PLURAL+ Awards 2015: Blue

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Name: Breech Asher Harani; Film: Blue, PLURAL+ International Jury Winner, PLURAL+ Partner Awards Winner Country: Philippines Age: 23 What 3 words describe you best? Creative, Hard-working, Open-Minded Tell us about your film - what is it about? "BLUE" is a short film that talks about the experience of leaving a family for a new life in a foreign place, and being misunderstood for being different, including the effects especially on young people....

Love's not supposed to hurt

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I recently read a book about a teenage girl in a very abusive relationship and told myself - "This is why teenagers should not date." My statement shocked me, because as soon as I said it, I realised...I was echoing society. When it comes to abuse, we'll blame everything but the perpetrator. Whether it is physical, emotional or sexual, abuse cannot be justified. There is simply no excuse and it is NOT OKAY! What infuriates me, is how a man can think it's okay to hit a woman, to...

SDG 1: No Poverty

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Imagine not being able to read these words Imagine fearing for your life each time a mosquito came your way Imagine not being able to trust anyone in power to care for you Imagine living in a box with no breathing holes, and no way to get out Imagine. If the world consists of 100 people and had $100 to split amongst themselves, 1 person gets $50 and 99 people split the other $50. You don’t need to imagine, because that is exactly what our world is. While so many people live in poverty and...

The Moringa Tree could virtually wipe out malnutrition!

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The Moringa Tree could virtually wipe out malnutrition. The countries with the highest rates of malnutrition are almost the same where Moringa trees grows best. Given the world food crisis, the use of local resources like Moringa Trees is critical to improve nutrition among poor households. Two Moringa Trees in a courtyard are sufficient for the needs of one family. Moringa Tree contains high amounts of protein, all essential amino acids and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals...

I just can't stand watching women getting tortured, raped, killed, every day. I can't take it anymore; when I watch the news & watch television, I feel so helpless when I see issues on gender inequality. Is it hard to understand that men & women are equal? Is it that hard to accept this fact & move on? Or it's just that people are not willing to accept this fact? The plight of women in countries like India, Yemen, Syria who are also humans like all of us have to face...

Social Media Activism- Looking for Volunteers

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Hello everyone- I posted on here a few months ago after the tragic shooting of the 3 Muslim students in Chapel Hill NC, hoping to form a social media movement. I come to the VOY forums once again in hopes of finding a few people who would be wiling to take the time to assist in creating a series of blogs, images, or short videos in order to support Syrian refugees, promote unity and tolerance in the face of tragedy, and to simply help to educate the public. For now the best way to contact me is...

The Terrorist's Son

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If you’re raised on dogma and hate, can you choose a different path? Zak Ebrahim was just seven years old when his father helped plan the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His story is shocking, powerful and, ultimately, inspiring.

The Plight of Zambian Children with Special Needs

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I came upon this blog when I was in the process of writing a poster presentation for my special education master's class. I was quite intrigued to read about the plight of the Zambian youth. Hailing from Zambia myself, I am very aware of the hardships these children face and how they have to struggle just to make ends meet. In this vein, I am stepping up to the plate to contribute, even if it will be in a small way, to helping Zambian youth but namely those with special needs who I...

Our World: A Troubled Place

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For a person like me, the Paris attacks are for real, not just some news article or headline. They mean something so hard, so true, and so real to me that it is almost hard to put into words. But I can try. Most of us are aware of last Friday’s tragedy, with 129 lost and so many more injured. It is what we aren’t aware of that’s the issue. Nobody could care less about the 21 killed last week when a bomb when off in a Baghdadi funeral, nor does anyone care when suicide bom...

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