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Water is...

On World Water Water Day we celebrate clean water! No one can doubt the significance water has t...

At Least Water Isn't Important

Posted no picture Kelepi Baba

no picture Kelepi Baba
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At Least Water Isn’t Important Romantic partners are great, right? You get to hang out, enjoy each other’s company, have inside jokes, laugh, smile, love. There’s something about a stable intimate connection with someone that makes you more content in everything you do. Now, if I know that I like my girlfriend, I love spending time with her and that I want to keep spending time with her, it’s logical that I would do things within my power to retain that relations...

The Essence of Photography: Capturing Truth

Posted no picture Dane McQuillan , Student

no picture Student
Dane McQuillan
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“Photography is about capturing souls not smiles” - Dragan Tapshanov. Gazing at an unnaturally posed person creates a lifeless image, versus a genuine emotion on somebody’s face that enlivens the photo. I don't know about you, but I know many other people, including myself, would choose the second option. Photography should be full of life, so don't you think capturing real life moments would be a good idea? I felt my pocket for my disposable camera as we sped through Roc...

The flame of a new beginning

Posted Avatar Naimisha , Freelancer journalist

Avatar Freelancer journalist
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When you leave behind a huge crowd that gathers from various parts of the state, when people from various sections of the society come down to show their unconditional love, when tears of every person you were associated with don't stop, when your ethics, moral values and goals live, then you are definitely very much alive. It's not time to rest in peace, but to wake up and fulfill dreams. This was your unbreakable spirit in which you even celebrated the trauma of cancer. Y...

The 'Me' in 'Spring'

Posted no picture Rajna , Student

no picture Student
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It is the third day of spring and I am already a new person. It’s as if this sunshine has brought more hope and enthusiasm into my soul. Till yesterday I was so confused and sorrowful, looking just as grey as the rainy clouds. But today I am a changed person. Maybe it is because I indulged in some sweets or because I may be in love. Who knows? However, all I know and all I feel is an extraordinary happiness. The one that makes me feel like a superhero. The one that makes...

Make a change. Fight for something.

Posted Avatar Alexandra N Muntean , Student

Avatar Student
Alexandra N Muntean
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I know. You hear the words climate change every day and you ask yourself why you should care for that. You think these words have no effect on you. Well, maybe they really don’t. At least for now. But what about the moment when you’ll have trouble breathing? What about that instant, when you’ll realize that the scenery you used to admire will be dry and burnt to the ground? What if you’ll be thirsty, but this time your water supplies are empty? When your appetite for vege...

The Deal

Posted Avatar nikki , student

Avatar student
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I've tried promising myself that I'd stop writing. The pay isn't enough, I tell myself. You're not even good at it, I tell myself. But promises aren't always kept, And I've gotten very good at breaking this one. So instead of a promise, I made a deal. I'll stop writing when the words stop calling out for me. I'll stop writing when my heart stops calling back.

A Second of your Identity

Posted no picture Jesus Javier Vela

no picture Jesus Javier Vela
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If you were allowed to take only one photograph of yourself, what would it show? In the twenty-first century, different forms of media live in our pieces of technology. From the most goofy snapshots to the most profound videos, these visual testimonies are our autobiographies. Unlike videos, photos are a more difficult yet integral form of documentation for humanity. It places stress on us to be on our best behavior! After all, how often do you let someone post a picture of you...

Maji ni uhai – Water is Life

Posted Avatar Caroline Njoroge , Freelance travel guide and student.

Avatar Freelance travel guide and student.
Caroline Njoroge
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The human body is made up of approximately 60% of water; this is a widely known fact. Who would think just the simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen would create something so magical and vital to the very fabric of mankind. Without it, we would simply cease to exist. My mind goes back to many of the movies I had watched where aliens invade earth to steal or as I would call it- forcefully borrow- our planet. Let’s say hypothetically this was to happen today in 2017, every wate...

World Water Day 2017 - #FlipClimateChange

Posted Avatar Jeremiah Mushosho , Climate Change Specialist

Avatar Climate Change Specialist
Jeremiah Mushosho
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This year’s World Water Day was celebrated on Wednesday 22 March 2017. World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.[1] It is international day to celebrate freshwater which was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the...

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