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Voices of Youth is evolving to bring you more opportunities to participate

Voices of Youth was born in 1995 as a platform for young people around the world to exchange ideas, well before social media existed and when the Internet was just coming into our lives. We are constantly evolving the platform and today, when young people’s daily lives are so deeply intertwined with online interactions and part of so many conversations, we think it’s time to make some more changes. 

From February 6, Voices of Youth will  merge with U-Report, UNICEF’s other digital space for young people by young people, to create one safe space where young people are empowered to take action, be heard and make a difference. U-Report will be the one platform where you can come to  co-create content, share opinions on issues you care about through polls, explore interactive chatbots and find out how young people are building a better world. 


What will change?  

  • You will have more avenues to engage on a more regular basis, through U-Report’s polls and chatbots. 

  • The name of our website and social media accounts will change to U-Report, though our content will still be aimed at connecting, inspiring and informing young people.  

  • Submissions (blogs, sparks, stories) will be open during certain moments of the year, with calls for entries on specific issues. This will be a way to make you a part of the main issues UNICEF is working on for children and young people around the world. We hope this will , generate more specific conversations on issues that matter,  as well as ensuring a faster editing process. You will find this in the section entitled “Voices of Youth” where we will announce the call for entries and other opportunities for co-creation. 

  • You will become part of a global youth community of over 30 million people who want to make a difference! 


You might have other questions ... 

  • What will happen to the submissions I already made and that are pending review? They will be reviewed and published throughout the next weeks if they meet the engagement guidelines, don’t worry! 

  • What will happen if I want to blog about something outside of the theme of each call for submissions? We will have one open call where you will be able to submit blogs about any topic you like. Stay tuned! 

  • How will I learn about these calls for entries? We will be promoting these opportunities on social media and on this website. Watch out! 

  • What will happen to the submissions that have already been published? They will still be available for you and everyone to read online, as always. 

  • Will there be opportunities to work on content co-creation? Yes! We will announce them on our website and social media. 


We hope these changes will improve your experience and bring you closer to UNICEF and our global community of young people. Our aim is to continue, as always, amplifying the voices of youth, encouraging you to exchange ideas, tell your own stories in your own way, and make your views heard – your voice matters! 

We invite you to learn more about U-Report, follow on Instagram and join!