If Only Tuna Can Talk

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If only tuna can talk, What would they say? Would they say neigh, Or would they say hey? Would they tell you about the black sludge stuffing their gills? Would they show you how pollution gives them the ills? Would they ask you to be their friend? When they lost all of theirs in the overfishing trend?Oh my, oh my what will they say? About the humans who treated them this way? “What way? What way?” You may exclaim. What way? Does it matter? It’s all the same! The factories dump chemicals down the...

#16DaysofActivism : VOY inspire

Posted Avatar Yeshna

Avatar Yeshna
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The #16DaysofActivism starts on 25 Nov and the theme is Gender Based Violence. Recently I got a chance to interact with Sunny Angel, a survivor, finalist for the Heroine of the Year Award 2017, and author of WINGS.Sunny sent me the book WINGS and I loved it, and I think that it's a very interesting book for young people. The book is a memoir, a true story, which explores different aspects of gender based violence, from marital rape, to stalking, to emotional abuse, to honor abuse, to drugs and s...

The Challenge That Is My Gift

Posted no picture Jackson

no picture Jackson
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“Psst, psst, hey, hey Jackson,” is what I hear from my classmates, in my classroom. As well as “ratatatatata”, as other kids tap each nail, on their hands, on the desk repetitively. I also hear and feel people kicking the desks in front of them, again and again. It sound like “Bang! Bang! Bang!” and while this is happening, I’m trying to focus on what the teacher is saying. To top that all off, I’m thinking, “Hmm, what’s for dinner?” and “How long until school ends?” and “I wonder if I’m having...

My Excessive Phone Use

Posted no picture Dan D , Student

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Dan D
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I’m glued to my phone, I cannot pretendI need to check Facebook, and tie up loose endsSnapchat and Pinterest exist for my amuseI am talking of course about my excessive phone useI used to be active and play many sportsI’d pump a lot of iron and hit the basketball courtsNow my grades fall my day in a rushI just want to go home and play Candy CrushMy head is in Cyberspace no I’m not lyingI feel like my social life is slowly dyingMy friends are just like me all glued to their phonesOur couches and...

An Open Letter To Those Who Are Fighting Mental Breakdown

Posted no picture UNICEF Cambodia , Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia

no picture Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia
UNICEF Cambodia
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Are you feeling mentally suffocated, like the whole world is sucking oxygen out of your entire body? Do you feel like giving up and letting go of everything because you’re carrying something too heavy, and the earth’s gravity is pulling you down, and it is so strong that you can’t even stand properly? Does it hurt your chest just to breath in and breath out? Are you feeling so small when walking down the street along the crowded rows? Are you starting to enjoy staying in the dark because the lig...

We, our minds, and the wild things

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Rajna Removic
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Oh, where all the wild things are, there rests my soul. Surely dancing among the thorns of heavily scented roses, surely waiting for her time to step into the real world. To live a little bit less in her head. Oh lord! I have just realized: I’ve spent most of my life closed-up in there! How beautifully limiting. Or limitless? Because one needs an open and understanding environment to be his own person and do his own things.Perhaps my mind has been the most appropriate environment so far. I do no...

It'll Be Okay

Posted no picture MegLaw , It'll Be Okay

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Sometimes I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling,To figure out exactly what I’m feeling.I hate going to funerals not knowing what to do.I don’t know whether to cry and scream too.So I just stand there looking at the open casket,Feeling like an empty basket.My mom tells me it’s okay to cry,But somehow my eyes always end up dry.I feel like my soul is lost somewhere else,Living in a different world of all hells.Everyone says it’ll be okay,And maybe it will someday.I've gone to a few funerals in my d...

Why I want to become a nutritionist!

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My name is Olga, I’m 15 years old and I am President of the Kasaï Oriental young reporters. For World Children’s Day, UNICEF asked me where I see myself in 2030. Here is my answer, with my dreams for my future and those of the children in my province.First, let me introduce myself. In October 2016, I was trained on the rights of the child as well as petitioning and involvement techniques to become a Young Reporter. Since then, I have participated in many activities to make changes in my province...

An Open Letter to Myself

Posted no picture UNICEF Cambodia , Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia

no picture Voices of Youth Internship Programme, Cambodia
UNICEF Cambodia
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Dear self,How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. I know life has been tough but you have done quite a good job to stay alive. Thank you for not giving up.Life is not a straight line, it goes up and down. If you are sometimes happy or sometimes sad, be glad because this is life. If you don’t want these ups and downs in life, then that is as good as wanting death.The challenges you have gone through, and those you will face in the future, may break you down. It makes you think about your se...

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