Yes, I'm a Smart, Artistic Terrorist & Illegal Immigrant

Posted Avatar Komal_Samrow , High Schooler

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I've spent virtually every day of my life lumped into some sort of group. Kid. Nerd. Artist. Writer. Seems pretty harmless. Right? Well, I wasn't finished.Indian. Freak. Outsider. Terrorist. Still harmless? I don't think so (don't worry, I'll get back to that last one).People saw a few of my drawings and said - "oh, she's an artist." They read a few of my essays and presumed - "she's definitely a writer." They saw a few of my test grades and thought - "she must be a genius." People saw the color...

Make Up + Good Literacy = Amazing Opportunities

Posted no picture Alma Dhiafira , Student

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Alma Dhiafira
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Makeup is everywhere. The mall is filled with various makeup stores. Not to mention all the online stores and social media accounts. But here comes the issue- we don’t know which one to buy and is most suitable for us. There are so many different, yet almost similar products. We have to be selective, but we don’t know how. We need to find an un-biased resource that can show us what's the best product to buy!I remember one of the earliest memories I was introduced to makeup. I was a kid and my mo...

An Average Girl

Posted Avatar Isabel L. , Student & UNICEF Club Member

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Isabel L.
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As a high schooler finishing my sophomore year, I have begun to realize that the future is coming. A future with college resumes, job applications, and real challenges. I have always thought of myself as an accomplished student and someone who stands out. However, as I talk to and get to know other students that are my age, I realize that I am just an average girl. Yes, I get good grades and love to volunteer, but when someone asks me, “What is one of your unique talents?” I respond with, “I don...

The story of a girl passionate about ICT

Posted no picture Bayan Mando

no picture Bayan Mando
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Despite the crisis we are experiencing in my country Syria, I believe that it is essential to focus on our objectives in order to make sure we stay on the right track.It was this hope that kept me going from the day I decide to pursue my passion until today. I am Bayan, a girl from Homs city. From childhood, I have been interested in computer science and my dream was to specialize in Computer Engineering after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, I did not obtain a high school score high...

Break The Challenges

Posted no picture Voices of MENA أصوات من منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا

no picture Voices of MENA أصوات من منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا
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By Rahaf H., Amman Innovation Lab I am 16 years old, I'm in school and I like designing and engineering in general. But before hearing about the innovation labs my ideas, hobbies and ambitions were different. I liked video games, and I wanted to be a nurse in the future and to enjoy working and helping others. But this did not last after I learned about the labs and participated in several courses. In the first course, we created a video game - we started by designing and then programming. A...

Discovering my journey in the ICT field

Posted no picture P "the techno girl" , Graduate

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P "the techno girl"
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My name is Pertunia Mojapelo and I am a 22-year-old girl from Johannesburg, South Africa. I recently completed my degree in BIS (Information Science), which is the study of the information process from its analysis collection, retrieval to its end-point of dissemination. My degree was focused on the ICT service sector or industry. The reason why I chose to be in this sector is because I have always wanted to make life easier for people in various contexts - ranging from health to business an...

Nomophobia: A silent addiction

Posted no picture Nicole Velázquez , Student

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Nicole Velázquez
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In the 70´s, personal phones were nearly non-existent, there was only 1 phone for the whole family and it was mostly for urgent matters. Today it is rare to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone; it has become a part of our life, our partner in our chores and has helped to simplify tasks for us. Sadly, for most people it has become an addiction that has not only brought benefits but also cons in the way society gets along with the world. In fact, the Centro de Estudios Especializado en Tra...

Think because you can!

Posted no picture Mahnoor._Zaidi , Student Of Grade 9

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Think because you can! Thinking is what makes us a better person. Think of your weaknesses and how you can improve on yesterday. Thinking is our first step to meeting our goals. If you never think, you will never learn. The power of thinking is the power of creativity. Just ask painters, bloggers, and artists.Think when you are wrong, think when you're right. This is how you will successful. If we do not think for ourselves, than who will? Think and change the world .

Sexualization of Women in Media

Posted no picture Maria Guadalupe González Álvarez , Estudiante

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Maria Guadalupe González Álvarez
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References:Comunicación para la Igualdad. (2017). Resultados encuesta sobre Sexismo y Publicidad. April 22, 2018, de Comunicación para la Igualdad Asesoramiento Sitio web:, F., Durante, F., Mari, S., Zogmaister, C., & Volpato, C. (2018). Shades of sexualization: When sexualization becomes sexual objectification. Sex Roles, 78(5), 338-351. doi:10.1007/s11199-017-0808-1

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