Let's Talk About Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health, one of the most underrated topic in today's time. When we are asked about health we define health as: According to WHO health is "the state of complete physical, mental, social, spiritual well being not merely an absence of diseases or infirmity." within a second because we have by heart this definition since childhood. But if we are asked about mental health we tend to either ignore the topic or divert it.

I read a beautiful line that said: If you break your bones people write "get well soon" on your cast, make a smiley face and sign it but if the same person shares about his or her mental health issues then the topic will get ignored. I am writing about mental health here today and somewhere in any corner of the world, out of 1000 people one might be suffering from depression, one might be having suicidal thoughts and one might have died by suicide.

Why is dealing with mental health issues such a great deal when it can be solved by expressing what we feel?

Today let's express what we feel.

Let's express to our parents that:

I might not have scored as much as other kids but that does not make me less talented than him.

I am not able to continue this job because the work environment is toxic.

I will get married when I feel I am capable of and not because I am 25 or because some of the people of my age got married.

Let's express to our teachers that:

I have not scored 90% in my academics but that does not make me a loser.

Comparing me with the student who is at the top of my class based only on studies will not make me less than him.

Let's express to our friends that:

NO, the thing that you are telling me to do is beyond my comfort zone, I am not doing it.

I am sorry but I am not comfortable with the way you are talking to me in public. 


"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should or need to do it alone."
- Lisa Olivera