Don't Define Yourself

Published no picture Pia Fleig

no picture Pia Fleig
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So… what defines you? I have a couple of answers ready for that. I’ve written them down countless times. Things that I am good at. Things that I enjoy doing, things that give me a reason to stay alive. I can pull out hundreds of papers answering that question. But whenever I look at them, I want to rip them apart. The answers display a part of me, but they will never define me. I can tell you that I learn languages very quickly, that I can read body language in a way th...

How I Turned My Fear Into Fun

Published Avatar Sofia Nejjar , Business student

Avatar Business student
Sofia Nejjar
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When I say “biggest fear”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is public speaking. I can literally do anything but speak in front of a crowd of people. My heart starts racing like never before and I feel like the whole world is stopping and that I’m going to faint. So I knew that I had a problem and that something needs to be fixed. That’s when I started looking up on the internet for solutions and how to overco...

Ways To Womanhood: Part 2

Published no picture Haya Anis

no picture Haya Anis
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This is the second installment of the series 'Ways To Womanhood,' which aims to shed light on the plight of Egyptian women in Upper Egypt. You can read the first part here. Later that night, Naglaa wore her best dress, adorned with faux gems and crystals, and travelled with her mother down a winding road to El- Sayeda’s house, where a henna party was in order. The henna party was a celebration of Naglaa’s now protected honor and coming of age, her mother explained, and a...

Ban the #BurkiniBan

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no picture ChloeVOY
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Sometimes it’s really hard to believe our world will move forward, when events such as the Burkini Ban occur and encourage Islamophobia and misogyny. The Burkini Ban is pretty self-explanatory: the banning of women wearing burkinis, a type of swimsuit designed for women to conserve the Islamic value of “modest dress”. This ban took place in France recently, due to the increased amount of Muslim women seen wearing the suit on their beaches. Women have been fined by the mon...

Mexicans. Not Aliens.

Published no picture Abdul Moiz Munir

no picture Abdul Moiz Munir
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On October 10, 2012, just after 11:00 p.m., sixteen-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez lay dead on a sidewalk just across the Mexican-Arizona border, after he had been shot seven times in the back by U.S. Border Patrol agents who had spotted the boy crossing the border. Rodriguez’s death serves as a metaphor for the contemporary prevalence of misunderstanding directed at undocumented Mexican immigrants. While some of these border crossers may in fact be involved in illegal activities, most...

The End Of Tunnel

Published Avatar Liv Brako-Hiapah , Student/ Blogger

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Liv Brako-Hiapah
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Its sad to see, children begging on the streets Its sad to see, mothers sleeping on on the streets Its sad to see fathers jobless and broke Searching for a way out There seems to be none Some lose faith Some give up Some press on Not everyone makes it Its a cruel, cold world But dont give up You may be tired You may be weary You may be weak But there's always light at the end of the tunnel

The Light

Published no picture khushkool , khushkool

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It was always exclaimed, that She was the light of the house, She was the only reason which gave them reasons to smile, She was priceless, She was Daddy's little angel, Wrapping all the love around her, She held their hearts tight; But if she was so much..... Why was her childhood taken, her innocence killed, by the knot she was tied in. A knot which took her dreams, passion, Light away from her; loosing her identity, her charm, all she could owe was his surname.

Letter to the Class of 2020

Published no picture Jennifer Boyd , Founder and President of The Space Between the Notes; Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Onism Journal

no picture Founder and President of The Space Between the Notes; Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Onism Journal
Jennifer Boyd
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We are born into a realm millions of miles above the earth. Our imaginations run rampant as we familiarize ourselves with comets, asteroids, and Orion’s belt. Star clusters and galaxies emit a brilliant glow against the onyx backdrop. Planets seem to dance in their orbits, ensconced in the light of a great star. At the nucleus of the solar system, we own a bird’s eye view of the world as we know it. Rapt in childlike wonder, we meander through space, flirting with gravity and t...

Today's Apocalypse

Published Avatar Reid T.

Avatar Reid T.
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If you haven’t noticed, zombies have grown in popularity in the last decade. The enigma and horror behind the walking dead seems to entrance many, proof being the wide range of video games and movies that center around zombies, or more specifically, a zombie apocalypse. I am by no means a fan of zombies or anything in that genre, but nonetheless, here I am with a seemingly irrelevant post concerning zombies. Being a teenager, I see and hear things that have to do with zom...

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