Covid-19 Safety

Stay home and stay safe

Covid-19 is something horrible that has taken over the world. Millions of people are getting covid and there's no ways of completely healing it. There are over 91 million people who have it and cases are starting to rise every day. Schools are becoming online, stores and shops are closing due to less customers, people are losing their jobs and lots of people are dying. Close to 2 million people have died from covid and the numbers keep adding up.

There are some ways to stay safe and these are very important if you don’t want to get covid. The first thing you should know is to wear a mask everywhere you go because that doesn’t let germs and bacteria get to another person so it doesn’t just help you it helps the people around you too. Another thing is that when you come back from any place you should wash your hands because if you have germs and covid on your hand and you touch your face that can give you covid. Another important thing is that you don’t go to crowded places often, and when you go stay safe by wearing masks and gloves. Many people get covid from touching door knobs after people and rails after people so you should wear gloves. Something that you should definitely do is not to get too close to your grandparents because older people have less immunity which means they can get really sick from covid and might even pass away. You should stay home most of the time but enjoy yourself with your family and friends with safety precautions.

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