Plural+ Awards 2014: "Life as a Hazara Refugee"

Posted December 22, 2014 Avatar MischaVOY

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Interview with Khadim Dai, a young filmmaker from Pakistan. 1. What is your video about? It has been 16 long years for me as a refugee, without identity and deprived of some of my basic rights. I was only two when my father left Afghanistan because Taliban were massacring Hazaras (our ethnicity). When I grew up, I learned that Hazaras have been facing persecution since centuries. In Pakistan, four of my close friends were killed in violent incidents, which is why I decided...


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In just a few weeks when the rain season began there has been fears that the weather conditions in Lusaka would lead to floods before the rain season ends in April 2015. The country experiences enough rains the can sustain many farmers to grow crops because agriculture is one of the major sector the drives the economy. However, this might be a different story to some residents of Lusaka this year though the rains delayed to start, in just a few weeks of the rain season the provinci...

My Role Model: Malala

Posted December 20, 2014 no picture Grace O

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Like many other youth around the world, my role model is Nobel Peace Prize winner and 17-year-old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai. In Hong Kong, it is easy to take education for granted. Yet Malala, a girl who simply wanted to go to school, was attacked and seriously injured for doing just that. But her difficulties, her adversaries and her youth have not deterred or dissuaded her; instead, they have driven her to courageously speak out for her passion- education. As an advocate...

Stay Strong

Posted December 20, 2014 no picture Hira

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All innocent children die When terrorists attack Everybody has to say good- bye Leaving their lives, and being trapped! People still have a strand of hope While trying to be optimistic Working hard, not to mope Praying every minute so that they don’t turn pessimistic. The terrorists have nothing better to do They are completely mean, in fact more than mean What do they think they are trying to prove with their nauseous crew? It is time for them to look at the wo...

How migration enriches society

Posted December 20, 2014 Avatar Pao Suárez

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For centuries people have moved across the globe to pursue their dreams or just looking for a slightly better life through tourism or indefinite residence, and even though the trip sometimes might be uncomfortable, people find their expectations crushed or face discrimination, migration continues. This takes place not only as a national, regional and transcontinental phenomenon but with its own divergent characteristics. That way migration flows have changed involving for ex. a lar...

TV series review: Downton Abbey

Posted December 20, 2014 Avatar maryb

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I bet you already think I’m a hopeless romantic, but I’m not. Quite the opposite. And in spite of that I managed to discover profound, delicate and still present morality problems in this series which confront criticism of being just a soap opera. To begin with, I think you ought to know some things about it. Downton Abbey is a TV series set in Britain and the action takes place between the years 1910-1930. It is centered round a huge house in Britain, one belonging to a lord...

Farah Chamma, a Palestinian poet

Posted December 19, 2014 no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

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“You can’t prohibit young people from searching for the truth, and when they found out that you lied to them, it’s not going to be neither a nice nor a good situation”. I believe this applies pretty well on Arab youth. We live under some circumstances and some life conditions that prohibit us from asking question either because it’s wrong to ask questions or because we are still young and we don’t have the right to know about certain things! It seems like a tough situ...

PLURAL+ Awards 2014: “Borderless"

Posted December 19, 2014 Avatar MischaVOY

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Interview with Ahmad Albakri, a young filmmaker from Palestine. 1. What is your video about? My film tells my personal story of defining freedom, a concept that is still obscure for over four million Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation. The story projects a surrealistic approach to showcase Northern Cyprus as an example to realize how simple surroundings can always connect Palestinians to the confinement of their reality. It is mainly a projection of an intense...

How am I ever going to afford a house?

Posted December 19, 2014 no picture Daanial Chaudhry

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The average property price in London, the city in which I grew up, has now reached £500,000. Meanwhile average rents are nearing £17,000. There is already little hope of me being able to get onto the housing ladder, and being able to rent seems just the same, so what will happen to the futures of my generation? Well average wages for people across the UK are £26,500, so after taking into account tax and paying the rent, I'm left with £6,000 to live on. It may se...

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