The Indian Unity in Diversity

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Food has been seen as a medium which mirrors the culture of a community. It is indeed seen that one’s personality influences one’s taste preference. The taste of sweet and spicy is what defines the flavors of the Indian cuisine which is generalized in the Indian population: including the fiery spices, such as the hot Indian chilies, to the sugary Indian sweets, such as ladoos, which excite your sweet tooth. The Indian diversity can be seen from the different types of food found...

Let's do this!

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I've got this fire raging inside of me My then hazy goals now I can clearly see They used to seem too far,too invincible But now I know that I am definitely capable I promise I shall never give up or despair I promise I shall never about the gossips care Because now I see, now I see What I can truly step up to be So come on you all! Let's do this! Let's take life head on for whatever it is Let's not worry about unnecessary things Let's chase our d...


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This poem describes the misery and bereavement associated with war. It talks about the unhappiness, the destruction, and the fact that no one truly wins. Most of the time, the costs are so great that they undermine the triumph of the victor. Pyrrhic. Pyrrhic Land, fragments of stone to lord over, decaying vegetation, collapsing petals. People genuflecting with shock, under the rule of new skins, people with a foreign accent, strange syllables melting on their tong...

The Power of Living in the Present

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I know how hard it is to lose someone, how hard it can get to know that your friend is no more, and how hard it is to see your loved ones dying. But after all these things you have to learn to move ahead, no matter what has ever happened and going to happen with you. This is life and we have to learn to smile again. People think it’s easy to talk about motivation and all but let me tell you it is the hardest thing to do in this world. People will get you wrong, they will misund...

Beat Gender Norms. Do what you love.

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“…Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside,” said Lin Manuel Miranda at the 2016 Tony Awards. His words stand true, especially in this day and age. Love is love. In society today, a man can love a woman, a man can love a man, and a woman can love a woman. We appreciate love for one another, despite race, religion, gender, and appearance. But, love was not just meant for people, but for the things we do too. We acce...


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Death. So unexpected, Sudden, Yet, Inevitable. We all know, We will go, Yet we show, No flow. Never ready, To let go, When in fact, It looms upon us, A strike, Ready to blow. When time cannot be borrowed, You can no longer plough. Leave behind your sorrows, We all have to go. There is no hiding from it, Telling it to come tomorrow, No counting how long ago, Or how much of life, you have st...

Am I perfect yet?

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Perfection. The word is so foreign but so familiar at the same time, right? We always try to reach it but we never quite get there, no matter how hard we try. Do you know why? Because it’s impossible to reach something that doesn’t exist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a phrase we hear frequently on the TV or at school, in art class. The phrase itself tells us that beauty can be different for each one of us, the same happens with perfection. What you think is pe...

Living With Anxiety - Up Close and Personal

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"I think I'm having a panic attack" I text my best friend at 11:00 pm, laying in bed, the overwhelming thoughts hitting me all at once. I hate going to sleep, I hate laying in bed, in the dark, waiting for the thoughts to consume me. Anyone who lives with anxiety knows how I feel. I live with an anxiety disorder and have been suffering with it since I was in junior school. It has been my biggest battle so far. Anxiety for me, means living in a bubble, a bubble without air, y...

Waiting in the corridors of death

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“I’d rather die in the arms of a traditional birth attendant than let a nurse touch me during child delivery.” Aunty Dele is one of my very hardworking grandaunts and the most uniquely opinionated one too. Though not formally educated, she’s quite curious and clever. Just last week, I was having a chat with her about some of the perks of being a woman in Nigeria and the issue of childbearing came up. You see, Aunty Dele has three children and is even a grandmother but...

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