A Letter to Social Media Abusers

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Dear Friends, Hope this letter meets you healthy and happy. I am inspired to write today about our misuse of social media, which I am not happy about. Some will agree with me and some won’t. But it’s normal to have disagreement sometimes in life. However, I hope you take these words in good faith and not as the beginning of a war. I created a Facebook account in July 2009. That day was the first time I had chatted with a cousin who I had never met or spoken with. She wa...


Published no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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I hear crying and wailing somewhere in the heart of the northern part of Nigeria.... A place where death has it sting wrapped up in the clothes of the people they die of bombs, Girls are kidnapped yet no hope of freedom insight A land of fury were young men die from the sting of terrorism in the hands of Boko Haram... A region whose prosperity is beyond measures yet wallow in abject poverty...hunger, homelessness, beggars are all we see around us... I see the Amajiris...

Drifting Life at a Tip of a Bridge.

Published no picture Tharindu Dhanusha Fernando

no picture Tharindu Dhanusha Fernando
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Life runs along a narrow bridge. One side is beaming with prosperity, wealth and happiness, but the other side suffers from poverty, destitution and grievance. Every human being wants to pick the first side but it is inevitable to avoid the latter. Sometimes life drifts between two sides as the bridge swings. However life ends when the connection of the bridge ruptures. Each of these categories resembles their own identity. They have inherent advantages as well as disadvantages i...

Protect the future of our society

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Matar, 20, from Dakar, Senegal is a member of Plan’s Global Voice for Change project, which supports young people around the world to connect, learn and advocate together on the issues important to them. In April I took part in film production and social media training organised by Plan. The training had two purposes – to teach us now to interview, use a camera, put together a film and then promote the film on social media. To make the training more focused we were given a...

I am a woman and when I think, I speak

Published Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui

Avatar Imen Al-Nighaoui
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They say "walk a mile in her shoes and you will be able to understand her" but actually it takes more than a heel to understand a woman. All human beings are subject to hardships but as a matter of fact, we don't suffer the same way. I have always supported humanity as whole and I have never seen the gender case as something different but rather I considered it as a human rights issue. But when some of us insist on dividing the world upon a gender map, I eventually started to que...

Nancy, 19, from Moyamba, Sierra Leone is a member of Plan’s Youth Advisory Panel As part of Plan’s Project, interviewing Millennium Children about School Related Gender Base Violence (SRGBV), I discovered that this is a prevailing issue affecting girls’ education and their lives in general in Sierra Leone. The perpetrators are mostly male teachers. According to young people in Moyamba, “Hardly a day passes without hearing about sexual violence including rape, sexual pen...

Marching Against Xenophobia

Published no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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CRF Youth Reporters from Alex FM in Gauteng joined thousands of protesters who turned out on the streets of Johannesburg to say NO to xenophobia. They interviewed a few people in the crowd, getting their views on the causes of this current scourge in South Africa.

Femininity is POWERFUL

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Noor Samee
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I am a woman, I’d say a confident and driven one at that, and I love my femininity. As a young girl, I have been told countless times that feminine interests such as makeup and fashion take away from a the legitimacy of a hardworking, professional person. I have been told that the only way to feel powerful is to adopt masculine traits. And in response to the people who have told me that, I’d say I completely disagree. Feminine traits are not appreciated nearly as much as they...

This is the first vlog from Omar, a student in Senegal. He's looking at sexual violence in schools and talk to three girls who were raped by their teacher when they were 13. He also speaks to the father of one girl who reveals how he discovered the abuse was happening. The vlog is the first in a series where young people from all over the world will talk about issues affecting them. Trained by Plan International, the vloggers seek to give a voice to young people in developing...

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