Rethinking 'Youth Voice'

Posted Avatar Meg Kneafsey , Youth Activist

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Meg Kneafsey
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I was recently fortunate enough to attend a political party conference. There I attended the ‘Youth Zone’ and was excited to hear the opinions of my peers from around the UK on various topics. I found myself deeply disappointed with the format however; politicians sat and spoke about apparent ‘youth issues’ while young people were invited to ask questions. The day was almost laughable and summarised by one politician’s phrase ‘I think that young people think…’. Can...

Life is 'No Perfection'

Posted Avatar Nafees A. Siddique , Writer

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Nafees A. Siddique
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Life was never meant to be perfect. There is some joy in imperfection, in things left undone, in words left unsaid, in adventures left unexplored, in feelings left unexpressed, in pains left unhealed, in moments left unlived. It makes us realize that nothing will stay forever and life is to live with whatever we have got out of our imperfection. Perfect things are most wanted by imperfect beings. Most people live for themselves only, but there are few who live for other...

The forest man

Posted no picture legendaryab

no picture legendaryab
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Did you ever think that a man can establish a forest with all efforts single-handedly? Have you ever wondered that it is possible to make your own forest and live happily with the wonderful nature? Maybe not, or it may sound an impossible task? Yes! We have planted a single sapling, two or more, or maybe dozens in our lifetime. But, that impossible task seems possible for a man, who can be actually considered as a super-man of the Mother Nature and as a whole of the "Humanity...

Rape: ignored and neglected

Posted no picture Alokparna Chatterjee , Student

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Alokparna Chatterjee
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On delving deeper into the various connotations of the word “rape”, it is found that it is not just a traumatizing incident, but also a much-neglected issue in India. Though being a country which looks up to the feminine figure of “Bharat Mata” and female goddesses, India adopts an utter lackadaisical attitude when it comes to punishing the attackers. Most of the cases are not registered due to the social stigma attached to it. Every 30 minutes a woman is raped in India....

The Son of Mevlana: a short story

Posted Avatar Yassin A. Said , Aswan, Egypt

Avatar Aswan, Egypt
Yassin A. Said
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Amr noticed that people gave his father special treatment and nicknames such as 'Sheikh', and 'Mevlana', while his Aunt Fouzia was just 'Aunt', and the grocer 'Shaban' was just 'the grocer'. If Mevlana walked in the street, everyone would hurry to kiss his hand. Amr thought that it's a normal way of greeting, and tried it with his neighbor Sarah, then uncle Shaban. The child Sarah received the matter sheepishly, but the grocer was shocked. "Forgiveness, Mevlana's son. Pleas...

Lin-Manuel Miranda: A Man Changing the World

Posted Avatar Onnolee Brown , College Student

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Onnolee Brown
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I've always been a fan of musicals, actually ever since I grew up I've been watching people sing and dance on my television. In 2015 a musical that has helped changed society opened on Broadway. It became a smash hit for a young audience, and even an adult audience. This musical is called Hamilton, the life story of Alexander Hamilton, performed by a rapping cast. Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to change my perspective of the world, as I can now call him my idol. At the Tony's this...

I answered a Twitter question that asked: "If you could design the perfect city or neighborhood, what would it look like?" My answer is: I could like to design the perfect city or neighborhood with schools and parks. Children deserve the right to live normally including right to health, education and other social services as part of their human rights. Schools should provide scholarships, facilities such as classrooms and books and teachers for them to learn subjects such as...

Shoppin ain't my thing

Posted Avatar Raquel Frescia , Student

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Raquel Frescia
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Shopping ain't my thing. Today, my best friend told me she was going shopping because she was so stressed. Apparently, that "relaxes her". For some reason, to me, going shopping has the opposite effect. Let's talk about sizes. Cloth usually don't fit me. Few weeks ago I wanted to buy a pair of high waist jeans, it was a nightmare. I couldn't find any small waist and large hips on the same pair! Brands make their products according to the public they want to reach. Then, i...

The Child

Posted Avatar Yaz Kolankaya , Student

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Yaz Kolankaya
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It was right then and there that he realized all his jokes that bring the house down, all his games and ploys that make women chase him around, all his hard work both at school and his business, all his donations to charities, all he has ever done, and is still doing, were to get people to love him. Because no one had ever loved him as a child. His steel-hearted father and carefree mother had not loved him for a minute, not the way one usually loves and cares for their child. He...

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