Call for peace and love


Youth of all nations, fuel of revolution and power of countries. Put peace in your souls and share it among people. Make life a better place for the weak and poor. Make our today a song for tomorrow's youth to sing. Never give up to the voice of the devil and light the fire in your homes. Remembering the youth who died in wars, is not a reason to fill your soul with violence, but to try to spread the peace. Don't listen to the call of devils who persuade you by violence and wars under words of religion or building new better countries. Don't be a word or letter in someone's agenda. Don't waste your effort, power and blood for someone and think that you are a hero and serving the religion or humanity or angel in paradises. Make your power a power for building not destroying. Open your mind and your heart to life to try to be a benefit to humanity. Believe in diversity and respect all people's thoughts. Don't forget that you’re just a human not a god to judge people and punish them. Remember that from our god's names "The Merciful". Also don't see peace as a message for weakness, but of power.

Please, give children a chance to learn and build and don't make them sleep with opened eyes. Don't spread fear, horror and anxiety in the children and all people's hearts. Give chance for developing, upgrading and manufacturing.

Peace and love are the message of all religions and words of god. Switch your mind to think and your heart to feel. Spread the message of love and peace on earth and space.