They Bleed Red Blood Too...

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Fathima Farhana Moyikkal
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“To empower a woman is to empower a community.”The world population has already reached 8 billion. With such high number, we still seem to fail to grow and flourish at a fast pace. Why? Now, let me ask, how can we succeed if half of us are held back? How can we advance if half of the world’s voice isn’t heard? Why should one gender fight and suffer for simple rights like education and happiness? How is it fair that young girls have to go through sexual harassment, child labor, and child marriage...

Energy Management is the Key to Do More in Less Time

Posted no picture Nishant Sinha , Co-Founder of

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Nishant Sinha
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Flip Brown, the founder of Business Culture Consultants at Vermont and the author of 'Balanced Effectiveness at Work: How to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor Without Driving Yourself Nuts', has explained the difference between energy management and time management quite well. He points out that time is a finite source while energy can be limitless. Time cannot be brought back but we can certainly revitalize and recharge our energy and enthusiasm levels so that we can do our work with renewed vigor...

Girls In India: Trapped In The Clutches of Tradition

Posted no picture Ashita Ashish Sule , Student

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Ashita Ashish Sule
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India still has the highest number of child brides in the world—about 47% of girls here are married before their 18th birthday. Despite increasing efforts by volunteers and the government to curtail child marriage, rates of marriage have increased for girls between ages 15 to 18. In many communities here, girls are likened to a leech, feeding on her family’s hard-earned resources (food, money) and giving nothing in return. But how can she give anything in return, when she is shoved off, deprived...

Dancing in The Light

Posted no picture Shivi , Student

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The stairs creak violently as my sister twirls down them, smiling brightly. Her dark hair is braided into a heavy rope that hangs on her shoulders and her wrists are littered with thin gold bracelets that clatter as she moves. Her eyes are lined with badly drawn kohl, looking as if she lost a boxing match. I roll my eyes in annoyance at her overly enthusiastic demeanor. I, myself, would much rather stay home. She skips over to my waiting mother and whispers excitedly in her ear, ¨When are we lea...


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What is your poison?Is it the thing you seek for the most?The thing you like the least?Perchance, your own self?For some people, it is what they love.They move mountains, cross oceans.They do infinitely many only to face their doom -Unknowing that they are slowly falling towards their demise.For others, it is a poison from within.What they see are daggers; what they hear are knives.They employ these and accidentally concoct the strongest elixir of death.Yet again, it is unfortunately unbeknownst...


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This is one of the infamous questions which you have or will come across in almost every job interview. And this also happens to be the very question that most people struggle to figure out, especially how to begin their response. In this post I have shared some tips to help people answer this particular question. (The content is open for any and every opinion.)1. Start by briefly telling the interviewer about your basic relevant details like your name, education qualification, professional expe...

Faces Up - Season 2

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Where do I begin from? Aaaahhhhh…I've got an idea. The entire thing of being called a season. It’s a thing at Faces Up Uganda where we group our yearly activities and progress into seasons. This year, 2018, happens to be season 3. 2017 was season 2. And 2016, was season 1. Today, I’d love to turn your focus and attention to season 2. For some reason, I felt like it was a very special season, by far. With all that we’ve done, achieved and managed to put out there, with our efforts....

YOLO, a letter for the lost ones

Posted Avatar Richard Gonvill , Musician and Engineering Student

Avatar Musician and Engineering Student
Richard Gonvill
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Dear stranger, in recent days, I've felt kinda lost about what I am doing with my life. Sometimes it feels like I am wasting my youth. Like I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. You could ask, why are you feeling like that? That question goes through my head all the time when I think about my future.Emptiness seizes my thoughts when I wonder what is coming for me, the doubts about what life holds for me. I have realized that fear comes with the natural process of growing up, with the process of b...

A Citizen Science Approach to Protecting Water Resources

Posted no picture Evan Barnard , University Student and Founder and President of Nature for All

no picture University Student and Founder and President of Nature for All
Evan Barnard
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Water is ubiquitous. With more than 70% of its surface covered by water, Earth is appropriately called the Blue Planet. However, according to the 2015 United Nations World Water Development Report, less than 1% of Earth’s water is usable for drinking, bathing, economic activities, recreation, and to fulfill other basic needs. [1] To put that into perspective, if the total amount of water on Earth is represented by one hundred one-liter jugs of water, then the amount of water humans can use would...

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