Love wins: same-sex marriage in the US

Published no picture Flora

no picture Flora
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So on the 26th of June, the USA legalised same-sex marriage in all 50 states. I remember waking up, turning off my alarm and then performing my daily Twitter feed check, and the first thing I see was Ellen Degenerous' post, "Love Wins". I continue scrolling, and was met by a splash of rainbows and vibrant colours as I discover that the bill of same-sex marriage in the US was passed in the Supreme court. Back here in Australia, I remember thinking: they've done it. It's such a m...

The Man Who Chose to Die

Published Avatar David Molina Shvidchenco , Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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Do you think about death? It is something that happens to most of people, but not me. As far as I know I am immortal until the opposite can be proven. And because of my immortality , I like to think about the mystery of life and what is at the other side of the border. But who am I to know about something that I haven’t experienced or won’t ever experience? Actually, nobody can say a fact about death because it is an activity that cannot be lived through. But you can stil...

4 Types of People Who Need to Shut Up Now

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So, a new movie called Inside Out came out this year and although I am still to watch it, I have seen the trailer in English and Spanish repeatedly. It’s so exciting, hey? The idea that there are these different kinds of people living in your brain and depending on the situation, take the lead and determine your emotions and actions. It made me think about the community living in my head… Just like each city has troublemakers, babies, leaders, dancers, jokers, nurturers…...

More Than Just Labels

Published no picture Abeer Ahmad , Ms

no picture Ms
Abeer Ahmad
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It all begins with a mere comment. "I bet you were part of 9/11!" And then, just like that a single pest becomes an infestation. A drop becomes the greatest of seas until all you can hear are the giggles and the mocking bellowing throughout the halls. "Terrorist!" "Go back to your own country!" "Are you gonna blow us up too?" Like worms, they crawl under your sink and inch through your thoughts until you can't see who you are, the beauty of your lineage or of your wor...

Tunisia has always been an open country that hosted several cultures including Roman, Ottoman, and French which has affected the local spoken language in Tunisia. In fact, Tunisians do share in common the Arabic language. But, there are different Arabic dialects that metamorphose the effect of the invaders in the past and each dialect is filled up with a number of foreign expressions. However, an important portion of our modern Arabic dialect used in Tunisia is borrowed from French...

The Climate Crisis: Why Youth Must Act

Published no picture Will DiGravio , President at

no picture President at
Will DiGravio
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As I write these words, California is experiencing one of the worst and most prolonged droughts the United States has ever seen. The United Kingdom has persevered through its hottest July day ever recorded, India is recovering from the fifth worst heat wave in history, and in Australia, believe it or not, lizards are changing sexes due to extreme heat. There is no doubt that climate change is happening, and that it is happening fast. Each day, the repercussions of our reliance on...

The Future of Learning: An Activate Talk

Published Avatar Elizabeth VOY

Avatar Elizabeth VOY
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As a Voices of Youth representative, I attended UNICEF UK and Pearson’s Activate Talk on Future Learning, held in London last week. This is the first in a series of talks which bring together youth, innovators, experts and thought leaders to showcase the latest solutions on some of the biggest issues facing children in danger. Read on to find out how I got on… Here’s some food for thought; how do you think monumental changes in history begin? What, for example, spa...

The Fallacy Of Numbers

Published no picture Samreena Ashraf , Student

no picture Student
Samreena Ashraf
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We possess capabilities, not consent; choices, not options. Way back during the days of philosophers and thinkers we read about today, knowledge was not confined to any sort of definition. They didn't have to choose the kind of knowledge they'd want to possess. They did it to gain knowledge and work around it. We do to earn money; numbers on pieces of paper which seem to have more value than words in books. They're not just words; they're ideas that encompass the conflicts ever...

A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Racial Advocate

Published no picture Nawal Wasif , Welcome to My Mind

no picture Welcome to My Mind
Nawal Wasif
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Along with Writing Seminar, I take Sociology of Health Care. Just recently in class we discussed the topic on discrimination in the American Health Care system where people of color tend to be undermined when receiving proper treatment. In contrast, the white patients have the ability and acceptance to go for high class treatment and receive benefits from the health care system. My professor then asked us if we thought these statistics made sense. All my classmates and I started to...

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