No more Nagasakis. No more Hiroshimas: Youth demands a Nuclear Free World! Hiroshima and New York, August/Sep 2015 Throughout the years, I have been working with young people around the globe in building their capacity by empowering communities and advocating for peace, security and the rights of all people. When it comes to youth, my aspirations are always multiplied with hope and strength because we are the "generation of change". If we can't change the whole world, don't g...

Bringing Power to the Unconnected

Published no picture Shreya Vishnoi , Global Market Analyst

no picture Global Market Analyst
Shreya Vishnoi
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In any country, the right to access sources of energy that are affordable, reliable and sustainable is a primary driver of the social progress of the country and how much it is doing for its citizens in urban as well as rural areas. Electricity and power are the keys to provide essential services such as telecommunications, banks, hospitals, schools, etc. and utilities and facilities within them. An efficient usage of electricity in the rural areas of a country is the key to productively, health...


Published Avatar ChemEngOutreach , UCL Chemical Engineering Undergraduate

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Eyes in the sky, a watchful protector. To serve, to guard, as faith’s connector. Knowledged, well versed in the stories of pain. Informed, connected, yet still we refrain. To aid, to act for those in need, who beg to us, their children to feed. And as we look to the skies above, and question the world, where is our love? So they look to the world above, and question your heart, where is our love? For life is...

The IGCS school on “Sustainable Water Management In Urban Areas”

Published Avatar Nikunj Sharma , Masters Student

Avatar Masters Student
Nikunj Sharma
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The IGCS winter school included an interdisciplinary approach to study and understand the problems related to water management in urban areas. Water is the most important asset for public health, economy, and maintaining the urban environment. Therefore, it is very crucial to develop and innovate effective methods of water managements in urban regions. Couple of strategies are being adopted to collect and reuse waste water from various sectors such as domestic, industries and comme...


Published Avatar Chima F. Madu

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a proposed universal set of goals, targets and indicators that nations are expected to use as a guideline in framing their social, political and economic policies for the next 15 years. They are an offspring of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) due to expire at the end of 2015. Unlike the MDGs which consisted of only 8goals, the SDGs consists of 17 goals with 169 targets dealing with various developmental problems like poverty, hun...

Brave New World

Published Avatar ChemEngOutreach , UCL Chemical Engineering Undergraduate

Avatar UCL Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
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Fear not brave soul, of hopes and dreams. An unheard voice, who shouts and screams. Your cry strikes tremors in hearts and minds. But why dies down, weathered, unwinds? For poverty is noble, a cause to unite. But a cause that is woeful, with its heart out of sight. Because through the efforts, the goals, the cause, your voice runs dry by money and laws. Your voice runs governed by statistical figures, by...

The terrorist society!

Published no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine
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Yesterday, the Algerian government authorized a terrorist and gave him the permission to start his own political party. At the same time, hundreds of Algerian activist, secular thinkers were arrested during the last few months. I know many of you will not get this, many of you would ask for the reason. Well, it’s simple: officially –in the speeches-, the Algerian political system fights terrorism, and engages in a war against all those awful movements since the beginning of the...

What will Jamaica bring to the table in preparation for COP21?

Published Avatar Advira Shand , Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris

Avatar Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris
Advira Shand
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By: Advira Shand Date: August 27, 2015 It was boldly posited by Hon. Robert Pickersgill, Jamaica’s Minister of Water, Land, Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, that, “discussions on intended nationally determined contributions must be mindful of our contexts, development aspirations, national priorities, circumstances and capabilities towards emissions reduction. The adoption of a new instrument to replace the Kyoto Protocols must remain our goal...

Inspire! Meet The Teen Determined To Change Education

Published no picture Julia Schemmer , Freshman at UC Riverside

no picture Freshman at UC Riverside
Julia Schemmer
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Sometimes in the midst of a mundane and meticulous life filled with the busyness of a routine, a passion enters your heart and soul, captivating every square inch of your ambitions. Once someone discovers their passion, their whole life becomes challenged, validated, and revolutionized. Nothing is more wonderful than an empowered person for causes greater than themselves, and California native Sam Gorman is a living testament of this statement. As teens, we're often told that w...

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