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Sparks are tiny flashes of positivity. Motivate others by sharing what you have done, seen, heard or read. Or simply express a beautiful thought.
In a time like this you’ve got to remember that everyone’s going through different things. So please just remember one simple thing:
❤️ Be Kind ❤️
COVID-19 had some positive out-turn, as it brought us close to our loved ones and gave us time to cherish some beautiful moments of our lives, which we never expected, but will carry in our hearts till the last breath.
This is the time to show that we are human beings. We have humanity. All of us should come forward in order to help everyone, the old, the children with special abilities. Together, we all have to fight the COVID-19 .
As the COVID-19 is spreading in the whole world we all have to come together to fight against it, as one alone cannot but together we all can."
May God give you strength to heal in this crisis. Be safe all. All are important.
Stay safe and take care of you and your family, loved ones. Self quarantine and be a superhero. You are saving lots of people lives by this.
In this crisis, it's again proven that humanity is the best religion which persists
The world needs more appreciation than criticism, more kindness, more love, more compassionate beings
Fear and paranoia are not vaccines against COVID-19. Be self aware. Take precautions. But, while doing that, don't forget to love, laugh and live. :)