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consent |kənˈsɛnt| Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something: no change may be made without the consent of all the partners. A word with such powerful meaning. But does everyone get to enjoy the right to their own consent? No. A few days ago, I spent the day like I normally do. Wake up, do some chores, read a book, etc. And then, my news app is giving me the highlights of the day. I was shocked to see the headline “14 year old being raped to d...

Ways to Womanhood

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“All the girls did it. It’s the only way to protect your honor,” Naglaa’s mother assured her, as she led her down a narrow path, littered with squatting children in tattered pajamas and shoes forged from old tyres. They knocked on the door of the village daya’s* residence. A stooping, old woman answered. “We’re here for the daya,” Naglaa’s mother intoned. The old woman nodded and pointed with a scraggly finger at a room down a stuffy, unlit hallway. Naglaa clung...

The Girl

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I have a friend. She is a girl who loves other girls. She wanted to say it. She wanted to find someone. But what happened to her? Let’s find it out. “The girl sees other kids playing in the street. She never goes there because she is not just like the other kids. She has another name that they have given her. She is just a little girl who loves other girls, Love, it seems terrifying to her now. This street with so many colors, This street which is so...

Astrophe… and the Universe

Published Avatar Richa Gupta , Founder and Editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine

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Astrophe (n). the feeling of being stuck on earth (Source: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) We learn about the planets of our Solar System when we’re five or six, and about other galaxies a few years later. We learn that Jupiter has a great red spot, that Neptune is sapphire blue, that Venus has clouds made of deadly sulfuric acid. And then we realize that, as endless as our Solar System may seem, it’s just a tiny dot in an infinite expanse of silence and dust. We’re ov...

Today, the world is facing some huge challenges, which are threatening our survival and existence on Earth. The reality is that no country is immune from these challenges and undoubtedly, the two biggest threats to the human race are: Terrorism and Environmental Degradation. These perils are questioning everyone on Earth regardless of religion, gender, age or nationality and are forcing us towards a state of catastrophic emergency. People might wonder: How are terrorism and envi...

Youths shape Climate Change in Tangier

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Tangier had the honor to host Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum at the eve of MED COP22 on 16 and 17 July The Forum brought 120 youth organizations and individuals engaged in civil society, entrepreneurship and politics from the entire Mediterranean region. Those youth are fully engaged on climate change and environmental issues. Youths play an influential role in affecting climate change and they are the partners of adults in shaping climate change policies. Youth usually...

Are you the answer?

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Puzzles. Public funds catwalking out of treasuries. Questions. Answers needed. What if you held the answer to the problems that bewitched many? I was made a Carrington youth fellow by the US consulate in Lagos, Nigeria in February 2016. About 20 of us were. We were selected to run developmental projects in undeserved communities in Lagos, Nigeria with regards to Education, Good governance, Health, Economic empowerment and Social justice. Once a month, we gather to share and dis...

Past Colonialism: Koreans in Japan

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“Go back to Korea, roaches!” The hateful remarks of anti-Korean protesters infiltrate the walls of a Korean school in Japan. Outside, the protesters gather in an attempt to intimidate the Korean school children and administration. However, this is not just a one-time protest; it is the third one this month. Koreans are considered to be the largest ethnic minority group in Japan, with many of them having been there their entire lives. Upwards of 600,000 Koreans were forcib...

My definition of peace

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Peace to me represents not just the absence of conflict but wholeness of heart and mind. A state of being where all emotions are at a healthy balance and all necessary human qualities are present. We can create such a peace through gentle considerate words and rephrasing of sentences which could be hurtful. Wholeness cannot be achieved when a dent has been placed on self esteem. This blow to self esteem can be caused by verbal bullying, teasing and constant prodding about a physica...

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