We want your ideas to promote immunization!

What would you do to raise awareness about the importance of immunization?

A few years ago, or maybe recently, you probably got vaccinated. The one thing you might recall is the pinch you felt in the moment when you received the shot, but are you aware of how important those shots, as well as all vaccines, are?  

“Vaccines are among the greatest advances in global health and development. For over two centuries, they've safely reduced the scourge of diseases like polio, measles and smallpox, helping children grow up happy and healthy,” as UNICEF says. However, we are currently facing "the largest sustained backslide in childhood vaccination rates for the first time in three decades.”  

We know it’s possible to eradicate diseases through immunization, especially HPV, and for that we need your ideas!  


➡️ We want to know: What would you do to raise awareness about the importance of immunization? 

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Some ideas from young people around the world to promote immunization:


- "Develop social media campaigns targeting teens and young adults to educate them about HPV and the benefits of vaccination." Forcheh, 22, Cameroon. Read more of her ideas here.

- "I believe the youth can use their social media platforms to advocate the administration of vaccines for the Human Papilloma virus." Adeola, 20, Nigeria.

- "Regardless of their age, youth can make a great difference in this by spreading awareness. One way to do this is through colorful and informative social media videos and posts explaining the impact of HPV immunizations - a sure way to reach teenage audiences." Swati, 14, India.

- "Involving religious and traditional leaders in advocating for immunization is crucial for addressing vaccine hesitancy and promoting public health." Isaiah, 23, Nigeria