Importance of our life


We are mostly at home this year because of  the pandemic,  When we are very bored or distraught, we rarely go out or at least go to a window and breathe deeply. This breath reminds us how important it is. That breath saves us when we furious and feel like can't find a way to out.

Understanding the importance of breathing and still being in life and living with this knowledge is actually a great source of motivation.You will know when you take off the mask after a long break or when you are traveling in the car when you open the car window and feel the wind in your face. Don't you feel happy in a moment? When you read these examples.But to understand the importance of life you don't need a mask or a night cruise. 

The happiness of waking up every morning should awaken the same pleasure, because you can still work to reach your dreams, you still have the chance to travel that night, you have the chance to wear that mask when you go out. 

Unfortunately tomorrow has no certainty, that's why you should start working without delaying any more, 

Whatever your wishes are, you should do it without delay if you feel happy about it. You should start striving for your happiness and goals now, 

Take out the things that make you unhappy from your life.Make your time the steps to your goals and move forward. You should thank  for being in  life and standing on your feet for every breath you take... 

Stay happy  

Stay safe 

Republic of Türkiye