Sad man sitting alone in the dark

This poem will discuss a specific young person’s experiences with mental health issues and may include references to diagnosis, treatment, or support. This should not be misinterpreted as specialized or medical advice for a particular situation you may be going through. The topic of experiencing mental health challenges may be difficult for some readers. If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, please seek support by accessing the following resources: Child Helpline International; Open Counseling Suicide Hotline Database; United for Global Mental Health. If your country does not have a national helpline please seek professional and community support from trained and experienced carers, especially before making any decisions on treatment. 


I am a villain

Taking over silently.

Choosing my victims carefully,

From far and wide

Of all ages, from all backgrounds.

I make my victims numb

and drown them in waves of sadness.

I greet everyone differently

Slowly convincing them to hide,

from the golden sunshine

And make them prisoners in their own minds.

I gnaw away at their energy

And shatter hope into tiny shards.

Making sleep more appealing

is another trick of mine.

Don't be fooled,

For I come with many weapons.

Some don't see me as an enemy

But as a joke or a prentious liar

They only understand

the true depth of my darkness

When I prey on them.

They used to call me melancholia

But now I go by a different name,

Fearsome as ever.