Letter to the Refugees

No borders, No Refugees
No borders, No Refugees

Dear refugees,

I will always flounder to put out your stories of resilience in the finest of the words. Many a times I tried but failed. So today, this is another try to see whether I am able to touch an element of your stories or not. Let me tell you that you are just more than your stories and agony. You all are incarnation of robustness, endurance and a definition of hope. Every physical and mental torture, forced displacement, remoteness etc., you have had been through weren't worth at any point of time, but you emerged braver and stronger than before. It feels like hope emanates from the lord. Time and again you demonstrated hope, love and visibility. Many of your brothers and sisters failed to understand the true meaning of humanity and forced you into this period of hardships and above all perturb the sanity of your life. Somewhere down the line we all underestimated the power of soothing touch, an infectious smile, a warm hug, a genuine compliment, a listening ear and all these small acts of caring around which a normal life revolves. I reckon to that fact that we were too busy building our dreamy shelters, that we seized yours. We were too busy sufficing our greediness that we seized your requisites.   

I will always stumble to put this out that the physical body will heal itself over a period of time but your irreproachable lives remain broken into pieces. Where your lives revolve around hostile environments, devoid of everything, believe me, love and hope will play their part. They will fix souls, brain, and will cure all of us. I see that pain in your eyes, trapped in the confusion whether to cry or not. Still, there is so much of your lives which is so enchanting and you choose strength over weakness. There lies a big irony that we are a part of that disadvantaged society  that lost touch with the true meaning of word HUMANITY. At times, we became so self centered that our eyes failed to see things and sufferings beyond that covering of materialistic world.  ''My heart cries'' would mean so little to describe the gravity of my pain. It's so derogatory to see world torn apart by squabbles over power, money and enmity. A *Utopian society* remains a mere dream for me unless my least brothers and sisters are out of this mayhem. Deep rooted, I feel that better days are waiting. Your undying hope instigates me to infuse a sense of normality and peace in times to come. I want to be that artist in your life to paint a colorful shade to your monochrome life which is apparently the product of undignified actions of nasty people.

Lastly, my dear wayfarer, give me one chance to be the oarsman of your boat which is loaded with soreness, helplessness and new vulnerabilities. And I promise to take you to that foreshore where you will only witness flowers of hope, where you will feel the wind of freedom beneath this sky and where you will liberate your soul from all those evil things which clutched you all these years. I pray to almighty that let peace and justice prevail.

Your well-wisher


“Refugees didn’t just escape a place. They had to escape a thousand memories until they’d put enough time and distance between them and their misery to wake to a better day.”

— Nadia Hashimi