Earth Day 2024: messages from climate advocates from around the world

Illustrations of UNICEF climate youth advocates Emmanuel, Maria and Francisco

It's Earth Day, a great opportunity to take a few minutes and learn from what young activists have to say.



An illustration if Maria in the beach, looking at the ocean, with arms crossed in a defiant pose.

"We only have one environment and we must protect it." - Maria, 14, UNICEF East Caribbean Area Youth Advocate

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An illustration of Emmanuel sitting on the ground, with a shovel next to him.

“I dream of a world where children of all origins can play and walk hand in hand on a green planet, where every one of their rights is guaranteed and where they do not suffer the effects of climate change.” - Emmanuel, 16, UNICEF DRC Youth Advocate

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Illustration of Francisco in a forest surrounded by a bear, a goat, a cat. The bear is holding a placard with an illustration of the Earth.
Illustration by Alex Haekal Abdurrahman.

“My message to children and young people is that no matter how old we are, where we are from, or where we are, we can all take action to transform our environments.” - Francisco, 14, UNICEF Youth Advocate for Latin America and the Caribbean

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