A hug a day to save the world

Posted no picture Ashley , Student

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Hugging is an action rarely done in my family. We do love each other, but we are not very physical in showing our actions, preferring to say “I love you” instead of hugging. Sometimes, though, we do hug. When I am sad, my mother will pull me close and hug me, and the comfort that covers me is astounding; it feels so much more soothing and better than words.After wondering why this was so, I decided to do some research and came up with some interesting answers.Hugging does apparently make you...

VOY Inspire! - Happiness And A Ninja (Part 1)

Posted Avatar Unitika Schlawenger , International Youth Representative

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Unitika Schlawenger
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In this big, ever-growing complex world of ours, it’s sometimes quite hard to find the right definitions to simple words like happiness, or other emotions and feelings. Perhaps the only way to get through the hustle and bustles of life is to pursue true happiness. To wake up every day, willing only positive vibes and building the attitude to simply stay happy, no matter whatever evil or bad karma comes your way. Easily said, but indeed very hard to practice. But believe it or not, whether y...

Though I was born in the United States, I come from a family where every single person is a war refugee from Vietnam -- my four grandparents, my seven uncles, my eight aunts, and both my mom and dad. That means there are twenty-one refugees in the family, not to mention the cousins, aunts, and uncles they all have. So, I grew up hearing stories surrounding all sorts of civil rights issues.My aunt was the one who decided to write about their lives. When I was growing up, I'd beg her to let me rea...

Mental illness

Posted no picture Sophieslis , Student

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Mental illness is a major issue affecting young people. Currently one in 16 young people in Australia have a depression related disorder; one in 14 have an anxiety related disorder; and finally, one in four young Australians have a mental health condition. I am one of the many young Australians suffering from Anxiety. I have social anxiety. It can be debilitating, frustrating and annoying. It makes me feel alone often and causes me to be incredibly introverted. To make matters worse, my speech i...

Teenage love

Posted no picture Dozy ♡ , Ghadeer hayder

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I was sixteen, so was sheShe was like the stars that shine in the dark long nightsShe was like the sky beautiful, but distantLike the space, interesting, but frightfulI really wanted to know her.But i couldn't. Because i was so shyI've known everything about herThe way she talks to me, the way she laughsAnd how she spreads little laughters everywhere she goesHow she talks to her friends and how she helps elderly peopleHow she's nice to everybodyI liked her. I really didI wanted her to like me ba...

Happy Earth Day

Posted Avatar Kashish K , Student majoring in Political Science and English Literature

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Dear Mother Earth,I wish I could begin this letter just like I’ve always been taught in school how to go about writing an informal letter when it’s your mother’s birthday and you want to express your love to her.Unfortunately, we’ve all been awful and horrible to you and I can’t begin this letter with – ‘How are you’. We took you for granted and never bothered to love you back. And even now, if I could give you all the love in my heart hoping that somehow it could heal you from t...

Is a smart city really smart?

Posted Avatar Alexandra N Muntean , Student

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We expect a lot from our technology. More and more products are created not only to perform multiple complex functions, but also to fulfill certain patterns in a way that solves problems. Cars are being designed with systems that can automatically apply the brakes. Our phones are smart. Our TVs are smart. Since evolution is kind of “our thing”, smart cities were the next logical step in trying to create a better, brighter future. We’re all hoping for a smart city to live in, but what does...

The mask and the storm

Posted Avatar Nathalia Khawand , Student

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Nathalia Khawand
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A storm.A storm has come. And it still hasn’t left.She’s stuck within its heart, helpless to its power. It shakes her, spins her around, and flies her high up in the air before smashing her back down.It controls her like a puppet. It shows her the sun for just one second before throwing her back into the dark.Hope is indeed a strong thing. It’s killing her. Just when she thinks that the storm is over, just as she reaches out for the cloudless sky, she is pushed back into the chaos that it...

Hiding your true self - the biggest fallacy!

Posted Avatar Aprajitakaushik

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As I grow older, with each passing day, experiences with my fellow sapiens around me bring me to believe new things and discover new parts of my mind and my soul. Every new acquaintance turns into something you never imagined it to be. Some turn into the best relationships of your life while the rest leave you with lessons.You walk into a classroom thinking you’ll make some friends, and yes some of us do get lucky because we end up meeting great people. For most of us, we at least expect it an...

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