Community Gardens

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The Kafue River is the major source of water in the Copper Belt province of Zambia. Not only being the source of water supply to the communities the river shore has given an advantage to the local people to grow vegetables. Community gardening is of the activities taking place on the shores of the river because the area is fertile. Many residents of the area have land that allows them to grow vegetables to sustain them as well as a source of income The area is one of the major...

Why going veggie really makes you healthier.

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A couple of months ago I decide it was time for me to try a meat-free diet. I'll be honest I only lasted a week, but I made my target. Being accustomed to meat I thought it would be near impossible (ok, I exaggerated a bit) to stop eating it. But it wasn't. I managed it and surprisingly I felt healthier. In our hectic lives rushing around from place to place how much time do we really spend thinking about what we are feeding ourselves. Not long. Well at least that's the case...

Does race or wealth determine your destiny?

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"What the white used to say about the blacks we now say about the poor." Chinua Achebe (Anthills of the Savannah) Many people are born in the same country yet have different destinies. Whilst some people think it is out of our control whilst others believe it is in their complete control. What if the colour of your skin already decided your destiny? What if how wealthy your family is already decided your fate? Two people only a stone throw away from each other but on one hand...

Faith, Fear And FutureThe 3F's Of Life

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Faith and fear are great measures to determine the future. Faith and fear are great infectious words because they spread like epidemics, but you must be careful of what you listen to and those you associate with. Many people have allowed the faithless words of others to drive them into despair by which they end up being a failure. What is Faith? Faith is simply: F- future A- actions I- intended and expected T- to H- happen While fear is: F- fake E- experience A- appearing R- real Thus, a per...


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The world we live in today has a lot of resources to offer to everyone. God gave us 24 hours in a day, and it now depends on how we utilize this to exploit natural resources to make a promising and sustainable future. We are all expecting that conducive, peaceful and favorable environment where our plans can materialize and prosper. I know countries with great natural resources and potentials, yet people still live on less than one dollars a day, which is living below the pover...

Will Innovations Solve Africa's Pressing Challenges?

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As you may be aware one of the great things about social media is its reach and, as we saw from the various forms of the Arab Spring, its ability to bring about rapid change. A number of initiatives have been using social media platforms in Africa in innovative new ways – particularly when it comes to engaging and activating wider audiences – and particularly the youth – around issues that matter the most to them. On the 22nd of October 2014 I spoke at Strathmore Universi...

Symbolism and the Panama Canal

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100 years ago, the Panama Canal was opened for business linking two channels of trade for the first time ever in a more efficient and appropriate manner. The Panama Canal is a symbol of international relations, new age globalization, and the universal exchange of culture. Yes, a 48 mile long series of locks has the capability to impact us on such a level. The Panama Canal was not only an economic venture but also a symbol of the United States’ growing involvement with Latin A...

Waking Up To Water Issues

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Mbali is part of a CRF young reporters group that won an award for their radio feature about water and sanitation. The prize won her a trip to Sweden to attend the Water and Energy Conference there. She tells us about her experience.

What matters to youth in Algeria

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Youth are the hope of every country, they represent a major power. If we could use this power for the good of the country, I assure you that the future will be such a great one. But if we try to create obstacles and to prohibit those youth from building their country, I can say we won’t get anything, we will be like someone who is playing with the fire! I guess if the leaders of a country don't try to encourage youth, these leaders must expect a disaster in the future. They w...

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