Scholarships play a vital role in education

Posted October 30, 2014 no picture Eric Mbotiji

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Taking a walk down the streets of Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon, I overheard two young people conversing. They were comparing their standards and level of education. One of them talked about how he has gone to a professional university and will soon be enrolling to do his masters program. His friend heaved, sighed, and said he wished his dream of becoming an agricultural engineer could be a reality but his parents cannot afford for the cost of training him to a professi...

Braving workplace harassment: snowballing to a better world

Posted October 30, 2014 no picture Areej Riaz

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Recently, I was invited to lead a seminar designed to introduce students at Polytechnic Institute in Islamabad to the issues and methods of tackling harassment at their future workplaces. Although a climate scientist by profession, I opted to swim in unknown waters, what followed was most definitely an illuminating experience. Ensuring that my knowledge on the subject of harassment was up to speed I ‘googled’ what harassment meant. The first thing I found was a recent surve...

Achieving Food Security in Times of Crisis

Posted October 29, 2014 no picture PoonamVOY

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We observed “International Food Day” on 16th October. This year theme of the day was “Family Farming – Feeding the World, Caring the Earth”. Family farming helps in achieving food security by eradicating hunger, improving livelihoods, achieving sustainability etc. In this modern 21st century, sustainability of mankind is challenged by various problems like climate change, disease outbreaks (for example: Ebola), pollution, youth unemployment etc. However, the major &am...

Be Motivated

Posted October 29, 2014 no picture Acha Harrison

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As I sat on my chair this afternoon faced up with one of my hands on my cheek and leg crossed, I began to wonder why things are the way they are. In the process, certain questions kept occurring and reoccurring to me as I was suspended in the aura of why and how? It gave me not only a sense of belonging but also a great strength from within. I would like you to take a moment of your time to search deep inside you with these questions that got me out of my comfort zone. Firstly, are you really wh...


Posted October 29, 2014 no picture Eric Mbotiji

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As a student and youth advocate in my country Cameroon, I took a recent trip in the Northern part mostly inhabited by Muslims together with my best friend and member of the UN Youth Advocacy Group on Education First in the person of Tchangoue Bertheline Nina. Boarding a train from Yaoundé, we arrived Ngoundere from where we headed to Garoua and then to Maroua. Our inspiration for this trip came as a result to see if goal number 2 of the UN MDG’s which is Universal Access to Prim...

An ODE to College Life

Posted October 29, 2014 no picture Eashan Wali

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College life and those years, those friends, the places we hung out were a “golden period” in my life… The other day, my 6 year old neighbor was excitedly telling me, “Can you believe it? I’ve entered the first grade; I’ve become a big girl. Very soon I’ll finish school and enter college!” What enthusiasm, I thought, for something that’s going to take at least another 10 years to become a reality. Instantly, my thoughts travelled back to when it was my time to ente...

What does it mean to be Latin American?

Posted October 28, 2014 Avatar Rodrigo Bustamante

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When many people think of Latin Americans immediately they may refer to mariachis, poor countries, corrupt governments, exotic foods and maybe they may know one or two presidents. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of Latin American is: all the people from Spanish America and Brazil. This definition doesn’t even scratch the surface of what being Latin American means to me. Latin America isn’t just the land of coup d’états, poor people, or troubled histories; rather...

Convention of the Rights and Responsibilities of the Child

Posted October 28, 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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I had a read through the Convention on the Rights of the Child before writing this post and thought it was missing something. With rights comes responsibilities and that should be acknowledged in the Convention. It is correct that children should be have a right to a family, education, health care, free from torture and degrading treatment and protection from mental, physical and sexual abuse but what if children begin to rely on the word 'right' to escape their responsibility?...

How to establish healthy personal boundaries

Posted October 28, 2014 no picture Eric Mbotiji

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No one enjoys when others manipulates, play over their senses or take their leniencies for granted. Have you ever been dead serious about a thing and people around think you are joking? Well if that is the case ,then its time for you to set healthy personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental limits we establish in order to protect ourselves from being manipulated and violated by others. They allow us to separate who we are, what we think , ho...

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