PLURAL+ Awards 2016: My Invisible Mother

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Name: Pascal Huynh Title of your video: My Invisible Mother Age: 26 What 3 words describe you best? Caring, understanding, patient Tell us about your video – what is it about? This short film is about the unspoken side of adoption. What motivated you to create this video? After meeting with many adoptees and their (biological) parents, I listened to what they are fighting for. It became clear to me that their Human Rights have been ignored and that the po...

Dump the Caffeine

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Take a moment, just breathe. I know you've just been pouring caffeine into your system all day but that's not what life is for. It disgusts me, to see people every morning pouring caffeine into their bodies, because they're either too tired or need an energy boost. Sure I think coffee is nice but I don't drink it every month, heck I probably only drink it every few months, and I don't have the caffeine kind. Not to mention I don't really drink pop, except for Root Beer. I feel...

The Limits of science...

Posted no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye

no picture Yasmin Al Bardawiye
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How far can we go? What is science? Science is a body of knowledge that makes observations about the world, systematically describes them (theories, rules and laws) and serves as modeling tool so that we can predict the future. Science is powerful. Very powerful. It is the cause why we can communicate with people thousands of miles away, why we can heat our food in microwaves, why we can watch TV, why a simple cold is no longer dangerous to us, why we can monitor the weather, w...

A new dawn awakens her

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From the deep waters, she rises, with a lantern of hope in her hands. Because a new dawn awakens her. Bright sunbeams light up her path, guiding her to a new world. Gone are the days when she was pulled deep down into those waters, gone are the days when a canopy of undermining grew over her. She is finally out, back with a bang! Forget the past, because she is the future. Mind you, the Forest is calling her! ‘The girl child is abominable’, ‘women are mean...

Your vote matters!

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Your vote matters! Many people around the world are keeping up with the US elections 2016, and so am I. Yesterday I was watching interviews to American people. The first question was: Who will you vote for? Some people said they support Trump, some Clinton, some neither of them. The following question was: Why? And here is the problem. Let’s go with Trump supporters first. · He is rich. · He will make America great again. · Women can’t be president. A...

Bring your heart back to mine!

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There are days when I feel broken, a little less happy, a little less understandable and quite unpredictable. Will you still bring your heart back to mine? There are days when I feel worthless, I feel I don't have a hold over myself, over you, over my life, I feel I'm losing out on everything. Will you still bring your heart back to mine? A feeling or rather a state of mind where each one of us have been. We all at some stage of our lives have felt worthless, as if we have no...

An Open Letter to Donald Trump... From a Teenage Girl

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My body is my canvas. It is mine, and mine alone. Yet, this concept seems foreign to many such as yourself, Mr Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee. Recently, an obscene video that revealed you boasting about molesting and sexually assaulting women was surfaced. The entire clip was downright revolting, but one of the most jarring statements you made without a second’s hesitation was, “Grab them (women) by the p***y. You can do anything.” As if the...


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If I can say something about myself it’s that I love to read, I love books, old fashioned way to read, to actually buy a book. Recently I start reading Eat Pray Love and it is one of the most amazing books I ever read. But now I want to write about a quotes from Virginia Woolf I find in the book: “Across the broad continent of a woman’s life falls the shadow of a sword. On one side of that sword, there lies convention and tradition and order, where all is correct. But on th...

PLURAL+ Awards 2016: The Cops Don't Know

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Name: Sam Chegini Title of your video: The Cops Don't Know Age: 24 What 3 words describe you best? Creative, hard working, passionate Tell us about your video – what is it about? Everyday African-Americans may lose their lives in the hands of the police in the USA for no reason. The Cops Don’t Know is basically a reminder to people that black lives matter. Based on the documentary films, videos, and articles, the Cops Don't Know reviews all the painful cases w...

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