Avatar Author and Researcher
Jasmin Lilian Diab
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Interesting enough, Canada has shocked the international community once more, viewing its development interests and its very notion and understanding of “development” from an entirely new angle.“Focusing Canada’s international assistance on the full empowerment of women and girls is the most effective way for our international assistance to make a difference in the world. Sustainable development, peace and growth that works for everyone are not possible unless women and girls are valued and empo...


Posted no picture Vanessa Tasé , Student

no picture Student
Vanessa Tasé
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I am a storyteller From where the palm trees dance rumba with the wind And the deep Caribbean waters touch my skin and make me tremble I am a storyteller Born from a star in the night sky And a ray of sunshine The one that broke darkness at dawn I am the fruit of the forbidden tree And I’m temptation hidden in the mango leaves I am a storyteller One of many who passed on their songs And poems And once upon a times And stories too I am the rich soil that housed the sweetest sweets And the b...

Children of war

Posted no picture Kiara , Student

no picture Student
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Life has become a burden for many children around the world, when they wake up in the morning they are not met with happiness. The hope in their eyes have faded away, they do not know if today is their last day or if they will ever see their families again. These are the many children of war. The children that are robbed of their youth and their rights are so innocent, yet that does not matter. Education has stopped for many of them as there are minimal schools left in the land they once called...

Climate believers

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Human | Translator | Writer | Climate Activist | World Peace Advocate | World Citizen

Avatar Human | Translator | Writer | Climate Activist | World Peace Advocate | World Citizen
Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Covering your eyes with your own hands and living in total darkness doesn’t mean that the light does not exist. When world leaders are denying climate change reports and working on abolishing confirmed truths, it is not only a disrespect to activists and scientists’ efforts to mitigate climate change but it, also, puts the life of the future generation in jeopardy. While thousands of people are fighting for their lives in the face of sever weather cases, people in power are still debating the m...

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