Dancing is, and always has been, a vital part of my life. It’s a way to express myself without fear of judgement or ridicule. Through the 7 or 8 years I’ve been dancing I have learned more than just the steps, I’ve learned vital skills on how to live life.The first lesson I learned was determination and commitment. By taking 5+ dance classes a week I have learned determination and commitment quite easily. Whether it’s missing a party because you have a rehearsal or pushing yourself even though y...

Should Young People Be Taught About Freelancing in School?

Posted no picture Frank Howard , Freelance Writer

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Frank Howard
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Do you remember your high school careers counsellor? While some of my friends got in-depth support to help them plan the next step of their life, my school had a less hands-on approach. Each student filled in a questionnaire and then a few weeks later, we received a booklet that outlined which career paths would work well for us.I found my career profile recently while clearing out some old boxes and I was surprised at how outdated it had already become. It told me I could use my English skills...

Advice against moral apathy

Posted Avatar Chaima Baztami , Student

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Chaima Baztami
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1. Stand. Enter the dynamics of the world and be daring. Wear your beliefs and speak your mind. Never allow yourself to acquiesce in any injustice or to abide being a bystander to someone else’s injustice.2. Recognize that the world is not ruled by the scale carrying, blind-folded goddess depicted in courts; you will inevitably encounter wrong-doing and yet, this knowledge should not grant you any comfort when witnessing evil. It should, instead, serve as a call to intervention; it should awaken...

A Thought...

Posted no picture Evelyn , Student

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A thought...Some men just have a lot inside, and I contemplated this as I scrubbed my kitchen floors. I think this because my husband was a complex man. He had a lot going on in that head, especially yesterday. I wrung my sponge out, cursing at myself for leaving a mess overnight. Ben had always told me I procrastinated, which I sure had gotten a few bruises for. But that was in the past. I picked up my bucket and dumped it down the sink. What a shame, the mess wasn’t just in the kitchen and I’d...

The Fall of a Dove

Posted no picture Gaurav , Student

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The white dove falls...from the blue sky.It's body, now lifeless,descends into the ground.Now it's wings won't flap,and it's legs won't perchand it's body must fall.The white dove fell...from the blue sky.Yet, it's feathers floatblood stained and twirling,they'll fall,more slowly than the dove.The white dove's life,ends after it reaches the groundand it is discreet..The white dove fell...into the ground.Yet, it's feathers float.Blood stained and twirling,they'll fall,slowly into the ground.


Posted Avatar Kashish K , Student majoring in Political Science and English Literature

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I was on my way home,when this young lady likely to be in her twenties,did something terrible.But I did something even more terrible. She was sitting right across me andtook out a candy from the pocket of her jeans.Nothing wrong yet.She unwrapped the candy from theshiny,sparkling,plastic wrapperand put the candy in her mouth.Nothing wrong yet. She then threw the plastic wrapper on the road.That was terrible. I didn't say anything, even when I wished to.I didn't.And that, was even more terrible....

Approaching Winter Love


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Right here few days back, I could see and feel the sizzling summer sun, as the rays stroke my skin, I smelt the freshness of the air filled with glorious Lily odour and your smile.Now it is cool and you are gone and the moon will soon come upon the chilling night. I want to shiver with love in your arms, fight back every odd, feel secure like that toddler and train myself for approaching winter.In this busy big world, I want to buy your time and be by your side, in transition of summer to winter...

A Goodbye Note

Posted no picture Artjola Sahiti

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I can start by saying sorry. Sorry for not having a proper goodbye. I'm sorry if I let you down. I'm sorry I am writing this eight months late. I tried to be strong, I really did, but I had no idea how I was supposed to handle losing you, I still don't. You have created my greatest memories as a little girl. You taught me how to draw my very first bunny and you taught me my first prayer. Do you remember when I lost my grandma? I was still 8 and had no idea what death was. I slept in your arms t...

Stigmatization of Adolescent Eating Disorders

Posted no picture Catherine Coggins

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Every 62 minutes, one or more people die from an eating disorder. (ANAD, 1) With a higher mortality rate than any other mental illness, there is an alarming lack of education and compassion in our society towards individuals with eating disorders. Due to a variety of influential factors and the evolution of main stream media, there has been a sharp increase in eating disorders over the past few decades. Although impossible to pinpoint exactly how many people in the United States struggle with ED...

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