On the issue of abortion

Posted August 14, 2014 no picture Laura

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This issue of abortion is one of the most discussed worldwide. In my opinion, abortion in cases of extreme health must be authorized. But for negligence and carelessness (most cases) pregnant women should let the fetus develop. After a week, the fetus is already considered a human, and like everyone, has the right to life. If the woman does not want to raise the child after birth, the mother should give the child up for adoption. Thousands of infertile couples around the world ar...

Earth Overshoot Day 2014

Posted August 19, 2014 Avatar maryb

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Today is Earth Overshoot Day in 2014. This means that humanity has consumed in almost 8 months what the earth could produce in 1 year. So it would be necessary for us to have an-Earth-and-a -half to sustain the 7 billion-population of our planet. Or, to be more clear, our Earth needs 1 year and 4 months to renew the resources we used in 1 year. As you may expect, this day has occurred sooner and sooner each year. If in 1990 it was December, 24 years later it is August. Imag...

Religion and caste

Posted August 19, 2014 no picture Dinusha

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Do we need to consider religion or the caste of a person when we associate with someone? I think the answer should be, NO. It's different to expand our thinking ability because horizons mean what the limitations are, on behalf of our emotions. You should be an emotional person, but not break your qualities as a human being. Furthermore, If you are living with a narrow mind (with emotions), you may be afraid to go through that too. Here is a recent example: Almost three...

Changing the World

Posted August 19, 2014 no picture Mahtab

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When we are children, a lot of us grow up seeing poverty if not being a victim of it. As we step into adolescence, we all want to change the world into an ideal one. As we grow older, the fire of youth begins to cool down. And at last, one sits in the old age corner of life hoping for some change. It takes a brave heart to change the cycle above and actually bring change. It takes a intelligent mind to know that to choose not to litter is a global initiative on its own. Today...

#Photography for Storytelling

Posted August 19, 2014 Avatar Thamara Kandabada

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Source: https://www.facebook.com/UNICEFSriLanka/photos/a.2...

An open invitation to all enthusiasts! Join UNICEF Sri Lanka at this event announcing the 3rd Youth for Children (#Y4C) Dialogue: #Photography for storytelling. This will be carried out in line with ‘Children in Focus’ (#CiF) photo competition done in partnership with Canon-Metropolitan and Rotaract Shutterbug (an initiative by the Rotaract Club of Panadura) to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (#CRC). Join us next Thursday at...

Still Alive!

Posted August 18, 2014 Avatar Christopher Onoka

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Hey guys! This post is just to assure you that I am still alive and well (: I have been pretty busy with exams. I'm writing my last exam for the term tomorrow so I'm looking forward to posting with more frequency! Things I'm happy about this week: 1) The "re-boot" of Internet activism. I'm sure you've all seen the ALS ice bucket challenge that has succeeded in raising donations within a few days to the ALS foundation by millions of dollars and has helped raise aw...

Forum Theatre: a tool in social development

Posted August 18, 2014 Avatar maryb

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I want to talk to you today about taking action and making changes. We all know most of the problems we are confronted with, but we never do anything about it. Why? Maybe because we weren’t taught how to make changes and so we can’t see where they can take place or/and what we actually can do. This way, we end up frustrated and disappointed with humanity, not even imagining what we can do to heal the wounds it created. But lately I found a possible solution to this issue,...

The future belongs to you(th)!

Posted August 18, 2014 no picture Artemis Boutsifakou

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My name is Artemis. I'm 17,5 years old and I am from Greece. I finished school this year, by taking national exams in order to attend a university to study journalism. Unfortunately, it didn't go well,so I didn't score the marks that were needed. Now, I hope that the upcoming results will be more positive and show me that I'll have the chance to study Sociology. But my big dream is still journalism. Due to the debt crisis, things are difficult in my country. Many people ar...

Selling the Treatments?.... YES.

Posted August 18, 2014 no picture Keren Dunaway

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Pay for treatments, an evil act against those most affected by HIV: The poor. Yes, in Honduras people with HIV, pay for antiretroviral treatments and viral load tests and CD4, which is a constraint to care access care. This topic has been playing for a long time, demanding that treatments should be free, but governments have turned a deaf ear to this complaint. In Honduras the poor are sustained of the bureaucracy and corruption that is increasingly outrageous. About 70% of...

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