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Sparks are tiny flashes of positivity. Motivate others by sharing what you have done, seen, heard or read. Or simply express a beautiful thought.
A bright future is what we all want, but a brighter one for you and me is what we have to create !!
The most important thing in my life right now is to be at peace no conflicts of heart and mind. It's more about inner peace.
We all had problems some are expressing, some are hidden, some are onto subconscious level. The moment we choose to live at this moment is when we attain peace within ourselves.
Peace of mind is important and battle ends when we start living into this moment.
Do you want to think - What if I had done things differently? No right so do the different thing right now while you've got the chance.

They say. "Wake up from your dreamworld and face reality." I say, "Stay and build reality right there."
Cloth Mask
Stay safe and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously by wearing cloth masks
Healthy mind is more important for the growth of child
the blossom plant equal to child smile outer, but deep in hardship =child sorrow
''Never think that you do not have an impact, because those little marks of kindness that you have left on the world can't be wiped out.''
#Kind #HumansForHumans
Don't stop using all mediums to speak on Gender Based Violence. Though it might seem like there are no changes but people are learning and evolving as these issues are brought up.
Don't give up.
Your voice matters.
If you aspire for a world which works for all of us, then we need all of us working for that world.
Digitalisation has made us aware of every little bit of information but it becomes a menace when the information is uncontrollable, with fake news circulating creating distrust amongst the people minds.
In today's world false news are spreading like rumour mongering. Even the well-educated forward pieces without checking, for instance.

Everyone should own this responsibility of stop spreading false news.
In today's scenario education is not merely the knowing of information but also introspecting false news without forwarding it to the next person.
Life is a challenge where you need to train your mind to see opportunity in all adversities