Get Inspired. Share. Act. React.

Sparks are tiny flashes of positivity. Motivate others by sharing what you have done, seen, heard or read. Or simply express a beautiful thought.
Stay grounded.

Life is about the little things. Breathe.

You're going to be okay.
Excessive social media usage leads to an urge of validation and a gush of insecurities. Realize that one can control what to put on display and avoid falling into the trap.
Everytime you see someone just SMILE ; your smile can surely strengthen others and for sure, it is contagious.
Trust me it actually works. It's a beautiful world out there your smile makes it even more beautiful
Take time to look and see what's happening around you even if others don't do it.

Who knows, you might find what you're looking for!
So soon your time will come. Let it out while you're still young. May all your dreams come true, for someone like you. ~ Amy Macdonald
Alongside promoting 'let's talk', it is equally vital to promote the importance of listening. When more and more people agree to listen to someone who is hurt, more and more people get at ease to talk.
I think people have the power to change the world instantly. They just have to act together.
Feminism: It's as much about men as it is about women!
Men too can be oppressed, men too can be fragile.
To all the women and young girls, let's be kind because this movement is for humankind, for human rights.
Your spotlight will surely come focusing on you, in Lord's perfect time!