Climb this mountain, young adventurer

A mountain

Climb this mountain, young adventurer,

the fresh horizon is waiting on you,
a breath of new air is right there –
it will abide by your time.

Climb this mountain, young adventurer,

steep slopes are just part of the climb –
they make the adventure worthwhile, really.

It will be an arduous climb, young adventurer,

you have nonetheless trained for this,
you have nothing to be afraid of
and nothing to lose. 

Alas, young adventurer,

the first step is always the hardest,
so go –
take that first step,
and climb
and keep climbing. 

Remember, young adventurer,

do no harm –
not to yourself nor the nature that will surround you

Your hands may bleed, young adventurer,

and that is perfectly okay,
the view shall compensate for that. 

So, climb this mountain,

do it for the unheard,
for those who were silenced,
for those who left too soon. 

Do it –
for this is your mission,
and yours alone.