I Felt A Tear

Sun shining on raindrops

I felt a tear never cried,

It stung the back of my eye.

Creeping forward, I held it in,

As my stomach began to spin.

A sickening feeling climbed my chest,

Turning my body into a mess.

Vision blurred, no more do I see,

All that’s left is my agony.


A cool relief ran down my cheek,

Opening the floodgates to an endless peak.

A conceded cascade - of sorts,

With many of muffled snorts.

My voice trembled - my heart silly,

Getting attached too easily.

I let the storm wash over me,

And soon the rain began to leave.


All that remained - a map soon to be dried, 

Showing a glimpse of what I felt inside.

The tidal wave hit as quick as it passed,

I desperately hoped it would be the last.

Though that was naive, stupid, and inane,

Knowing empathy will always win the game.

My heart stitched up - ready to go on,

Waiting to feel the rest of Earth’s song.