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We're happy to announce that applications for the next round of VOY Blogging Internships are now o...

What Perspective to Take on the Refugee Crisis?

Published no picture Giulia , Aspiring journalist

no picture Aspiring journalist
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The international headlines of the recent months have kept pace with the refugee crisis. Bleak news have reached our television sets, relating the stories of thousands of migrants crossing the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean in unsafe conditions. Needless to say that the first and most prevalent tragedies that occurred in those waters were conveyed as mere factual information. Nonetheless, the amount of catastrophes rising in addition to the ever-growing migratory flows from...

Mass Incarceration: Why We Can't Stay Silent

Published Avatar Salma Abdelrahman , Fabula Rasa

Avatar Fabula Rasa
Salma Abdelrahman
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The greatest injustices and tragedies occur when the masses begin to believe that a certain group of people is not worthy of the label “Human”. The worst Genocides in our history occurred when the populous saw nothing wrong with killing large groups of people because they were considered pests. Slavery happened in a time in history when African men and women were viewed as Three-Fifths of a person. An ability to empathize with someone based on the concept that we are all human,...

Washed Out Dreams

Published no picture rebecca tamusuza , student

no picture student
rebecca tamusuza
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They often fall but sure learn to fly. As we watch their first steps with joy we cheer them into boldly shaping an uncertain destiny. This day, STATISTICS state, "1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE!!!" We may have left them forsaken as the abuse they face that we choose to ignore feeds into and builds this statistic. But we cannot rob ourselves of the reality that sexual abuse transcends social status and bites into children of PRIVILEGE as much as it c...

Never Give Up

Published no picture kitikil , GGE

no picture GGE
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Hi Community, I am coming out to just share with you a story of big dream, patience, perseverance, hard work, and compassion that led a rural student from a village called Moutourwa, in Cameroon to the center of silicon Valley: Stanford University. In fact Kidi Basile, is a student who started dreaming about studying in the U.S. at the age of 14 after reading an american college magazine. His encounter with that magazine, was the punch that opened his eyes on american college...

The end of the year 2015 is important for the United Nations as it marks the deadline of the Millenium Development Goals. However, not all of them are complete, for example, one of the targets for the goal “Global Partnership for Development” is to provide affordable & essential drugs in developing countries. In 2014, it was recorded that ‘generic medicines were only available in 58% of public health facilities in low countries’ [

Teen girls & Crimes

Published no picture Moukhtar Ben Ali , WenakLabs

no picture WenakLabs
Moukhtar Ben Ali
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There is a girl in my neighborhood, who wants to celebrate this day (October 11) like millions of girls around the world except for one thing, she ignores the existence of this day, and she is behind the cage. She is like hundreds of girls in my neighborhood, or millions of girls around the world who didn’t have the chance to sit down in a school, because of poverty or some other reasons. At the age of twelve, as there is nothing to do during the day because she is not at sch...

My Interpretation of Peace

Published no picture Emman Tarar , Just an ordinary 15 year old

no picture Just an ordinary 15 year old
Emman Tarar
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People generally define peace as a period without war. Some say it means emotional calm, goodwill and harmony. However, if you're a Pakistani, the Western world has made a separate dictionary for you. For us, peace is an alien phenomenon. One can only be emotionally calm if one knows that all of their loved ones are safe at home i.e safe from being among suicide bombers. Whereas signing a peace treaty and then violating it by open fire at LOC is considered to be a gesture of goodwi...

Protests in Lebanon and the MENA Region's Future

Published no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine
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It’s always up to the people to change their country’s situation, it’s always up to these generations to make the change they want to see. That’s what Lebanese young people have understood, that’s what this new generation here in Lebanon has in mind. As an activist for human rights, and since I am here in Lebanon right now; I went to the protest that took place near Nejmeh square yesterday. I went to see how things go, and I was impressed by the consciousness, which I wil...

Raise Your Voice for Renewable Energy

Published no picture PoonamVOY

no picture PoonamVOY
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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” by Mahatma Gandhi has become more and more important these days as the world is constantly using (in fact constantly misusing) the world resources. As the agenda of climate change is becoming more & more serious day by day, the whole world is being interested towards the renewable energy as the cost effective development solution. An international development organization OXFAM released a report arguin...

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