Home isn’t Home Anymore


The thing that many people feel now is that home is no longer homey.

When the home does not feel like a home, the party that feels disadvantaged will end up feeling lonely. I had a conversation with my friends about it, and they turned out to feel the same. They are not really close with their parents either. The complexity within them makes it difficult to be open to the people around them. Some say, "I can't tell others because they will only compare the problems they face with mine and consider me weak." This caused fear and made them feel worse.

However, from the parents' side, they might also have so many burdens going on in their heads. They even feel lonely inside. They have no time to find a place for them to be vulnerable and take advice. As a result, they unconsciously suffer from stress and pass it on to their children.

Essentially, humans are complex. When they do something, there are x, y, z behind it, which are sometimes difficult to understand. Whether we realize it or not, there are truths that are true for us but not necessarily for others. There are also things that are wrong for us but not for others. So, understanding it will help us find balance with others.

So, when home doesn't feel like home anymore, where will you go?

One thing is certain: We have no control over our surroundings, but we do have control over ourselves. The way we show ourselves that we are growing and getting better with time is the most important one. Then we don't need to focus on seeking another home because we already have one inside. What we create on the inside has the ability to sort the energy of others, and another's homey home will naturally open for us as a result.