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no picture binaila
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I am no princess. I am no perfect girl. I am not the most popular girl in school. I am not the girl who all the guys obsess over. I am no super teenager. I am not the prettiest girl in school. I am not saving kids in poverty. I am human. My school has issues. My best friend is very popular. My ex-best friend is a queen-b. One of them has pretty blonde hair, perfect skin, never has a bad hair day, and apparently has a great butt. My ex-best friend is con...

A Post of No Nonsense

Published Avatar Bhavana

Avatar Bhavana
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The nonsense drolleries of Edward Lear never ceased to interest me. This post happened when I realized there is more nonsense in reality than on paper. There was a Little Girl of Rome, She had blue eyes and a stubby nose, "Don't wander far away from home. You might end up inside a gnome." Preached the wise to that chubby Little Girl of Rome. There was a Young Person of Syria, Whose father tried to burn her, She screamed, cornered like a rat, "You abhorrent Old Man of...


Published no picture Life is too short to be afraid, Imagine

no picture Life is too short to be afraid
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The thing that hurts the most is knowing that if they found out about me being gay, our friendship would be over. I tolerate their every flaw, so why couldn't they accept me? I mean we have known each other for so long and the fact that I would be the one destroying our friendship, is killing me. I love my friends, I even pray for them every night. And they, they would toss me aside like a piece of rubbish if I told them about my homosexuality. It’s sick, right? To love somebod...

All about the J7 Summit

Published Avatar VOY team member, KateVOY

Avatar VOY team member
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In a couple of days’ time, the 2015 J7 Summit will begin in Germany. In case you don’t know what it’s all about we asked three of the participants a couple of questions to get you in the know: Sang-Jin from Germany, Nada from Italy, and Alexandre from France. And don’t forget to check out the special Voices of Youth - J7 Summit discussion and the J7 Summit website to get to the latest news and updates. Can you briefly tell us what the J7 is about? Nada: J7 is...

The World Is Not Black And White, But Some People Are

Published Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology, David Molina Shvidchenco

Avatar Biotechnology student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology
David Molina Shvidchenco
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If you are Costa Rican it is almost certain that you know the story of Cocorí. His great adventure was written by Joaquín Guitierrez in 1947 and is considered an important part of Costa Rican literature. However, it has been taken away from schools since 2003 because the Minister of Education said it was racist. Some weeks ago a couple of government representatives expressed their disgust with the book and want it censured or even banned. But not everybody agrees with this decisi...

What’s in a (Zimbabwean) Name?

Published Avatar Miss, Rumby

Avatar Miss
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Rumbidzai Chipo. Ever since I began interacting with people who are not Zimbabwean, I quickly noticed that not everyone possesses the ability to pronounce my name correctly. You see, in my culture, parents usually choose to give their child a name with a meaning. It might be a name that is a message to someone, a name inspired by an event or simply a name that depicts the family’s feelings. My names, Rumbidzai and Chipo, are words from my mother tongue- Shona, which mean praise a...

Let's Talk about "Post-Racial" America

Published Avatar Miss, Noor Samee

Avatar Miss
Noor Samee
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Back in the 1960s, my grandfather lived as an Asian American in the midst of a black and white world. He lived two blocks from the White House, and could watch the March on Washington from his balcony window. In his time living in segregated America, my grandfather’s racial identity was challenged all the time. Each time he went on a bus, out to dinner, or even to the bathroom, he faced a dilemma. There was one side for “Whites”, and another for “Colored”. The signs cause...

The Strike

Published Avatar Mr., Ala Oueslati

Avatar Mr.
Ala Oueslati
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“We will go on strike” said a young Tunisian man who has been working in the public sector for the same salary over the last 2 years. Most people in Tunisia agree on the fact that the revolution of 2011, also referred to as the “Jasmine Revolution” or the “Revolution of Dignity”, was an uprising of consciousness and awareness that followed the void of the Ben Ali regime, which marginalized youth and expelled them from social and political life. However, Tunisian you...

Just Because of You

Published Avatar Mr, Gerald

Avatar Mr
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Have you ever thought about giving up on life? Why did you not give up? Who did you think about that made you change your mind? If not everyone, many of us have thought about giving up on life for not having a reason to live. The pain that poverty comes with. The fear of rejection. The loss of loved ones. The thought of failures. These bring us to the point of giving up on life. Just yesterday I thought of giving up, but I thought about you reading my message. I imagined you crying and beatin...

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