Education, what is that?


Education should aim to encourage individuals to think beyond their personal interests, but is that what education is actually doing?

Though the world has started valuing holistic development and skill learning, it is really important to pay attention to how much of this is being achieved in the field.

It is unfortunate that students fear school and learning because education no longer inspires imagination and creativity, but rather imprisons them.

Over the past years, various nations have developed their education systems in unique ways. However, it appears that the level of education and qualifications attained have become the sole basis by which society measures a child's abilities and potential.

Although exams and standardized tests are essential for educational institutions to assess a student's progress in a classroom, it is apparent in many countries that exam scores are the sole basis for achieving one's aspirations. This leaves no room for students to showcase their talents and potential in any other way beyond academic excellence.

Is it fair to judge a person solely on their academic achievements? If yes, then why are governments not taking the initiative to make their education systems more flexible and less daunting? Why is it all so rigid?

Why do terms like grade inflation and deflation exist? Why are students not treated equally and why are there so many school types (public/private/governmental etc.), Why has school life become more of a competitive life?

I believe the world is changing fast and so I think it is reasonable to demand a change in education as well.

I implore the respected authorities to think about how our world is today, how it is going to be in the future, and whether we are shaping the bright minds today to create a beautiful tomorrow.

I can confidently claim that the youth can do much better if the world would just provide some space to breathe, to live, to grow, and to let us be what we truly want to be.

To the youth, I strongly reach out to you and would want you to know that your dreams matter. They make sense. And it is totally okay to be different, and it is okay if you haven’t figured out the ‘different’ in you yet. Not everyone has to be an engineer,or a doctor,or a lawyer.

We can be who we want to be and we can do it if only we believe in ourselves. And though the world is harsh to some of us, it's not ready for some of us, but in my opinion, it doesn’t have to. We need people who are, want to, and will make this planet livable and I promise that you are going to be it. You are going to be everything you dream of and more

So, just keep going.