Is Climate Change Pushing the Caribbean Towards a Health Crisis?

Published Avatar Advira Shand , Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris

Avatar Climate Tracker, Adopt a Negotiator on the path to Paris
Advira Shand
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I still cringe when I remember the agony I encountered when I was brought to my knees by the chikungunya virus in late 2014. Almost everyone within my community in South Manchester got a taste of this vicious virus. Sure enough, nearly a year after the outbreak in Jamaica, the mere mention of the term “ChikV” will inspire long harrowing and often times comedic tales from individuals within my community concerning their experiences with the virus. Incidentally Jamaica was just o...

Preserving species is one of the main causes of biodiversity protection. Statistics show that the extinction threats are not mere theories but existing realities. The species extinction continues and is growing to become one of the problems in the world in the early 21st century. Nearly 80% of the Malagasy biodiversity are threatened. The situation seems much more serious as the biology department of the University of California Berkeley conservation published in the American magaz...


Published no picture Sailesh Singhal , General Secretary

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Sailesh Singhal
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Pratibha, an intra-college festival organized by St. Joseph’s College- Students’ Council, celebrates the energetic talent of the youth on the occasion of the International Youth Day. It creates a platform for the students to participate in the different activities and events, showcasing their creativity and innovation. ‘Pratibha’ which also means ‘talent’, was a one-day event, brought the youth together to a common platform giving an opportunity to celebrate the energy...

A group of four young humanitarians from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who responded to the Ebola crisis in their countries, are attending the World Humanitarian Summit Global Youth Consultation in Qatar on the 1st and 2nd of September. They will work with over 200 other young people from around the world to finalise a global consultation process to ensure young people are listened to ahead of the first World Humanitarian Summit(WHS) in Turkey in May 2016. The WHS is an initiative...

Inspire! Eddie Komane: A Young Man Chosen By the People

Published Avatar Itumeleng Mphure , Ms

Avatar Ms
Itumeleng Mphure
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There are many ways to make a meaningful contribution to society. Small acts make ripple effects which have the power to change a community. For my Inspire! article, I interviewed Eddie Komane who has thus far dedicated his life to public service with a zeal to improve the quality of life in Katlehong township. Eddie Cecil Komane is the Ward Councillor of Ekurhuleni ward 60 in Gauteng Province in South Africa. At his appointment, in 2011, he was 27 years old making him the younge...

The Dark Road of Dieting

Published no picture philomath;icast , Student

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"I'm so fat." Chances are that you, just like the rest of the youth out there, have muttered this sentence to yourself at least once in your lifetime. Even if you are perfectly healthy and happy, it pops up. The thought might surface whilst catching a glance at magazines with "it" celebrities flaunting explicit poses during checkout. It arises perhaps when you're alone with your mirror and you slightly lift up your shirt and *sigh, temporarily drowning yourself in the fact that...

Forgetting "Failure"

Published Avatar Unitika Schlawenger

Avatar Unitika Schlawenger
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Who says life is easy? If life was easy, why do we come into it crying? Though crying doesn’t solve any problem it helps lighten some thoughts inside us sometimes. You might cry when you are guilty, when you have lost someone important in your life, the list goes on and on. Some people even cry out of happiness. Recently, when GCE and A level results were announced, a mixture of reactions were seen. Some cried out of shock and happiness – getting exam results they not e...

The Dominican Refugee Crisis Is Coming

Published Avatar Derwayne Wills , Social Change Provocateur

Avatar Social Change Provocateur
Derwayne Wills
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It is common knowledge that world powers are sometimes slow in responding to humanitarian crises. Lack of political will, lack of consensus at the multilateral level, or even bureaucratic red tape - these are all factors for consideration. But while we take time to consider those factors, there are still thousands of men, women, and children pouring into makeshift settlements on the Haitian border with the Dominican Republic (DR). If the Syrian conflict is any example to be used,...

Hope for orphans and vulnerable children

Published no picture Donald Momo

no picture Donald Momo
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Orphans and vulnerable children all over the world deserve more positive impact making events to help build their self esteem and equal them with the privileged children. It will also interest the society to know that we cannot have a community of positive people if we do not slim the gap in knowledge, information and education between the less privileged and the privileged children. Where this is not done, we will have a society where the privileged ones who have been equipped...

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