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Life is not about wining all the time or being on the top. But to experience the moments we have with our loved ones. Just remember to appreciate what you have.
There is no tomorrow,
Tomorrow never comes.
So there is only today and yesterday,
So use your today we'll before it comes to be yesterday,
Make use of today,make it fruitful ,make it payoff,
Then when a new "today" comes you
I was invited by my friend to join journalist organization at my school.At first i felt insecure,but when i joined my confidence started to rise and my friends helped me a lot.From there #ifeltincluded
There is nothing more precious than a Child's smile. It symbolizes hope and reflects peace upon a whole nation. That's why it must be protected!
We are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today! We have the power to create the world of our dreams, it’s up to each and every one of us to just take that first step forward.
Hello There, It's Geet, 14 India, I want to ask everyone, What was your dream?
Every Child Represents The Beautiful Future, They Can Provide To The World, We All Must Work For Each and Every Child's Development.
World Leaders Must Act For The Betterment Of The Children.

Language is a vehicle of values but to some extent it can be a means of inclusion or exclusion. Happily, I am of those who think it must be an instrument of inclusion.
Mental health is of sheer importance & so is having the right people around to reach out to. I am grateful to my teacher from school who walked the extra mile to help me through my mental health issues.

If every child blooms to be kind, the world will be painted in the hues of peace.
Happy World Children's Day!

Little one..☺️
This one is for you..😍

It's your time to shine bright like a star🌟
No more🤐 more😭 tears..
You deserve to be celebrated💃..

You is a hero🦸...You is loved😍

#world's children day..
During my vacations, I applied for an internship which said that women and queer people are encouraged to apply. As a woman and a queer person, it made me feel included

Samraddhi, 20 from India