Day of the Girl 2020: Girl Power!

IDG 2020

In society's perception, girls are deemed as weak, soft and gentle. They are the figures who stay at home and the kitchen is sort of their kingdom, and expect to show a caring and sensitive side whenever they can, even if they are in the right. Thus, they didn't have the voice to say anything. That was back in the days but now the time has changed, girls are coming out stronger than ever! Sadly, the reality is we still have to obey some rules. 

In the Malaysian Chinese culture, especially on weddings, the ceremony it's always a boy to be involved instead of a girl. In the olden times, boys will usually carry the family name and the girl will belong to someone else when she reaches the marriage age. Now, we can see both girls and boys are receiving all levels of education, go to work and even hold important positions in companies.

Sometimes, as a girl or a young lady to be exact, my voice is not heard. I remembered during my high school days, the boys in my class would ask me to "shut up" because my voice is not important and sometimes I felt overpowered by them. Showing my tough side as always when someone hit the nerves, they would stop and never speak of any certain issues the next day because they will know the price they would pay for. 

We have seen in many countries that young girls are forced into child marriage and labour for keeping the family income and some are abducted for child prostitution by kidnappers. Education is the most powerful in the world! With education, they have the chance to change the world, achieve their goals and dreams, becoming the person they want to be in the future. 

Bringing our family honour is not all about getting into a marriage, bringing honour is being the best person of ourselves and envision our future. Most importantly, we have to stand up and never stop fighting for what is right! One of my favourite Disney princesses, Mulan, is the perfect example. 

Let me take a quote from Disney Mulan (1998), "The greatest gift in honour is having you for a daughter" these are the words from Fa Zhou to his daughter, Mulan, who returned as a hero. No matter who we are, we can make our dreams come true and live our story.