Refugees Welcome - A Story About Fear and Love

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no picture Pia Fleig
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There are so many thoughts in my head right now and so many things I want to say. I know they’ll never fit into one single text. A couple of weeks ago, Europe was shattered by a couple of terrorist attacks, especially in France and in Germany. I’m from Germany and let me say, we were all immensely scared. No place – not even a little church in the countryside – seemed safe anymore. What made many of us be frightened even more was the fact that almost all terroristic act...

To you, who called for my assist and advice even when you , with no regrets and no remorse named me what...eccentric, lunatic, freak, antisocial...? And yes, perhaps my rebellious attitude deserved a wake-up call and perhaps I did fully merit those heartbreaking words but of all people who know of nothing me, and all those who think of me low, you can not allow yourself the idea of knowing so little of me. To you, who I always felt like your last choice, last thought, last...

End Cyber-bullying and Change the World Today

Published Avatar Ashley T.

Avatar Ashley T.
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Sometimes, we can’t help but view the world as a dark, cruel place. It seems depraved and unforgiving, as if all forms of kindness and acceptance have been lost. More than 3 billion people around the world are now using the Internet, and ostensibly, this increased access to connectivity and nodes of communication is something that should be celebrated. However, it is indisputable that everything comes with a price. With the advent of social media, an increasing number of youths...

Morocco Struggles With Growing Youth Unemployment

Published no picture Mohammed Qasserras

no picture Mohammed Qasserras
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Youth between the ages of 15 and 29 in Morocco account for about 30% of the population and 44% of the people who are of working age. The main challenge facing Moroccan youth, particularly graduates, is the access to the job market. The Morocco High Planning Delegation stated on the status of the job market in Morocco, that the unemployment rate held steady at 8.8 percent during the second quarter of this year, after it was estimated at 1.8 percent a year before. That is an increa...

How to Be a HAPPIER Person

Published Avatar Banni Bestina , German Literature Student

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Banni Bestina
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When you google ‘how to be happy’ or ‘how to be more of a happy person’, the search results are abundant. There are plenty suggestions on how to be a happy person, and each one has their own specialty. But, I will give you - 5 ways on how to be a HAPPIER person, by an 18-year-old. 1. Exercise I know, this is hard. I mean, most of us - teenagers - love spending time watching Netflix and eat pizza. What exercise means is, to move. There are many reasons why people...

Man and Women: Equality?

Published Avatar Niken Afifah , Student

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Niken Afifah
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In this modern day, some may argue that males and females are becoming more and more equal, where both genders have an equal chance to succeed in life. It might look that way on the surface, but just like the iceberg theory, there is more to it in the aspects that we cannot see. It may seem to look like men and women are becoming more equivalent, just because now women have also the right to vote, women have access to higher education, and they can also have a career. But it r...

I Am To Make It

Published Avatar Mac-king Thompson , Student

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Mac-king Thompson
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We can grow to be more and achieve greater things than our claim heroes and mentors if we believe, act on it and work through it than merely wishing like them, Yes! we can make it. Here is a poem about some of our able heroes who in their right made the world somehow better in their respective times; hope you enjoy The Poem; If I could fight as Muhammad Ali, Then would I hold tight the thunder, Shield the sunlight at day and Light the candle at night, to Searc...

Children of the Dew

Published no picture Carissa Cestina

no picture Carissa Cestina
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The street is a world of diverse lives, a home to many stories. In its corners, lay the tales of the children you wanted to shut in jails, but whose pleas and wonders you never wanted to hear. Is it just to accuse them as criminals when adults failed to give them the healthy, safe environment they need in order to grow as persons of the society’s norm? Before graduating from college, I met several street children. Two of them were once part-timers—beggars when the sun is up,...

Let's Talk: Food Allergies

Published Avatar Onnolee Brown , College Student

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There's this story about a little girl, she was two years old and broke out in hives. Her mother took her to the hospital, and immediately the doctors wanted to give her all different kinds of shots, but her mother refused, and decided to take her child off of dairy. It wouldn't come as much of a surprise that the little girl never broke out in hives afterwards. That little girl is me. One of the great questions in life is one that so few actually ask, it's if one has a food allerg...

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