African Sistah

Woman holding surf board ready to jump in the ocean

African Sistah,
Toes in the warm sand

Ankles full of charms rattling with every step

Bumping a sea of people as she carries her blue surfboard

She steps on a plastic bottle and sighs

Picking it up and putting it in her satchel she treads on.

African Sistah,
Pulled by the alluring of the blue ocean

She looks to the horizon and dreams

She dreams of cleaner beaches and oceans

But she is tormented with floating islands of plastic

Turtles choking on plastic bags

She shuts her eyes and erases those foul images from her head.

African Sistah,

She ties her dreadlocks and sets her board right

Ready to jump into the seemingly perfect waves

Perfect yes, but tainted with garbage

She paddles into the deep unknown trying to catch a wave

Her foot gets caught by a Lays chip bag

Again she sighs and drags it off her foot and comes to a halt

There it came

The perfect wave.

African Sistah,

She steadied herself and quickly jumped on her board

She rode that wave

That perfect wave

Full of plastic bottles and papers

She couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with sadness

Her once pristine ocean was now a mirage of its former self

Choked with trash

Marine organisms slowly dying

She rode that perfect wave to its end.

African Sistah, 
Picked up her satchel full of trash she had collected

She had left the beach clean

But now it was full of trash again

The never ending cycle of human nature biting again
She bent over and started the process again

Purging the enemy that is a threat to all.