Hi, I’m Michael Day, and I’m here to tell you about my research project. Me and my group created some milk carton squares with vaseline on it to check the air qualities at our homes.

Each of us hung it in a certain location. I hung my set of squares in my backyard, pool, gate of my house, balcony and bedroom window. I knew each of them would completely change color, from the trucks and cars that pass by my house every morning. 

Like I said, we decided to measure the air quality because the problem was, my country Haiti is…. A bit dirty. So, we decided to check air quality to see if it is good or not. My hypothesis was that it would definitely change color because outside my house is dirty and there is construction in front of it and praying that it does not become a gas station.

Our Independent variable (What is being changed in our experiment) was the locations of places near our houses. My Dependent variable (What is being measured in the experiment) was the scale, better known as AQI values. My milk carton square in my backyard barely changed color surprisingly. The one at my pool got a bit dirty unfortunately. The one at my window was so brown that the vaseline melted like ice!

On my balcony it changed color by turning pretty brown, and the one near my front gate was the same situation or the pool. I realized that the smoke near my house rises and that's why the window milk carton square had the vaseline melt all over it. This project idea is very easy so you can do it too. All you needed was string and hole puncher to hang it. You should try it if you live in a very busy neighborhood like me.

In conclusion, this project was very fun and I enjoyed working with my partners. I hope you enjoyed my blog and make sure you do this under supervision if you want to try this project. Also, I suggest you do it in a group like I did because it might improve your results to compare with others. Thank you for reading this!