Woman: A Retelling

wave, beach

Society has time and again set a particular standard, a norm that explores and mystifies the tales of the "mighty heroes." Legends of "men." Men who fight, men whose triumph is our history, present and future. Men who played chess like no other. On the other side are the "other genders," the ones who are incapable of being physically infinite, are intellectually mortified, and biologically confined. This is the narrative of a Woman and thousands of others who were questioned for their sovereignty, was frowned upon, laughed upon, taught to "obey," and told to sail quietly as a small wave in an endless ocean. However, what history constantly forgets is that a small wave turns into a tide and writes its own voyage. Remember that waves are never forgotten; they pass their legacy as they reproduce and they grow. Is woman an ocean? Perhaps she is. Note that I do not write in a biological sense, but instead in the narrative of the struggle she has embodied; that struggle has passed on from the trajectory of myths to the realms of today and now. The battles have not changed; the movement has.

"Here they are, returning, arriving over and again, because the unconscious is impregnable. They have wandered around in circles, confined to the narrow room in which they've been given a deadly brainwashing."
~ Helene Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa