Diving deep into climate change: what I've learned and why YOU should care!

Green crops.

I've been on quite an enlightening journey recently, diving deep into the vast ocean of climate change through our fabulous youth network. And the findings? Shocking, urgent, and super close to home. 

My uncle, an amazing farmer in the picturesque Jordan Valley, has been facing some really tough times. Climate change isn't just melting ice caps—it's bringing a storm of pesky insects to his crops. And you know what's even more tragic? The parched land is due to the lack of water there. He's had to resort to pesticides to save his crops, but that has its own set of environmental issues. 

But here's where things got really personal for me. I've been chatting up with some fierce and fantastic girls from Sudan thanks to our network. And their stories? Heart-wrenching. Imagine not having easy access to water, one of the most basic human needs. Trekking miles to rivers, carrying heavy jugs back, and worse, facing scary and unsafe situations along the way. Every. Single. Day. It's 2023, and no one should be facing this. 

Being a part of this youth network has not just opened my eyes—it’s added purpose to my life. We have this golden opportunity NOW, that future generations might not. We cannot let them suffer because we missed our cue. 

But I've also come to understand that any initiative we take to address this problem can make a positive impact in the world. It's vital to recognize that. I've amassed a wealth of knowledge about climate change, and I've incorporated this into my daily life, such as sharing information with my classmates. We can amplify our efforts to raise awareness, especially through platforms like social media. Even a basic understanding made me realize that this isn't a remote issue; it's a reality that impacts my family and me. I've observed that Jordan is grappling with decreasing water levels, and this challenge escalates annually. We're witnessing these changes in real-time, and it's imperative that we take action.