Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Published Avatar Lightwell , Junior Facilitator, Researcher and Poet. Law Student at the University of South Africa

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Splat, right in the middle of my face. A plastic bag whose origin I don’t know, whose former use I don’t know, and yet it’s brushing my lips. Only then does it strike me... “Littering is bad!” My city used to be called the cleanest city in Zimbabwe but like the rest, it has succumbed to the decay of pollution. A walk in the city will reveal that the former beautifully paved City of Kings and Queens has changed into something else, especially when it rains. Different cla...

Zika Virus: The Outbreak

Published Avatar Andrew VOY , Social Worker

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Andrew VOY
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“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito” - African proverb The Prelude of a Virus Back in 1947, in a region known as the Zika Forest in Uganda, a monkey was found during a yellow fever study, with a disease that would later be named after the region. It wasn’t until 1954 that the first humans fell prey to the disease, and only in 1968 the virus was isolated for the first time for further studies. A...

It's Not the Length of My Skirt

Published Avatar Devonnie Garvey , Voices of Youth Blogger

Avatar Voices of Youth Blogger
Devonnie Garvey
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“Well, maybe if you weren’t dressed that way, it wouldn’t have happened.” That sentence stunned me into silence. I was having a conversation with my friend expressing my disdain that I couldn’t even walk to the grocery store without being bombarded by catcalls and distasteful and derogatory sexual comments about me or my body. That was his response. The first thing that sprung into my mind was, what way? I had been wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a sleevele...

Why Are We Still So Afraid Of Feminism?

Published no picture Catherine Clair

no picture Catherine Clair
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Feminism. Try using that word openly, and I guarantee you will be received with more than one or two ignorant remarks. Why is that? Perhaps we should take a look at why the word is so negatively viewed. Is it because there are still too many people out there who do not understand the word? For whatever reason, I am going to discuss why this word should be used more often and proudly, and why each and every woman should be proud to call herself a feminist. Feminism is the fight...

Education is a human right

Published Avatar Hannah

Avatar Hannah
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Belgium Caroline is sixteen years old. She goes to a school nearby. It doesn’t matter which school she goes to anyway, because every school offers about the same quality education. Her mother sometimes complains that there aren’t any private schools because she would have loved to give her daughter an even better start in life. But Caroline knows that her mother is exaggerating because while her school is far from perfect but the quality the school offers is absolutely fine...

Cut those strings & those invisible chains

Published no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
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Where to start? Yes, let's start in those countries where girls are not 'girls'. 'm talking about the way girls are still treated despite all the gender equality movements that are taking place in the world. Are they free? Not at all, from the moment they are born they are merely puppets, other people control their lives and they are held by invisible strings. First and foremost, in some parts of the world, being born a girl is still a sin. When the mother herself takes the baby...

Is Being Two-Faced Cruel?

Published no picture Arsafira Jaya Mahvera , University Student

no picture University Student
Arsafira Jaya Mahvera
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The sentence of the title was a question that popped up on a conversation of my friend and I. We reflected on some things, and one topic which came up was about how much she was upset with herself because she dislikes some people but she always tries to be nice to them for the sake of maintaining good relations. She feels like she is acting two-faced, then it lead on to the title: is being two-faced cruel? From my perspective, being two-faced is not cruel. It shows maturity, be...

My MUN experience

Published no picture Nouredine Zergoune

no picture Nouredine Zergoune
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The Algeria MUN experience was a turning point in my entire life. I used to have bad image of the MUN Conference, but after I was involved in the flow of politics & international issues everything has changed in me and my thinking. Mediation, Communication and Leadership were a few of my learning notions. Certainly, being a delegate has given a clear image of some concepts about international issues. We were around 150 delegates from across 37 wiliyas. Adara, Media, Algie...

Liberalism As A Threat

Published Avatar Jay Sugheson , Student

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Jay Sugheson
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May 13th 1969. Shhhh. People cringe and shiver at the mention of this date, as it brings back the memories of one of the darkest days in Malaysia, a deep scar on her beautiful face of history. It was the day, the cruel, horrifying bloodshed racial riots took place, which proved to be a massive turning point in the course of Malaysian history which would leave us at the edge of the sword. The racial balance and unity was fragile and at an all-time low. Amidst the hatred and fear...

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