L'oranais, an Algerian movie

Posted November 25, 2014 no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

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Most of us like cinema, like seeing movies and watching series. Many of us like actors and there are even those who consider actors and actresses as ideal persons! Personally, I appreciate cinema, I’m one of its fans actually and that’s why I was happy when I heard about the Algerian movie “L’oranais” which was produced and directed by an Algerian called ‘Ilyes Salem’. “L’oranais” is about the phase after the Algerian revolution, but it gives a new point of vi...

Youth and politics

Posted November 25, 2014 Avatar Davina Chowreemootoo

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In this ambitious world of ours where we are living within an ethically composed web, acquiring political literacy is a matter of predominant importance. The true regimen of politics is to shape a proportional and egalitarian society denoting integrity and lawfulness but it seems to be covertly executed asymmetrically. History is the witness that testifies the deformity that politics has withstood. From career devoted politicians who have ensured substantial evolution towards a...

Dear Diary Entry

Posted November 25, 2014 Avatar Jessie Wamae

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I composed this a couple of weeks back; I was feeling down and hopeless. It's probably different from the pieces submitted; But I just hoped it could appeal to those who feel like they aren't worth much every now and then; who allow their insecurities to consume them... and who need to realize that sometimes the "only person stopping you from being who you want to be... from being happy... is you". You are guilty. This was my letter to No one. I am guilty for making mysel...

Do they know it's christmas time at all?

Posted November 25, 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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It's exactly one month before Christmas and I'm looking forward for a break from my hectic life but I cannot help but think of all the children and young people in the world who won't even know it is Christmas. I think of the people who will be spending their Christmas without their relatives because MH 370 is missing, Ebola has stolen their lives and war and conflict has destroyed most things in sight. It feels like 2014 has been a year with many disasters and the year is comi...

A Fresher’s Plight: Bagging a Good First Job

Posted November 25, 2014 Avatar Ajay Lamba

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Fresh out of college or nearing the end of your final semester in college, getting your first job is a common concern that freshers face. While it is a concern that students should be having, it isn’t a problem. The fact that freshers have to walk through hell to get their first job is barely true. In fact there are numerous companies, small and large, that look for inexperienced fresh graduates and post graduates. So where is the problem? The Fresher Mindset We all wante...

Men, Gender Equality is your issue too

Posted November 24, 2014 no picture Noelle Oputa

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It's been over one month since Emma Watson's speech was presented at the UN but I relate to it time and time again. From my ongoing research on gender relations within formal schooling, I can write pages about this issue, but the underlining premise is that feminism is not synonymous with man hate or female superiority as Emma Watson rightly mentioned. It is the recognition and representation of the capabilities embodied in the woman and we have tried for so long to deal with this...

Journey with Voices of Youth

Posted November 24, 2014 no picture PoonamVOY

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Sometimes I feel that time is running too fast and this feeling has become stronger as I am wondering how fast has time passed as it is already five months of my internship with Voices of Youth blogging. However, I am very glad that I am part of VOY and got this golden opportunity to share my views and ideas in the global online youth platform. During my internship with VOY, I got to learn about various issues of all around the globe like gender issues, FGM, environment issues...


Posted November 24, 2014 no picture Katongo_VOY_CONNECT

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In this generation it is normal to see young people going out and dating but not so long ago during our parents time dating was a sign that people are ready for marriage. Unfortunately youths of today don’t take dating to be a serious thing some view it is a chance to engage in sex others view it as a way to be close with people of the opposite sex. But we must realise is that dating among youths isn’t just fun and games during a youths teens he/she goes through puberty and...


Posted November 24, 2014 no picture Katongo_VOY_CONNECT

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Youths take up most of the world’s population and so when there are problems they are the most affected. In Zambia 68% of the population constitutes of young people. Therefore young people are exposed to so many problems or pressures like lack of education, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancies, early marriages, peer pressure, abuse, unemployment and so many more. So if this is what the majority of the world’s population go through then what must we do about it? Well in order for a pers...

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