All about family

Posted no picture Ysabel Gagliardo , Student

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Ysabel Gagliardo
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They teach you that family is the most important thing in the world, and I believe they are right. If you're blessed enough to have a loving, happy, and peaceful household, you should cherish it so much and be grateful every day for it.But what happens to the people who aren't that blessed? Some people are born into troubled homes, and some people are born with no parents at all. Your parents are not you - and that is very important. You can have a completely different life from them and you sho...

Unstoppable energy

Posted Avatar Rogelio Alejandro González , El Cristo en busca de la Esperanza

Avatar El Cristo en busca de la Esperanza
Rogelio Alejandro González
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What a miracle!the earth, the sun and us.Do you know what I am talking?That sensation when you smell the flowers,those spectacular feelingswhen we take our breath,that beautiful silencewhen we listen to our bodies,that heat inside uswhen we are close to each other.What a miracle honey!Every day when I open my eyesI feel your heart beating,I feel the beat of the earth,I feel trees under my feet,I feel roses around me,the waves are breaking on the beachand I hear you talking to me.Everybody asks f...

Your Feelings Are Not Invalid

Posted Avatar Yumna Khan , Student at Rutgers University

Avatar Student at Rutgers University
Yumna Khan
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Or feelings are valid, but many times we don't feel our feelings are valid, or that our thoughts are important enough to be expressed out loud to others.Sometimes I feel guilty and horrible for feeling horrible about anything in my life, because in my head is the notion that there are others with worse problems than mine so I need to keep my emotions bottled inside of me, and my mouth shut.I find myself completely alone despite being surrounded by people who would be more than happy to listen, b...

Days Were Easy Before

Posted Avatar Sarah Edrina , Human Rights. All Rights.

Avatar Human Rights. All Rights.
Sarah Edrina
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It is unbelievably true that being a teen is the hardest thing in life; not a child, not an adult. It may sound peculiar for your medulla oblongata to interpret this statement yet, it's the inevitable truth. Sometimes, I sit back and think of how fast the world has been evolving, from gadgets to the internet and advance billing, etc. We're more connected to the world than any generation ever has been. Everything is fast-paced; exchanges of ideas occur rapidly, poor judgments and youngsters are a...


Posted Avatar Precious Ugbo , Writer. illustrator

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Precious Ugbo
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‘Forever’For as long as I can remember, I've always assigned very little value into this one word. I never really thought about it much. Perhaps, I firmly relied on the assumption that ‘forever’ was one of those inherently constant things in life, like the sure way the scorching sun bites harder in the desert.My severe disillusionment came with the shock of losing a loved one. Its saddening, isn't it? The way it takes a reminder of how brief life is to actually appreciate it.But, I'm relearning....

Try one more time

Posted no picture Francesc

no picture Francesc
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In a world where things move out of control within the blink of an eye and intentions don't always get the desired results, we are tempted to give up in disappointment. Our good deeds tend to be futile, the dreams seem better in our heads than in reality and we are forced to throw in the towel and surrender. Hey! My friends I call you to please come back, don't give up just yet let's try one more time. It's those who try one more time who get the result. They are the ones who win the race, they...

The LGBTQ Revolution

Posted no picture Phoenox , Student

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The LGBTQ community is one of the most discriminated and abused minority in the world. The quality of life for people in the LGBTQ community is still terrible compared to almost any other minority group, but it is slowly getting better. More laws are being passed to protect the rights of these individuals, public acceptance is rising, and hate crime is lowering, but the progress is pathetically slow.Ever since the 2015 ruling of Obergefell and Hodges - banning laws preventing same-sex marriage...

It Starts Here

Posted no picture nikenafifah

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We wonder why our world is lacking peace and is full of so much corruption. Let me tell you why. I won’t preach, but I will give you a scenario.Imagine this: a child is born into this world. His or her parents/guardians focus on this child’s humaneness, ability to understand and be intune with his/her emotions, and sending goodness and kindness out into this world.Tell me this: Do you see that child growing up into an adult that has the capacity to hold a gun and slaughter… someone? Do you see t...

When Life Is Not Virtual

Posted Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui , Human | Translator | Writer | Climate Activist | World Peace Advocate | World Citizen

Avatar Human | Translator | Writer | Climate Activist | World Peace Advocate | World Citizen
Imen Al-Nighaoui
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Who are we outside of our Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts? How do our lives look when we are not sharing our daily life routine through Instagram? What kind of life are we leading when we are not surfing the internet? Or let me ask this question: Do you know how the world looks like outside the four walls of your social media accounts?It has been a long time since I shared a new blog with you my friends, and the simple reason is that I was going through a life changing experiment, through...

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