How 2020 changed my life?

Glow up in the middle of a pandemic

Without any doubt 2020 had an impact on the lives of all human beings, and for the first time the world as we know it disappeared. At first we thought we would have some sort of vacation and spend some days in our houses but little did we know that this pandemic was here to stay.

After more than 9 months I suspect we all have changed, in my personal experience at the beggining of the year I felt hopeless as a recent graduate of college I thought I would never get a job the first months were a little harsh for me because as i was entering the real world, I started to feel as if nothing was gonna get better.

I had a total of 4 interviews for work this year and after two failures finally everything was getting into place, I got my first real job in a freight forwarder of logistics but I have to confess that i did not like it, suddenly almost at the end of October I got an offer to work again at an automotive company. I couldn't believe it and after a round of a couple of interviews I got a role as a purchasing master data analyst.

This is a reminder that even when things seem not to work out you will always find your way back and also life after university is over you will be all right. As a piece of advice what helped me during this year was always trying to achieve my goals and talking with the people I know is always there for me.

Abril Benitez