I wish

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I wish I was able to walk on the streets of my small city after 9pm. I wish I was able to go out for dinner or even watch a movie at the cinemas after 9pm. As a 16-year-old girl I wish I was able to go outside after dark without fear. Fear that has been drilled into me since I was twelve years old. “Don’t stay out too late, don’t go down any dark streets, have the police ready to call and don’t talk to anyone, under any circumstances”. I’m aware this is no...

Don't Judge Us

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no picture Don't Judge Us
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Mumma always said not to fight, to put beside our differences and work things out. She said not to be greedy and always share. To let people be who they are and not make them conform. To not exclude others and accept them. To live by example and others will follow. To be happy and live life to the fullest. To live the life you want to because you only live once. Mumma always said she loves us. Mumma you always told us not to fight, to be adults and work out our issues. So inste...

The outside

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Ever pretended you were inside a box? It was something my friends and I loved to do as kids. We felt like real actors if our moves convinced others we really were inside it. It was pointless to pretend. You are inside of a box. The box is your comfort zone, it is your life. Inside of the box are the things you are familiar with. Inside of the box are good thing but also bad things. When you’re lucky, you can throw the bad things out. When the bad...

“I’m Gay. We Exist” - Inspire! With Logal Bet Kako

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Enana Hermez
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Super heroes aren’t only characters in comic books. Instead, they are selfless volunteers aiding those in need, artists defying the ugliness of war to create beauty with their art, or, in this case, a homosexual who is fighting for his existence and the existence of the Assyrian and Syrian LGBT+ community. This Inspire! post is about Logal Bet Kako, a gay Assyrian-Syrian activist. Shlama Logal! (Hello or peace in Assyrian). Tell us a little about yourself. How was life f...

Dear Mom

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Yaz Kolankaya
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Thank you. Thank you for being the woman you are. Thank you for raising me the way you did. Thank you; For always being right, For warning me when necessary, yet for always standing by me, even when I’m mistaken because I didn’t take your advice, For making me your first priority, inherently, For listening, for talking about your troubles, For doing the right thing, all the time, instinctively, For being the most honest person I know, For being so pure in heart, For...

Why Am I Doing Exactly What I Preach Against?

Published Avatar Maria Jimena Jurado Giraldo , Student - Political Science

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Maria Jimena Jurado Giraldo
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I have been thinking about this blog post for a while, analysing what exactly was it that I wanted to communicate and what is it that makes me feel the need to write about this. This is a thought that has been on my mind since before joining the VOY team but only now have I found the words to put this on paper. You will find in this piece many contradictions and you will notice how unsure I am about this topic and how to approach it, but please bear with me. I identify as a lib...

Not Enough Space For a Child's Tears

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Kaan Kabalak
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We are sorry Omran, but you are not as important as you may think. Your bleeding head, the haunting expression of confusion you have showed, and the tears in your eyes are not very important. We are sorry Omran, but there are things far more important than a child’s life. What is the value of innocence in a world which has lost innocence long ago, little Omran? Your innocence, your tears… they don’t mean much for us grownups. Omran you must understand, there has been ma...

Society's Standards

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Niken Afifah
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What is it with people and standards? It is like we need to have a standard in every single thing and if we fail to reach that standard that we set ourselves, we are considered as a total and utter failure. Now we have a lot of standards, like how a female should look like, how a male should act, etc. But is it really necessary? I personally feel like it does us more harm than good. For one, what society considers as 'beautiful' for a female is a slender fit body, long hair, a...

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Team People

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A young teenage girl leans in with her new friend to take a selfie. They booths smile, ecstatic with Olympic fervor and excitement. One wears the North Korean flag, and the other wears the South Korean flag. Here, we see two hostile countries united for a split second by two young girls who have trained for the same dreams. Two young girls who have united the separated countries because of their love and passion for gymnastics. North and South Korea have bean separated for sevent...

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